Friday, December 23, 2016

Condor Ride-Out Lunch & Presentation

Now that the Wednesday Vets Christmas lunch is fading into the mists of time its time to book your place at the annual lunch and presentation - 1pm Sunday 8th January at the Robin Hood, Cragg Vale.
In addition to having a British Vets time trial champion and a World Masters Cyclo-X  champion to celebrate we have Bernard Boylan's slide show of 70's & 80's Condor Road Club action.
As posted some weeks ago we're having roast beef & yorkshire pudd followed by apple crumble & custard, £15.00. Book your place with me, £5 deposit.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Round Robin (Cragg Vale Spiral)

Missed from he below list of Christmas activities is the Cragg Vale Spiral which takes place tomorrow, Sat 17th, 9.30am, starting outside the Robin Hood, Cragg Vale. Well worth riding, 3, 2, or 1 lap finishing at the Robin Hood for refreshments. All welcome. Unfortunately, in ignorance of the ride I'de already made other plans and Chris has horses to shoe so there'll be 2 less Condors than usual.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Cycling with the Condor

Sunday 18th December  Meet 9.30 Crossroads (top of Ingrow junct. with Haworth Rd) for Riley's Treat, Pecket Well, via Herders & Widdop - cafe stop en route.

Wednesday 21st December  Meet Shelf Roundabout 10am for Wednesday Vets Christmas Dinner at Robin Hood, Cragg Vale (meal booked for 1pm).

Christmas Eve  Meet Denholme Gate 9am or Keighley 9.30 for Wharfedale, lunch at Burnsall. Home mid afternoon.

Boxing Day  Meet Hebden Bridge 9.30am for Clarion House, Newchurch-in-Pendle (bring you own turkey butties and mince pies). Home mid afternoon.

Wednesday 28th December  Shelf Roundabout 10am for usual vets ride to wherever's decided on the day.

New Years Day  Meet 10am Brighouse for Holmfirth, Isle of Skye and Sowerby Bridge.

I have been justifiably reprimanded for being one of the small minority failing to wear our registered Condor Road Club clothing on last Sundays club run. It would be good to see everyone wearing our distinctive club kit. I'm putting together an order for some new kit from Force GB so if you need 'owt new just let me know and I'll order it.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Grimpy's World's Report

World Masters – A Weekend in Belgium  30 Nov to 3 Dec

 Podium Positions
1st John Ginley                          36.11
2nd Wilfred Senck  (GER)            38.57

3rd Herman Martins (BEL)           40.03
After Peters blog comments it’s a pleasure to give further details.

Departed from Hull on the P & Q Euro port overnight ferry Wednesday night to arrive at my digs in Lommel mid- day Thursday. Lommel is an affluent small Belgium town I estimate about 40 km east of Antwerp and 12 km from the Race Venue Zilvermeer nr Mol.

Zilvermeer is what can best be described as a Center Park. With Lakes, pine forest and lots of sand. One small water lake as a semi circle of beach sand with it the normal water fun features. I arrived at Zilvermeer early afternoon to souse out the new circuit. I’ve previously ridden Zilvermeer as I recall 5 times between 2005 and 2010. During that period the circuit only had minor changes. It comprised 3 deep sand section interspersed with fast hard packed ground, tarmac sections, with small climbs and 2 sets of steps. I estimated the circuit required maybe 200m running the rest was rideable although some sectors were narrow. Since then UCI rules require a circuit must be at least 3m wide to ease passing and reduce rider blockages. Also a number of new buildings had been erected resulting in a complete revamp of the circuit.

First reaction more deep sand, lots of man-made obstacles. Circuit length approx. 3 Km with some tarmac sections, nice twisting loops through pine trees, plank soil steps followed by sharp soil descent and climb to eventually reach the beach. Close to 200m running to the water edged where you could jump back onto the bike, riding the hard packed sand around to the next deep sand section. Run through the sand to a small retaining wall over and back through some rideable sand to a loop the loop section. There were 3 man made loops great for TV basically climb up ride part or all loop back down and up again. After the last climb you turned into a sharp tricky fast descent (see pic). On first practice lap I ran down but I road it next time the trick was to try and hit the bottom diagonally to avoid a 360 roll. Ridding meant you had some momentum into a steep deep sand section with the bike on my back and it was up the stairway to heaven. Sharp right running down the sand to the bottom jump onto a fast rideable section to turn sharp right onto the beach. Run again to waters edge to ride maybe 100m off again to run through the pit section sharp left to leave the sand back on until you hit the auditorium steps. After the steps all rideable back to the road start. My concerns, too much running maybe 800m in deep sand very tiring. Decided 2 laps were enough, save my energy for tomorrow.

Friday Dec 2nd ‘D’ day Race Start 13.00

Arrived at Zilvermeer 11.00 checked bikes out, set up turbo, started warm up at 12.15 and completed by 12.45 off to pits to drop off spare bike to arrive at grid start around 12.50.
We are all announced and then told around 40 would start first combining 3 age groups + 65, +70 and +75. We are advised that we are at the back of the grid Mick Ives was there but my eyes were on Martin Herman’s the Belgium who had previously always finished in front of me and normally won, usually by more than one minute. I exchanged words asking him not to start too fast, checked is tyre’s, he had sand tyre’s, those with a fine diamond profile sort you would use on a grass track. I also noted his pressure was my guess around 1.5 bar I was 2 bar? But when I had them lower I was all over the road on tarmac and didn’t see much benefit in the sand, I was on what might best be described as intermediate tyres? Too late I was staying with my set up. My plan, keep him in site and bring him back without going into the red? Easy but could I execute it? Called up to grid commissaries checks tyre width ok, I’m off 'stop!' out comes laptop and his mate scans my down tube and bottom bracket for an electric motor? Better not joke like at my age I need one etc.?

