Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sun 27th April - Wet in Whalley

We did meet and we did ride out first to Whalley - where Vicar was glad of the ecumenical bacon & egg barm at the Abbey cafe. After that we roamed the lovely little lanes of lancashire before finally heading for home over the herders. Thanks again for waiting for me chaps. Ian.

The plan is to meet at Hebden Bridge at 9.00am, I guess for a ride out to the west but after that I'm not sure!
Might be worth checking with Ian (who's in contact with more of the Sunday stalwarts than me) before you set of to confirm the ride's still on,

I'll be there Richard (with a jacket on i suspect), sounds like Nigel & Melv will be out and Steve too. Any body else who reads this is welcome to come along.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring into the Dales - first reports

Not feeling particularly strong after a serious lack of miles so far this season I took the short-cut from home straight over Top Withens to Oxenhope to miss out Hebden Bridge and the first long climb of Keighley Road/Cock Hill. My lone start meant an easy ride at my own pace over the Herders to Laneshaw Bridge - although turning into the headwind up to Black Lane Ends made me (almost) wish for a wheel to follow. I'd expected to be caught in Earby and loitered there for a good few minutes chatting before getting a bit cold and riding on to Gargrave on my tod just to keep warm. Still, I was far better dressed than the triathletes at West Marton - it was no whether for sleeveless tops, especially if you'd just jumped out of a warm swimming pool somewhere.

I was just about to set off at Gargrave after a few words with the Kershaw family marshalling the control point there when the first of the 'proper' riders turned up - some looking more weary and haggard than others. The look on Melv's face told everything about their ride up to that point but he soon revived and we rode together to Cracoe. However, it wasn't ever going to last for me at that pace and I gratefully let the bunch go to dive into the cafe. The tale is that they then had a lovely time and rode together at a brisk pace all the way to the finish - sorry, that was just a fairy tale.

Riding on through Thorpe and back down to Burnsall I passed many riders and then spotted a couple of decent looking wheels a little way ahead. It turned out to be Irish John (Dogerty) of VS Cycles with his mate "very Irish" Justin on a visit here for a few days from Ireland. Now this meant good company all the way back over Addingham Moorside and on through Keighley. Since Justin's legs had blown somewhere back near Gargrave it also meant that I could stay with them without going too far into the red myself and finished the ride back over the same short cut feeling fine and looking forward to the next outing.

Meanwhile, Robin and other vets were pinning on their race numbers for 12 circuits of Norland Moor in the LVRC event. A small group including Sean Smith went away on the second lap and stayed out of reach. Sean finished third I think. Robin did his bit to lead out the sprint for the main bunch - and then found out why they were all so keen for someone else to go first into the headwind as his legs faded within sight of the line...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

20 Apr 08 - Spring into the Dales

I said SPRING dammit. Rode home tonight into a chill north wind and a sprinkling of rain just for an extra fun topping. Still wearing gloves and full tights!

After last year's fantastic weather I can pretty much guarantee that this Sunday's "S-i-t-D" will be colder and/or wetter. Still, anyone want to join me in a steady-ish potter round? I fear that I may have to let the fast lads go pretty early on and save myself for Cock Hill on the way back.

Here (almost) is a picture of the fast-moving Condor bunch on this ride in 2005. I'm at the back - just hanging on!

Mind you I could just ride by myself like Vicar did last year poor chap ...


Sunday 13th April

Pretty poor showing for the Hebden Bridge and all points West run. I was determined to ride because next weekend is a write off for me (daughter's 21st) and I was encouraged by a text from Ian on Saturday evening that suggestetd that he'd be out in the morning.

It would seem however, that the snow dusting the tops changed Ian's mind - and for that matter Robin's and Steve's - as I was the only rider sheltering in the cinema entrance when Nige rolled up en route to Lancaster to meet his wife and son.

As Nige so sagely said as we pressed on into the drizzel, you don't regret the times you ride but you do regret the times you don't (well something like that) and he was right, the further west we got the dryer it got and the dryer it got the happier we were - to the extent that by the time we entered the red rose county we were able to shed a layer and start to enjoy the day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

13 april - hebden bridge @ 9am

It all seems a bit quiet recently. Is it just that everyone is STILL waiting for spring? I've dusted down my best bike and looked lovingly at all the carbon, but not had a chance to ride it yet. Good weather must be coming soon ...

This week we're meeting at the traffic lights in the centre of Hebden Bridge for a run out west - wherever the fancy takes us. All welcome.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

distant friends ...

A quick "hi" from Philip just to show how the other half live ...

[If that is TWO bottles of wine on the table then it must have been some lunch - Ian]