Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Weekend

It's here at last, our chance to ride up and down Cragg Vale non-stop for 24 hours - although you are allowed a stop or two if you want; in fact I plan to go home and have a good nights sleep.  I had been looking forward to seeing just how many ascents Chris could manage in 24 hours and was willing to put the kitchen sink on Chris being able to climb the height of Everest but he's gone and double booked himself and has promised to be farrier in residence at Tod Agricultural Show on Saturday so his chance of imortality has gone.  I'm hoping to see several Condors at the Robin Hood at 6pm on Friday, Jonathan tells me there  has been a lot of intrest in the event so there should be plenty o people to ride with.

The event finishes at 6pm on Saturday which will give you 6 hours rest before the start of the Calderdale CTC Midnight Ride to Morcambe - starting from the Oddfellows Roome in Halifax, go to
Oddfellows Rooms, Unity House
Jun 21st 11:30 pm - 11:00 am
Cycle together through the night and into the dawn, to Morecambe where a full cooked breakfast awaits. Then cycle back to Halifax at your own pace over the Trough and through the Forest of Bowland. 130 miles
Ride Leader: Dave Dodwell