Gun goes, we're off down throgh finish I manage to move up switch right then up steps, Herman passes me and manages to avoid 2 fallers comes out of rise around 20m in front, skill?

I gain some ground on fast section up to the beach.

On the beach jogging to the shoreline no change, remount, Senck (GER) passes me. Don’t panic get by off to jump retaining wall and onto the loops. I stay on down the descent and I’m up the sand bank down and back into the beach sector. I decide it’s easier to push the bike through the deep sand with just a slight weight deflection through the saddle rather than carry. 

We exit the sand, I’m catching Herman and at the top of the auditorium steps, I give it a go pass him heading for the end of the first lap. I don’t look back I just keep it a nice steady pace and I’m in the zone on the section to the beach. On the beach and jogging through the beach sector you pass the pits both going out and returning receiving lots of noise from the pit crews. Whilst most cheers are for other competitors this helps me as I can tell the gaps increasing when only minor noise as I pass. 

I hear shouts for Barrie Mitchell (Mick Ives team in younger age group) who I passed earlier but nothing for Herman. Confidence increases and I push on and manage to stay in front. Eventually the bell rings for the last lap and I dig in this time the beach sector brings more pain so I jump on near the end and manage to stay upright through some deep sand and realize the power required to make headway is perhaps beyond my fragile frame. I begin to observe that exiting my cleats is becoming more difficult due to sand ingress so to avoid crashing into the steps I decide to release early. Sound decision as I’m just out in time. I give my self a talking to (push with caution and stay upright to the finish) through to the finish line. I’m chuffed but commentator doesn’t verify my position. So I clamber up the steps to the finish booth to check position and am advised yes I’m first.

Podiums for all the days men’s and woman’s age groups are at 16.00. I arrive at 15.45 and eventually find the collection tent. It’s been a good day for the Brits with Dave McMullen, Vic Barnett and Tracey Fletcher also winning their age groups. Eventually we are called to the podium but we have a dispute. The commissaries results shows Van De Sluijs (NED) is 2nd Wilfred Senck doesn’t agree, eventually its clarified and we are on the podium to collect our medals flowers and pendants.  

Unfortunately by the time we arrive its dark and my iPhone pics are crap. But Peter says he can edit them so I’m sending pics and report to Peter who I hope will place it on our blog. (tried my best John but you are correct when you say they're crap, Peter)

Sundays Club Run

Meet Shelf roundabout 9.30 for Knaresborough

Friday, December 02, 2016

Grimpy - Championne du Monde. & Sundays Club Run

Massive congratulations to John (Grimpy) Ginley who earlier today won the rainbow jersey of World Masters Cyclo-Cross Champion in Moll, Belgium. 2nd was Wilfred Senck of Germany and 3rd was the favorite and 10 times previous World Masters Champ, Herman Martens of Belgium. I'm looking forward to John's full report and pics.

Meet Hebden Bridge 9am (Park Gates) for The Green Jersey, Clitheroe via Pexwood Road

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Letter from New Zealand

Last Saturday whilst we were enjoying freezing fog in the valleys and icy roads the New Zealand section of the Condor Road Club was competing, together with another 3000 cyclists. in a hundred mile race round Lake Taupo in somewhat warmer conditions. Paul has sent the below report.

I have forwarded the event photo's resplendent in Condor colours, you will see me crossing the "finish" a bloody huge kite! Further up the road you turned off the road into the field where the timing mat was 20-30yds further away. I was that relieved and knackered I got off the bike and leant against saftey railings, 4-5yds short of the bloody mat. Nobody beckoned me forward and another rider I know did the same as me!
Once through the medal distribution area I found a spare piece of grass on which to collapse suffering big style with leg cramps and exhaustion, the last 30kms was tough but I knew I was on a great time with my group (2nd off) having caught group 1 55kms into the race taking 4mins out of them.
I was working hard but okay until 30kms out and could'nt hold the wheel (not like me), a couple of other groups eventually passed me and again no holding them. The group I had been in for ages finished in 4hrs 10mins so I lost a fair bit of time but somehow kept going. Robbie McEwan finished in 4hrs 12mins!!
No prizes for category winners but the lost 3 minutes cost me first place from 350 over 60's competitors and that's the most annoying thing. The lad who runs our group Pyskil is very pissed off apparently another rider has complained about the timing mat debacle' and Matt is following it up. I am chuffed with my time and average speed over the distance I knew I had fairly good legs, I am a bit annoyed with not being able to hang on but we know what it's like when the man with the hammer comes knocking!!
The photo's definitely show a pained expression my race no. 1506 but simply open the email link below.


Unfortunately the pics Paul sent me were too well protected for me to copy them but you can get get a glance below.

Hello Paul, 

Photos from the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge are now online. 

Click here to view your album. 

Buy any digital option and share your images on Facebook or Twitter. You can also save them to desktop or mobile – and print them whenever you wish. 

Take a Look now! 

