Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sunday 29 April - 8am Denholme Gate

This Sunday we are meeting 08:00 at Denholme Gate for (yet another) run over Silverdale and on to Settle. All good practice for the Etape du Dales in a few weeks.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Our heroes at the Imps Road Race

22 April - Imps Road Race

This news just in from Grimpy, our racing correspondent :

Brian is really going well. I spent nearly 40 miles being dragged around in MOTO 1 with Brian and five others in the Halifax Imps Pete Fryer race yesterday on the Norland Circuit. I occasional went thro but I don’t think Brian missed a turn. It’s a great feeling and a shock to the system getting up speed in a breakaway, even when on my old Colnago still with mudguard on from winter.

I think Brian was third overall (2nd in age group) I just managed to stay with them coming in last in the break (7th) in pain.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sunday 22nd April

I don't think anything has been arranged as yet. I'm only intending going for a local potter around the lanes finishing up at Norland to give our lads a shout in the Imps RR (hoping to get a few pic's for the blog). If anyone fancies the same let me know either on this blog or call me on Hx 205547. I had in mind going over Outlane to Marsden then perhaps over the Floating Light and back over Buckstones - meeting at Elland Bridge at 0830hrs?

The folowing Saturday I've entered the VC167 300k Audax from Wigginton (York) - so if you want a good excuse to put your feet up all day Sunday why not come along.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring has sprung


Commiserations to the ill & injured - it is unlikely there will ever be such a perfect day for the event again. Melvyn, Lumby, Richard, Clive, Paul and myself represented the Condor. Melvyn and I found ourselves with a sporting group which included Pete Whiteley, Mick Collins, a butcher from Hebden Bridge, a triathlete from Luddenden Foot, a doctor from Sheffield, a boxer from Stainland and a sprinter from VC Briganti. Spurred on by perfect weather conditions a cracking pace was sustained throughout the ride. Mick Collins and his mates 'pulled a fast one' by racing away from the Keighley checkpoint whilst others were still being served, however divine intervention struck in the form of Mick sustaining a puncture at Pecket Well allowing us to offer our sympathy to him as we passed him by the roadside on our way to finish at 1330hrs.
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Friday, April 13, 2007

15 April - Spring into the Dales


A hilly 110 kilometre ride from Hebden Bridge, into the Yorkshire Dales, with a generous time limit based on a minimum speed of 12 kph and a maximum of 24 kph.

Start: 9:00 am Sunday 15 April 2007 at Salem Community Centre, Salem Street, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Brief route details are as follows: -
Hebden Bridge - Oxenhope - Stanbury - Laneshaw Bridge - Earby – West Marton – Gargrave - Cracoe – Burnsall – Bolton Abbet - Addingham - Silsden - Keighley - Oxenhope – Hebden Bridge.

Sadly I won't be out but hope you all have a great ride in the warm spring sunshine. Make sure a Condor rider is the first to fly home to the finish as usual ...

Monday, April 02, 2007

An Easter break ...

Yep, it is a broken collarbone as confirmed by a trip to Halifax General on Sunday night. They took a nice picture something like the one here. It'll be two weeks (probably more) before I can even think about trying to get fit again. At least, that is my excuse now for the rest of this season ...

Thanks again to Brian and Neil who got my bike sorted while I adopted the classic "Napoleon Bonaparte" position with my right arm tucked into my jersey. Your help was great.

The train home didn't work out as planned, but I did manage to get through to Clare and organise a lift after a while. If only I'd had Ian W's mobile number to stop him as he drove past in Settle in a van!

I hope to be in the Puzzle on Wednesday - just sadly not by bike.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Denholme Settle and beyond

An eventful ride today (1st April).

Ian gave a new meaning to the phrase 'hitting the wall' when he - well - hit the wall descending in to Settle and had to take the rail assisted route home nursing what I fear, when the medics do their work, will be confirmed as a broken collarbone.

After threatening to turn at Settle Damien found a second wind and when I last saw him he was leading from the front. There's a moral for you there Damien stick at it, as the great Jos Naylor said it's 70% in the mind.

At some point, somewhere south of Gargrave, after about four hours on the limit, I lost my own personal battle, and to be quite frank, interest in the sight of Niel's back side and so decided to make my own way home. I'd hoped that the first real outing on my new best bike might give me an edge but every other b*****d was out on there's so no advantage there then. Moral for me Damien it's not the bike but the rider.

Hope you're well Ian - I might see you down at the Puzzle on Wednesday, but somehow I doubt it.

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