Friday, June 12, 2009

old cycling friends 002

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The enclosed photos were taken almost fifty years ago, we were all in the IMPS at that time except the lady (Ive forgotten her name).We all used to go to Blackpool for the September break these photos were taken in the "Huntsman".

old cycling friends 001

From: Allan Simcock

The funeral of Phillip Smithies took place today in France attended by Paul Gower. I knew Phillip fifty years ago when he joined the IMPS of which I was a member and club secretary .Phil was a private person having been raised by his father, his mother died when he was quite young. He was used to looking after himself and enjoyed his own company. the enclosed photo was taken in blackpool roller skating about 1960 (ISH) FROM LEFT Jez Revell, ME, Brian Sunter Phil Smithies Graham (not a cyclist a mate of Brians)