All the best

Friday, November 25, 2016

This Weekend

Grimpy travels to Merseyside this weekend to put to final preparations into place before catching the overnight ferry to the continent on Wednesday. On Friday he will be racing in the World Masters Cyclo Cross Championships in Belgium. Good luck John from all your team mates for a trouble free ride, we will be there in spirit.

For a more relaxed Sunday join us on the club run to Langsett via Clifton, Kirk Heaton & Emley Moor. Home via Dunford Bridge and Holme Valley. Meet Brighouse (Sainsbury's Roundabout) 9am.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Whilst most of us have slipped seamlessly into the social season Grimpy continues to feed his competitive nature preparing for the Masters World Champs. Looks like it was a piece of cake judging from the smiles on his face - everyone else was complaining about he mud.

Whilst Grimpy was enjoying a walk in the park Chris and the Wednesday night Mytholmroyd gang enjoyed a walk up Helvellyn. Chris and Dan Annison choosing to have a good warm-up on the way to the Lakes.

I can't blog a club-run for this coming Sunday as I'll only be out in the morning (going to spectate at the Shibden 'Cross in the afternoon). Nigel's intending to sort something so keep your eye on the blog.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sunday 13/11/16

The plan so far is 9:30 in Keighley and then route to be discussed. Maybe over Cowling and through Barnldswick to West Marton cafe in a generally clockwise loop. Other routes are also available.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Sunday 6th November

Meet Shelf Roundabout 9am for How Stean Gorge cafe via Norwood Edge, return over Greenhow and Addingham Moorside. It is November now so in keeping with the 'Social Season' ethos I'm hoping that the run will stay together (or at least re-group at summits). It goes without saying that winter bikes with guards will be the norm from now even if no rain/snow/hail/ice/salt is forecast.
(If the weathers not too good we'll cut the ride short by visiting the new cafe at Toft Gate, Greenhow)

The following youtube link takes you to a video of last Sundays National Hill Climb Championships at Matlock. Chris appears momentarily about half way through (rider no. 95). Take a look and be inspired to ride it in 2017

Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Peter Crowther who came off his bike when he hit a patch of oil on the road over in Oldham last Monday. Peter spent six hours being patched up at Oldam A&E but was not detained. He sounded more concerned about the health of his new Dolan titanium super-bike which sounds like it will require surgery. Hope to see you out again soon Peter.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Updates

Congratulations to Paul Daly who on Saturday was flying the Condor Road Club colours at the main race at the Arc Adventure K2 Road Cycling Classic in New Zealand. Its a hilly 192km course which had attracted almost 600 riders. Paul proved once again that he is the man to beat in his age category defending his 2015 title with another 1st place in the 'Vintage' category. Congratulations Paul from all your Condor team mates - now get back here and push PG up them hills (although Nigel & Ian weren't doing a bad job last week).

Whilst Paul was giving out some pain in NZ our home based star rider, Chris Smith was flying the colours nearer home, in the 2016 National Hill Climb Championship up Bank Road in Matlock (thanks to Tom Brabbin for the pic.). Chris finished the steep climb in 3.10.3, about 50 seconds down on the outstanding winner Adam Kenway. Chris tells me he was totally spent at the end and if it hadn't been for the finish line catchers he would have collapsed in a heap. Chapeau to Chris; I just hope he remembers to slow down for the social season.

Simon and I had a superb day out on Saturday riding the Peculiar Old 200 km Audax from Darlington. Above pic is at the Theakston's brewery at Masham, about 130 k into the ride. We enjoyed many new roads (to us) in Co.Durham north of Teesdale with great views and good weather.

Also racing on Sunday, making his 2016 season cyclo-cross debut was John Ginley, I must assume that he had recovered okay from his MTB crash the previous Tuesday, winning his age class and at 74 finishing 72nd out of 150 finishers in the over 45's race.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coffee in Barley

This Sunday you'd be welcome to join Nigel & myself on a potter over the Herders to the cabin cafe at Barley for a butty and a coffee (its worth the trip just to hear them saying 'Ameri-car-no' in a Lancashire accent).
Meet in OXENHOPE at the Y junction just above The Bay Horse pub (where we turn for Stanbury) at 9:30 am in new money. Based on past experience I'm not expecting anyone to come along so if you are interested then please say so - e.g. by a comment here or on Strava - and we'll then know to wait for you.
Cheers, Ian

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This coming weekend

Big day for Chris this coming Sunday with the National Hill Climb Championship on Bank Road in Matlock, Derbyshire. Chris is off number 95 in a field of  240 riders, his start time being 12.47.30pm. Judging from the picture below (taken at a recent climb by Ellen Isherwood) which Chris has titled 'Empty your mind.........then empty your legs', he's in good form and we all wish him a trouble free ride.

Also racing on Sunday is Grimpy, in his 1st Cyclo X of the winter season at Thorns Park, Wakefield. This is the start of his build up to the World Championships in Moll, Belgium in December (which is unfortunate for John as, if the Worlds had been, as usual, in January he would have stepped up an age category). Best wishes go to John who's been suffering with his breathing on todays vets run following a fall whilst out mountain biking yesterday.

Simon and I are riding the Peculiar Old 200k Audax this coming Saturday (entries still open on the AUK website) so I'm relying on someone else to arrange a Sunday Club Run.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Wednesday Club Christmas Dinner

The Wednesday Club Christmas Dinner is booked for 1pm the 21st of December, once again at the Robin Hood, Cragg Vale. I will be taking bookings and £5 deposit from November.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Club Run Sunday 23rd Oct

Meet Denholme Gate 9am or Keighley (Skipton Road Roundabout) 9.30 for Feizor, possibly home over Bowland Knotts depending on weather.

