Tuesday, January 27, 2015

(Peter) Paul & Mary - Next Sunday 1st Feb

Good turnout for last Sunday's club run with Paul D, Chris, Damien, Richard, Steve T, Steve B and myself joined by Martin from the Imps and the Bingley 2, Phil Rawnsley and Stephen Mattocks.

A clockwise route for the Darnbrook circuit was chosen in the hope of a tail wind over to Arncliffe from Malham and a steady start was made over to Connonley with the pace gradually increasing as first Paul and then Stevie Barker went to the front. Richard,  still searching for his late 2014 form and finding the pace uncomfortable, said au revoir at Eshton to ride up to Cracoe and meet up with us again in Littondale. 

By Airton Steve B decided that he had inflicted enough pain and turned for home as the rest of us attacked Malham Cove on the eastern road. As planned the wind blew us over to Arncliffe. We swept up Richard on the descent and flew down to Burnsall café via Conistone and Grassington. As usual the café, which was bursting at the seams with fellow cyclists, supplied us with a first class fare and service.

Once on the road again we made our way to Bolton Bridge via Appletreewick and Cav Pav. Addingham Moorside was chosen as our next challenge although the Bingley lads, Richard and a resurgent Damien all chose the less interesting Cringles route home.

Once over Moorside someone who will remain nameless (Paul) came up with the idea of turning left in Silsden and going over Robin Hood, once it was established that Chris had never had that pleasure previously there was no other alternative although I'm not sure Martin and Steve T were as enthusiastic as they could have been.

The climb up to Robin Hood Woods was just as enjoyable as ever and once we regrouped it was down to Bingley then Harden and Bents Lane, thereby making it back to Calderdale without having to plough up the boring Ingrow.

(Peter) Paul & Mary
As you are all aware Paul Daly will soon be leaving our green and pleasant land to start a new life terrorising cyclists in New Zealand. He has been granted one last last wish before he leaves our shores and that is to ride the Mary Townley Loop one more time before he goes. We're going have a nostalgic potter round the Loop this coming Sunday, the 1st of Feb. Meet Callis Bottom road crossing 8am - there's plenty of escape routes should you not want to do the full distance.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Messing about

As Pete was posting his suggested ride to Darnbrook while looking out at a few falling flakes it was already 4" deep in snow up at my house and getting worse. Hence we opted for mtb and a route which kept us up in the cold, clear and crisp morning air. A couple of photos here give a flavour of the day, though they don't convey the slip-sliding grin-inducing fun of it all.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunday 18th & early season events

I was going to suggest the Darnbrook circuit for tomorrows ride, either Arncliffe first or Malham first depending on wind direction and strength but its been a pretty dire couple of days and upon looking out of the window now and seeing heavy dollops of wet snow steadily falling from the sky I'm not at all sure I even want to go out on the bike.
However I will suggest meeting 9am Denholmgate/9.30 Keighley although I'm not 100 per cent confident of being there myself.

The North West Passage will take place on Saturday 21st February (5 weeks today), unfortunately this year the 3rd Saturday in February is followed a day later by the last Sunday in February, which of course is the day of the Halifax Imps Reliability Ride (new route being planned), so its a busy weekend.
However this (almost) clash does afford us the opportunity to once again ride the Delightful Dales on Sunday 1st of March, a 200k Audax from Pendleton taking in the delights of Park Rash, Birkdale Common and the Coal Road.
Due to 2015 being PBP year, the Red Rose Ride is much earlier than usual, taking place on Sunday 15th March.

This years Ronde Van Calderdale is to be on Easter Sunday, the 5th April. Unfortunately all places on the long route were sold out before the end of 2014 which is a tragedy for those of us who ride it every year. However I thought we could go ahead with a Ronde Recce on Sunday 22nd March.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Congratulations to Grimpy & Sunday 11th Jan

A week after taking the bronze medal in Switzerland at  the World Masters Cyclo Cross Championships John today stepped up to the top of the podium at Abergavenny in the British Cycling National Championships. Congratulations John from all your club mates.

Sunday 11th Jan
Meet 9am Denholmgate or 9.30 Keighley. I was going to suggest Waddington for lunch but lets keep options open pending the weather.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Ride Report

The above septenary of Condors met at Keighley roundabout today for our inaugural Sunday run of 2015. In bright sunshine, with a nip in the air, we were joined by Keith Lambert for a reasonably steady ride up to Kettlewell. Tradition dictates that from Kettlewell we return down the valley on the singletrack lane to the east of the river but for once caution won the day. Steve & Robin were keen to chance their luck on the ice but Keith and Mel (who had joined us just before Kettlewell) won the day and we retraced out route as far as Threshfield and then went down to Burnsall to spend an hour relaxing in the welcoming atmosphere of the Wharfe View Tea Rooms (along with Alistair Brownlee and his mates including a triathlete from Hungary).

From the café the pace increased as Robin and Mel hit the front and drove the train down to Bolton Abbey and Addingham. Again the preferred route over Addingham Moorside was avoided in favour of the safer and busier Cringles. Mel said goodbye and turned off towards his home but Robin had caught the speed bug, setting a lively pace over to Silsden which saw off Ian (too much holidaying over the holiday period) and  Damien eventually succumbed to lack of miles in December.
There was no stopping Robin though, he was last seen darting through traffic in Silsden. This left Chris (who had been keeping a low profile and keeping out of Keiths way) on the front with Keith. They took us through Keighley and to the foot of Ingrow, we singled out for the bends, Chris went to the front alone with Keith locked to his wheel, I went off the back, and so eventually did the 2 Steve's.
Another great day out - and home for 2.30.

Friday, January 02, 2015

NYD and Sunday 4th

Windy Hill

Good to see Paul D and Richard back on their bikes yesterday joining myself, Brian, Chris, Phil Haigh, Neil King & Steve T, plus a great turn out from 3RT, several young guns from Kirklees Cycling Academy and representing the Imps, Hoppy.  In an attempt not to get dropped before Fixby Roundabout Brian and I led the 20+ peloton out of Brighouse, being joined by several more riders before we adjourned for breakfast at 3 seperate cafe's in Holmfirth.

The next leg of the journey over the Isle of Skye tested not only strength and fitness but with a strong and blustery cross headwinds, bike handling skills were at a premium. Once down into Saddleworth we were treated to tail winds and refreshing rain for the rest of the journey to The Works at Sowerby Bridge where Mr Gower was waiting to relieve us of £6 for the 2014 club subs (£5 off 1st jersey for new members).

Only 6 weeks to the North West Passage so training begins this coming Sunday, 9am Denholmgate or 9.30 Keighley.  The cyclist formally known as Padiham Chris has suggested we follow the same route as last year - Kettlewell and back down the eastern side of the valley to the café at Hebden, then home over Addingham Moorside - sounds like a good plan to me.