Monday, October 17, 2016

All the news and updates are here.

Whilst most of us are embracing the social season Grimpy and Padiham Chris are still hard at it at the sharp end of the sport. Grimpy is pictured above (thanks to Lewis Clegg) being pushed off by Dave Saleem in yesterdays Imps Buckstones time trial. He was the only Condor in the 10 strong start list to brave the lousy weather (see link to Imps Blog for full report and more pics). The previous Sunday John was taking part in the Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon finishing the challenging course as 1st fastest v.60 (not bad for a 74 year old).

Chris of course is busy racing up steep hills in preparation for the National Hill Climb Champs down in Matlock at the end of the month. He missed Jackson Bridge and Holme Moss on the 8th due to illness but made a successful comeback the following day up the Rake at Ramsbottom finishing just a second slower than his pb for the course. In the weekend just gone Chris finished 10th fastest in the Nelson Wheelers climb at Barley and 11th up the Nick of Pendle in pouring rain on Sunday.

Whilst John and Chris were in competition eight Condors were enjoying the more relaxed side of the sport at the Season of Mists Audax. A beautiful day, a great route and of course perfect organisation from Chris Crossland, his wife Jennifer and the whole Calderdale CTC team who spoilt us rotten with their catering. No wonder there was such a magnificent turnout (over 150 I'm told). Condors I saw at the event were Mel, Adrian, Steve Thewlis, Richard Burnham, John Lumb (2nd), Gary Mitchell, Simon and myself.

On Monday the 10th we had our AGM at The Travellers, Hipperholme.

Monday 10th October 2016

Members Present (12) - G. Turner, E Walker, P Gower, JD Smith, P Sanderson, B Sunter, J Ginley, P Haigh, N King, C Smith, S Thewlis, P Horne.

Apologies for Absence - A Simcock, D Grant, S Fortune, J Lumb.

Minutes of AGM 18/01/16 Presented - Accepted unanimously as true record.

General Secretary - Confirmed that affiliation had been made to CTT for 2017,  BC bill not yet received, Club affiliation to CTC for 2017 discussed, it was decided not to re-join as a club as no one had taken advantage of the discounted 3rd party insurance for several years (due to being full members of CTC or BC etc).
Treasurer - Up to date accounts were presented by P Gower and accepted as correct.
Racing Secretary - JD Smith reported on the successes of our racing members.
Election of Officials - All re-elected unopposed - Brian Sunter- President, Paul Gower-Treasurer, JD Smith- Racing Secretary, Peter Horne-Secretary.

Annual Dinner & Presentation - All agreed to continue with the Sunday ride-out lunch format of the previous 2 years with the Robin Hood, Cragg Vale being the preferred location. Phil Sanderson volunteered to liaise with R Hood. (Phil has now booked the venue for 1pm Sunday  8th January - traditional Sunday lunch, roast beef followed by apple crumble).

Any Other Business -
John Ginley confirmed that his LVRC Road Race date for 2017 is Sunday 2nd of July.

Chris Smith's offer to organise a Hill Climb event in 2017 was supported by all present. Initially he plans to run it as a club event encouraging competitors from other local clubs. He is hoping to use Pexwood Road in Todmorden on a yet to be decided Saturday in September.

Old stocks of club clothing was discussed (7 garments) and it was decided that the garments would be advertised on the blog at half price.

Club founder and for many years the driving force behind the Condor Road Club, Gordon Turner, invited all members to his 90th birthday celebrations in July 2017. Further details later.

Above bike for sale, Sensa Gulia 2015 full carbon, 56cm frame, superb Shimano Ultegra Di2 11sp groupset, Ultegra wheels, very light, summer miles only. a bargan at £700.00. Contact me on 07549 821349 or


1 x short sleeved jersey size M £21 (Force GB)
2 x short sleeved road jerseys size S £17.50 ea (Endura)
1x short sleeved road jersey size L £18.50 (Endura)
1 x Thermal bib longs size S £22 (Endura)
1 x Pro bib shorts size S £29 (Endura)
1 x Arm warmers size S £6.50 (Endura)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sunday October 16th - Airton

I'm planning a jolly jaunt this week to the splendid cafe at Airton. Meet 09:30 in Keighley if you fancy it.

Friday, October 07, 2016

AGM Reminder

AGM, Travellers Inn, Hipperholme, 8pm Monday 10th October

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


A quieter weekend for Chris with only one race on Saturday and one on Sunday, he must have been at a bit of a loose end - or was he busy spending his prize money ?
On Saturday he rode the Rossendale Road Club's climb up Woodplumpton Road to Crown Point. The event was won by the in-form David Huck from Lakes RC with a time of 2min 37secs with Chris taking 7th place in 3.10
On Sunday he was even nearer home at West Pennine RC's climb up Blackstone Edge just failing to defend his 2015 win but taking a good 2nd place.

This coming Saturday he's back to his two a day schedule with the Star Wheelers Jackson Bridge climb in the morning and Holme Moss in the afternoon. I'm meeting Simon and Adam in Brighouse at 8.30am; we're going to have a potter out to the Oil Can Cafe prior to giving Chris a shout on the Jackson Bridge climb, all welcome to join us. As far as I know he's just down for one climb on Sunday, the classic Rake at Ramsbottom where he's got some top quality competition from a full field of 120 riders.

Also on Sunday is the local Autumn Classic, the Season of Mists, a hilly 105k Audax from Mytholmroyd Community Centre, 9am or for those who love the mud, the Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon from Sowerby Tennis & Bowling Club.

Saturday, October 01, 2016


Fancy a time trail to test your autumn condition?
The Imps want some competition and support? they are using the new course used earlier this year in the open event. Barkisland - Buckstones - Outlane - Buckstones - Barkisland Course. HQ is Greetland Community Centre. This is a CTT event, entry on the day with a £2  entry fee.
What about a team? Will need to be at HQ around 9.15 as its around 10 to 15 mins to start on main buckstones road at Barkisland boundary, assume close to our road race start. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

AGM Date Amendment & a few forthcoming activities

The notice of AGM I posted recently gave the wrong date, it should have read Monday the 10th of October (not Monday the 11th) thanks to Phil Haigh for noticing this mistake.

Saturday 1st October - As part of Simon's build up to next years London-Edinburgh-London he's wanting to do at least one 200k ride a month over the winter months. We're going to kick off the series this coming Saturday with the Flat Earth Fortune's 200, a 200k ride round the Vale of York, starting and finishing in Brighouse. Meeting 8am outside Websters, adjacent to the Sainsbury's roundabout. The route can be viewed and uploaded from

Sunday 9th October - Season of Mists Audax or Calderdale MTB Challenge.

Sunday 30th October - National Hill Climb Champs, Matlock.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Roundup

Busiest Condor this past weekend was Chris Smith, pictured above at the first of his four hill climb events, the Rivington Pike climb on Saturday morning. Chris finished 7th overall on the climb, at least thats what the finish sheet says, but Chris is not so sure. He has reason to believe that the timekeeper completely missed him crossing the line and he was awarded his time of 8min 40.8secs only after a protest.

After a quick lunch of salmon and pasta Chris was back to more familiar ground at the Halifax Imps climb on Stocks Lane at Luddenden, a very well supported event where he had, not just numerous Imps to race against but also opposition from within our own ranks in the form of Gary Mitchell, seen above on his way to knocking over 20 seconds from his best time on the climb. Chris finished with a time of 6min 00.6secs for 15th overall whilst Gary was 27th with a time of 7.42.5.

On Sunday Chris went west, taking part in the Lancaster Road Club's double header. Kicking off with the well known Jubilee Tower climb at mid day Chris grabbed 7th overall with 8.35.6. Then a couple of hours later he faced the shorter but steeper climb of Conder Bottoms where he recorded 9th place with 2.21.7. Well done Chris !

Whilst Chris and Gary were sprinting up short hills Adrian Lord had taken on a very different challenge, the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross. Billed as 'the hardest 'Cross in the world', few would argue with that description. Adrian recorded a time of 4hr 54min 48secs to place 399th out of the 537 finishers in the race where finishing at all is a huge achievement. If you look at this blog Adrian, we'd like you to do a write up of your day - I know you're a 1st class blogger.

Whilst Phil Haigh continues his recovery from the recent accident he is spending his time either buying new bikes or travelling to bike shows. The below snap is taken on Sunday at the NEC Bike Show at Birmingham where he spotted himself and Neil King on a poster on the stage where Ned Boulting was interviewing Callum Skinner. The picture shows them on the Nick o' Pendle watching last years TOB.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Notice of AGM and whats happening this weekend.

Monday 11th October - We're having our AGM on Monday the 11th of October, 8pm at the Travelers, Hipperholme, all members to attend if possible.

Saturday 24th Sept - Its the Imps Hill Climb up Stocks Lane at Luddenden, 1st man off at 1pm. Our own climbing specialist Chris Smith is off number 31, this year he has competition from within the Condor in the form of Gary Mitchell, last man off at number 43. Presentations will take place afterwards at the Lord Nelson.

Sunday 25th Sept - Its the 3 Peaks Cyclo X, I've arranged to meet Simon at 8am at Denholme Gate, so we'll be at the Skipton Road Roundabout, Keighley 8.30. This will give us plenty of time to get to Cold Cotes in time to see the leaders hit the road after Ingleborough. From Cold Cotes we'll ride the course to Ingleton and Chapel-le-Dale then up to Ribblehead to see the leaders come off Whernside. Then its down to Horton and Helwith Bridge for lunch at the finish line.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunday 18th Sept. West Marton

All welcome to meet at Keighley roundabout 09.00 for a "steady potter" to West Marton with Ian and myself.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Weekend Roundup & Mountain Bike for sale

Bad weekend for the recently crowned TLI National Road Race Champion (over 70's), John Ginley who was brought down in a crash on the first day of the Audlem CC 2 day 3 stage road race in south Cheshire. Thankfully it resulted in cuts and bruises rather than broken bones but it forced him to retire and spend the rest of his weekend repairing his bike. 

Gary Mitchell and John Lumb the 2nd had a good day on Sunday taking part in the Ravensthorpe CC 120 mile Sutton Bank ride staying with the fast group of this popular ride which is held to raise funding for the Kirklees Cycling Acadamy. I understand Simon was also there but as KCA Coach dedicated himself to shepherding the youngsters.

Oakworth Steve and his mate Andy Myers managed to get more for their money than the rest of us when they strayed off course in the Evans Cycles King of the Pennines Sportive from Skipton College on Sunday, adding some extra miles to what was already a challenging route taking in some classic Dales climbs including Malham Cove, Darnbrook, Fleet Moss and Park Rash. I was happy with my ride in this event finishing 8th fastest out of the 100 or so on the long route according to the results (although several of those ahead of me hadn't stuck to the official route).

Mountain Bike For Sale

Specialized Rockhopper, 26" wheels with new tyres, XT gears, good condition £250.
Contact Steve Stanger on 07587 176418

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sunday 28th Sept

The mountain bike section (Garry Traviss and me so far) are meeting at the Calder & Hebble junction at 9am Sunday We're planning to ride out to Holmfirth to recce' the Holme Valley MTB Challenge route.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brian Wins Vets National 25

Congratulations to Brian who on Sunday overcame the previous weeks disappointment at 'only' taking silver in the VTTA National 50 by conquering all before him in the National 25. Below pic. and report copied from the VTTA Facebook page.   
The last of the Association’s Championships took place on a course near Alcester in Warwickshire on the 21 August.
It was promoted ostensibly by the National Committee but its success was down wholly to the work of the Midlands Group under the guiding hand of ex-president Alan Colburn.
Brian Sunter was a clear winner on a windy morning although the threatened rain did not materialise. Brian, a previous champion at 30 miles 100 miles and 50 miles (six times) was delighted to record a gold medal at this popular distance.
David Hargreaves from North Lancashire proved the trip was worthwhile with second, whilst local rider, Philip Brown, took the bronze.
Liz Powell, also a local, was a clear winner from the women with Alison Vessey, a medal winner in every Championship this year, gaining another silver medal. Sarah Soden, from Nottingham was third.
The team prize went to the Yorkshire trio of Brian Sunter, Blair Buss and Tony Stott.

Whilst Brian has been chasing national honors Chris Smith has been riding more local roads taking 3rd place in the Malcolm Eccles Memorial 2 stage TT. Well done Chris, no wonder you dropped me up Park Rash last Sunday (although I'm sure I would have beaten you to the top if I had one of those helmets). Thanks to Jessica Talbot for the photos from the event.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Updates & forthcoming events & MTB for sale

Glad to report that Phil has been plated and screwed and kicked out of LGI on Thursday. He may be bloodied but sounds unbowed, he even called in at Evans on his way home from hospital and bought a new bike. I think it may be a while before we see him tucking into a plate of chips on a Wednesday lunch stop but he was beginning to get too fit anyway. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I think everyone enjoyed our trip to Wensleydale last Sunday, thanks to Ian for the above pic. taken outside our lunch spot. Can I suggest that we meet at the same times this coming Sunday, 8am Denholmgate, 8.30 Skipton Road roundabout, Keighley for another trip up into the Dales. I'm suggesting Coverdale, Jervaulx and Nidderdale but this can be amended dependent on the weather.

Veterans TTA National 50 mile Championships.
Brian took 2nd place on the podium at last Sundays Vets 50 Champs in Hampshire. Whilst we are all in awe of his achievements Brian himself was disappointed not to retain the trophy he had won for the previous 4 years.

A few imminent local events -

Saturday 27th August - The Old 240 Audax, 5.30am Mytholmroyd, a scenic 260 mile challenge organised by Chris Crossland and his CTC Calderdale team. Gary Mitchell is keen to ride, so am I dependent on the weather. Chris Smith may also be joining the fun.

Sunday 4th September - I've entered the Evans King of the Pennines sportive, a superb route and 1st class organisation from Skipton College. Unfortunately, and I did'nt know at the time I entered the Evans event it clashes with the Ravensthorpe 120 miler to Sutton Bank, a really good day thats very well supported by many local clubs. On top of that its also the Mary Townley Loop Challenge. A case of all the buses coming at once.

Sunday 11th September - Holme Valley MTB Challenge.

Sunday 18th September - Bronte Mountain Bike Challenge, Oxenhope.

Whyte 629 MTB for sale, excellent condition, 2 x 10 Sram gearing, lock out forks, 29" wheels, never crashed, immaculate, bargan at £450. email or contact me on 07549821349

Monday, August 15, 2016

News Update

Still waiting for news as to how Brian fared in his defense of the Vets National 50 mile TT Champs.

Unfortunately I have to report some bad news, our club mate Phil Haigh (pictured above shaking hands with Paul) was knocked off his bike yesterday on his way home from work. He was descending Godley Cutting when a taxi pulled across his path. He required surgery for injuries including broken elbow and hand, dislocated shoulder, 2 x chipped vertebrae, bruised and swollen forehead and other bruising and grazing and is currently detained at LGI. I know I speak for all his cycling mates when I wish him a speedy recovery.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sunday 14th August

Best wishes for Brian who defends his Veterans National 50 mile time trial title in Hampshire on Sunday.

For those not otherwise engaged, the club run takes us to Wensleydale this Sunday. Meet at Denholme Gate 8am or Skipton Road roundabout, Keighley 8.30. Straight up Wharfedale, Langstrothdale, Fleet Moss, lunch at Bainbridge, Thornton Rust, Bishopdale, Kidstones and back down Wharfedale. A great days ride in the offing - don't miss it - should be home by 3 ish,

Friday, August 05, 2016

Sunday 7th August

Good luck to Peter and Paul and any other disciples joining them for Saturdays challenge.

Anyone fancying a ride of less biblical proportions is welcome to meet 09.00 at Keighley roundabout on Sunday for a ride to Feizor.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Whats Happening

Friday 5th August - Mountain bike morning, meeting Causeway Foot 9.30am for Thornton Moor, Stairs & Hardcastle Craggs.

Saturday 6th August - Fancy a challenge ? Paul and I are having a bash at doing the West Yorkshire Cycle Route in a day. The .GPX file states 158 miles; it doesn't mention the climbing but I don't think its flat. We're meeting up at King Cross at 6.15am to join the route at Mytholmroyd for a clockwise circuit. I've told Paul we're doing it in steady touring mode - I may have to keep  reminding him.

Sunday 7th August - Think I may be staying in bed all day so I'm relying on someone else posting a ride.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Brian Smashes National Record & whats on this weekend

Thanks to Ian for the photo. If only I could get to the top first there would be more pics of Condors climbing.

Top story this week is of the evergreen Brian Sunter who last Saturday smashed his own British age record for the 10 miles time trial with an astounding time of 20minutes 43secs. Thats not far off 30mph - can't find any more details as reports are not yet on the web.
As Brian goes from strength to strength on the time trialling scene Grimpy is maintaining a high profile for the jersey on the vets road racing circuit taking another category win on Sunday. Again I apologise for having no further details.
Young Chris Smith continues his winning ways at mid-week time trials, last Tuesday he didn't only record the fastest time of the evening in the Imps race, 2 laps round the Norland circuit but he also broke the course record with his time of  18.08.

Our numbers were down on usual at the Good Companions 200k Audax on Sunday with just 3 of us on the startline, Gary Mitchell, Adrian Lord and myself. We soon settled in to a good pace with the 3 of us doing big chunks of the work at the front of the pack, Adrian in particular showed us all that his training for this weekends Ride London Sportive is paying dividends, Once at the cafe control at Glasson Dock, Gary (and his mate from the CTC, Simon Roberts) showed cunning beyond his years by getting his card stamped and jumping back onto his bike whilst the rest of us waited an eternity for our posh-nosh. The plan worked and they were back at Mytholmroyd and enjoying the CTC Calderdale hospitality before the rest of us. Myself and honory Condor 'Jeronimo' were next to finish with Adrian not far behind. Once again this Chris Crossland/Calderdale CTC event excelled all expectations, no other Audax comes near the quality of Chris' events, thank's from all who took part.

What's Coming this weekend -

Friday 29th July - meet Salterhebble Lock, 8.30am for MTB morning, destination Wessenden - route planner Paul Daly to whom all complaints should be made.

Sunday 31st July - again meet Salterhebble but at 9am on road bikes, we're taking Jeronimo for a social ride round the RvC climbs before he goes home to Mallorca next week. We'll be re-grouping at the top of the climbs and enjoying one or two cafe stops. Paul, Gary, Simon and myself have comitted ourselves so far and all welcome.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Not the best conditions last Saturday if you're looking to record a super fast 100, the windy conditions causing half the field in the YCF time trial at Thirsk to be either DNS or DNF. However our man Chris Smith always enjoys a challenge and finished 12th fastest with a time of 4hrs 12min 38secs.
Also on Saturday but at the other side of the country Brian was in action in the Border City Wheelers 10 on the A66 west of Keswick where he recorded a good time of 22.52 against the winners 20.39.
Simon went one second faster the following day in the Selby CC 10 out on the Hull course, his 22.51 knocking several minutes off his PB in his first season time trialling, obviously the speed training we did on our Humber Bridge ride the other week is paying dividends.

Four Condors turned up at Keighley for the Bronte Sportive, a tough 88 mile circuit which when it wasn't going up hill was going down hill. Mel, Paul Daly, Pete Whiteley and myself  started together shortly before 9am having numerous earlier starters to chase down kept us focused, Mel, Paul and I completing the 'Monster' and Pete the 'Little Monster' (which was far from little, Pete had over 100 miles and 11,000 ft of climbing in by the time he got home). A really good day was had by all with a barbie at the finish before we retired to The Boltmakers for a pint of Timmy Taylors finest.

Whilst we were being pampered in the Bronte, Steve Thewlis and Andy Myers were getting in the big miles at the Yorkshire Mixture 200k Audax from Otley. Not happy with a mere 200k they rode out and back topping over 160 miles for the day, hard men that they are.

This coming Sunday its the Good Companions 200k Audax from Mytholmroyd (8.30am), if you want to beat Melvin's record you will have to ride at least the last 50k with your saddle in your back pocket. Entries are being accepted on the day.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Our racing men were in action around the country last weekend with Chris grabbing a good 5th place in the Nelson Wheelers 10 mile TT on Saturday. Brian braved the rain and wind up on Teeside in the Hartlepool Whs 10 where he took 1st place on age standard and pocketed the £50 prize. On Sunday Grimpy traveled down to the Midlands for the LVRC  OMLOOP VAN DER DRIES DORPEN  32 mile road race, the term road race not being exactly correct as 40 % was on unmade tracks. Results are not yet published but we can be pretty sure John won his age group as he was the only 'G' in the race. Our friend from 3RT, Dave Micklethwaite (aka Pinkie) had a good day taking 3rd place overall.

This coming Saturday Chris ups the distance when he takes part in the Yorkshire Cycling Federation 100 mile TT up on the Thirsk course, good luck Chris, hope the weather's kind. Brian's another busy weekend with a 10 mile event on Saturday on the A66 between Bassenthwaite and Keswick before joining Grimpy in East Yorkshire on Sunday for the Tour of the Wolds Road Race. Simon is down to ride the Selby CC  10 on the Hull course on Sunday but I'm not sure if his recent dislocated shoulder injury (fell off his MTB) is sufficiently healed.

Closer to home and hopefully in a less competitive environment Paul, Mel & myself are down to ride the Bronte Sportive from Keighley, Ian is threatening to join us for this challenging route, anyone else that fancies riding this very hilly event the good news is that entries are being accepted on the day - go to the Sue Ryder website for further details. I'm meeting Paul at Denholme Gate at 8am to ride to the start from the Bradford University Keighley Campus where we intend to cross the timing mat shortly before 9am.

Also on Sunday is the Yorkshire Mixture 200k Audax Event from Otley, a fine ride up though Wharfedale and over to Wensleydale and Swaledale before returning to Otley through the Vale of York. Oakworth Steve and Andy are entered. 

Monday, July 04, 2016

Condor Buckstone RR Sunday July 3rd

I am pleased to report a successful event. The majority of the participants seemed to enjoy what we might describe as a testing parcour. The feedback in particular on the marshalling was all positive. For myself the stress levels were reduced due to the large turnout of members, friends and imperial wheelers it's not often you have a marshall from New Zealand?  Thank You for taking time out to support the event. Our only rider Melvin finished 2nd in his category, taking home a prize.
The results were spot on from Ian and JK with nobody contesting the positions.
On reflection i was advised we need someone to assist the finish area and will endeavour to
allocate someone next year? Full Results are already on the LVRC web site. Thanks again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A bit more news and this coming weekend

First of all  I omitted to mention in the previous blog entry that Brians 1.56.45 in last Sundays 50 mile TT is in fact a new British record for his age group knocking 1min 27secs off the previous record set in 2007 by Derek Hodgins. So far this season he's broken the British age group records for 10, 25 and 50 miles - AWESOME!

Brians apprentice, Padiham Chris, continued his fine vein of form yesterday evening in the Cragg Vale Hill Climb where he recorded a time of 16min 53secs to claim 6th place overall from a good field of 60 odd entries, a personal best up the Cragg for Chris . I guess we've all ridden up the longest continuous climb in the country several times so we understand how good 16 minutes is, great ride Chris, keep it up.

Due to marshaling duties at Grimpy's road race on Sunday Simon and I have planned to get a few steady miles in on Saturday meeting in Brighouse (o/s Websters at bottom of Hudds Rd) at 7am. We plan to do a Humber Bridge circuit having breakfast at Selby and returning through Thorne and West Bretton (about 150m). Anyone who fancies joining us get to Brighouse for 7am.

Sunday July 17th - There's a lot on this day with the Bronte Sportive and the Yorkshire Mixture Audax from Otley both being events Condors have been happy to support but I've been tempted away from the road and entered the Moors Marathon 100k MTB ride, Its a great big circuit around the North York Moors from just north of Pickering. Mel and I rode it some years ago and I'm looking forward to having another go. Entries can be made here

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Racing Updates etc.

A busy weekend just gone for Condor Road Club riders. Chris Smith seems to have moved up a level this season regularly taking wins and second placings in local mid week 10's he's moving up the leader boards in the top open events. On Sunday, in less than perfect conditions he recorded a personal best time for 50 miles in the Otley CC event at Dishforth recording an impressive time of 1hr 51min 17secs for 10th place overall behind Mark Thaxters winning 1.43.30. Brian recorded 1hr 56min 45secs, a very impressive time as well but I can't find any vets standards results.
Chris had ridden the Bridlington CC Sporting 10 on Saturday doing a 23min 35sec ride. Unfortunately he doesn't know who or what time won the event.

Grimpy rode the Yorkshire Vets Criterium Champs at the York closed circuit on Sunday taking 2nd place in his age category, the winner being former Huddersfield rider Richard Booth. John's having a good season alteady having secured 1st place in the LVRC National Points Series having an unassailable lead with several rounds left to go.

Simon continues to chip away at his 10 mile PB on the challenging Sovereign course on the Penistone road south of Huddersfield recording 26min 47secs last Thursday evening.

In the 'not supposed to be a race' events Gary Mitchell and John Lumb (the 2nd) had a good night out taking part in the Calderdale CTC, Morcambe Midnight Madness ride, both amassing 130 odd miles at a brisk pace in what I understand was good weather conditions. This event had been off my radar but by the sound of it was a great success, we'll have to endeavor to whip up enthusiasm from more Condors next year.

Looks like Mel was on good form in the White Rose Classic 112 mile Sportive on Sunday recording an average speed of 17.6 mph for the route which includes about 10000 ft of climbing over such Dales Classics as Fleet Moss and the Coal Road.

Topping the Condor leader board last week for both the distance ridden, longest single ride and altitude climbed was Steve Thewlis with 394 miles, 158.7 his longest single ride and 23,156ft climbed. Steve rode the Coast to Coast Cycleway with others from his employers, BAM Construction, raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. He also rode to the start and home from the finish.
Also riding with the Bam team was occasional Condor guest Andy (I understand he's saving up to join the Condor).

Good to see Damien getting keen again and topping 300 for the week, and including 22,661 ft of climbing.

Just a reminder again, its Grimpy's road race this coming Sunday and marshal's need to be at Greetland Community Centre for 9am to be allocated their duties.