Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Day 2013

Best day of the week tomorrow for weather. I intend to make the most of it and get out for the traditional New Year's Day hangover cure. Brighouse 10am, Holmfirth for an early cafe stop then Isle of Skye and back to the Works at Sowerby Bridge.

Hope to see you tomorrow


I understand that Mick Collins and a few more Ritz Rebels are planning to meet outside Ritz at 10am for the above route - I wish I were able to join you.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunday Final

The weather is looking grim but I will be at Keighley 9.30  - if anybody else can drag themselves away from the fireside and the mince pies for the final Sunday ride of 2012. Airton cafe always seems a welcoming venue in this weather. Maybe returning via Elslack & Laneshaw Bridge.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday 23rd December

I'm still on crutches so can't arrange a ride for tomorrow - I don't know if anything has been arranged but not blogged? - what I have been told is that Rileys Treat is on for tomorrow and at the usual venue, the Robin Hood at Pecket Well. Unfortunatly I will not be able to attend so I'll wish everyone the seasons greetings, get back to my book and dream of the day when I'm back on the bike.

Padiham Chris is intending to be at the roundabout in Keighley at 9.30am on the off chance that someone will turn up.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wednesday Wheelers Christmas 'Do'

 In my enforced absence Mike Beecham took a few snaps and sent me a short report relating to the Wednesday Wheelers Christmas Lunch.

The Christmas ride out meal for the Wednesday riders got off to a dry start with the usual indecision of the route (Grimpy favouring the more challenging ride via Windy Hill!!!). Downhill to Brighouse and a leisurely ride on the canal path to Elland, then over to West Vale. This is where I left the lads who went via Wheelrights Mill up towards the motorway then straight over Pole Moor to The Rose and Crown. John Lumb and a few other riders pushed up the hill from the other side of the hill to swell the group

I made my way back home to pick up the car, not wanting a wet ride back. Reached the pub at 12.30 where the lads had been sampling the handpulled for the last hour. An hour later, great quantities of turkey, beef and Brussels sprouts were being piled on top of the beer! This combination makes for a good ride back home so I'm told.
 John Kay did the honours by thanking Pete Horne for the organisation of the meal (funny thing its the second year running he's missed out), then he thanked Paul Gower for picking up the money and sorting out the finances on the day. Finally he proposed a toast to our sadly missed friend and fellow rider Trevor Lever, a sentiment that all those there echoed.

As forcast, the heavens opened. The brave rode back, Derek Needham and myself took the easier way back on four wheels.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Solstice

Only a short report about yesterdays Winter Solstice Audax - thats because I didn't get very far. As I drove on the M62 over Windy Hill at 7am I couldnt believe our luck. It was 4 and a half degrees and as morning dawned it promised to be a clear, dry and mild day.  I met Padiham Chris in a car park in Bredbury,   It was his first ever 200k Audax, he was obviously chomping at the bit and the sight of his 55 tooth chainring had me shaking in my Sidi's.
A full field of 75 riders were all excitedly chatting about the prospects of the day, the best weather for weeks. Chris and I were soon into our stride, rolling through the Cheshire lanes with a full head of steam and feeling stronger with every mile that passed beneath our wheels.
24 miles into the days route, now 5 degrees plus, a sunny Sunday and most motorists had gone to worship at the Trafford Centre. We Followed my trusty Satmap to a left turn at Lach Dennis and were bowling along without a care in the world when my wheels suddenly, quickly and unexpectedly slid sideways and I hit the black stuff. I remember thinking as I was sliding down the road that I hadn't bounced very well and when I did come to a stop I had trouble getting to my feet again, the whole width of the road being like a skating rink covered in black ice. Chris, who'd been a few yards behind me had also hit the deck but soon recovered his composure. I didn't, to cut a long story short I ended up at Stockport A & E with a fracture to the pelvis - I don't think its a serious fracture but I guess I'll be off the bike for a few days (or weeks!).
Due to the state of this road there were many retirements among those who had been behind us but Chris showed his metal, completed his debut 200 and promptly paid his subs to join Audax UK for 2013.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Last Sunday

Turnout was down to six; in fact when I first looked out of the window on Sunday morning, saw it was pouring down and then received a text from Simon giving his apologies due to illness I could have been tempted to stay dry and warm myself. However as Big Phil was calling en route to Denholmgate I donned my cycling kit plus my winter weight rain jacket and was somewhat surprised when opening the garage door I was met with blue skies and even a weak sun. Things were looking up, Phil told me he was not feeling all that great himself so that gave me another boost so, after removing my rain jacket, we were away, battling strong gusty winds over to Keighley collecting Richard on the way. After collecting Mel, Chris and Mr Oakworth (I'm sorry to be so rude but I don't know your name), we had a free ride on the Paul Milnes train towards Skipton. I was feeling very happy, almost effortlessly gliding along behind a large group being towed into a stiff headwind.   
However Melvin's legs were becoming twitchy, he just couldn't cope with an easy ride so we turned left at Vietnam Bridge and fought the winds ourselves through Carleton, Broughton and Bank Newton. We then proceeded in a southerly direction passing through Horton, Barnoldswick and past Fanny Greys to Barrowford, where, much to Richards delight and relief, we took elevenses at the Heritage Centre (note to Ian - you need to be there before 11 to have bacon included - we had failed by minutes and the boss would not deviate - rules are rules - having said that I must add that it is a good cafe).
Once fed and watered we followed Mel on a direct route through Colne, up Church Clough to Coldwell and  over Widdop and a refreshment break at Heptonstall.
Not a drop of rain all day, reasonable temperatures and a good route made me wonder why I'd ever contemplated going back to bed.

 Next Sunday Chris and I have signed up for the Winter Solstice Audax - I understand that entries have now closed so if you haven't got your entry in its too late.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sunday 9th Decmber

A good turn out last Sunday so we'll stick with the same formula - 9am Denholmgate/9.30 Keighley.  Think we will decide on a destination at the meet depending on weather and road conditions.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Trevor Lever

I think I have been in denial after Paul advised me about the accident last Friday, indeed I had to ring him again on Saturday to enquire if he was sure it was true? Normally we fall off and survive unfortunately Trevor didn’t.
It was an honour to know Trevor, a guy who never said a wrong word about anyone, who worked tirelessly for his community, club and his company. I met him through his son Michael on those early Monday mountain bike runs and later on the Thursday social runs. He then disappeared for a while due as I recall with back trouble. However over the last few years, as he’s been gradually winding down from his Avocet business he became fitter and more active. Indeed this summer you will recall he cycled with Doreen on the tandum all the way from southern France to the UK.  

Trevor was a delight to be with having the unusual ability to communicate easily with everyone he met. He was someone who just got stuck in, typical was his outstanding contribution to the Condor Cross events. I recall it was the first event we ran at Rastrick High School, himself and Michael decided that part of the course in particular the start area was overgrown so on the Saturday before the event they arrived with a mobile lawn mower to bring the course to almost cricket pitch standards.
It was this attention to detail that always impressed everyone. For years he handled the cross signing on, he was so precise, for example at the end of the event I got the prize envelopes and the cash account -done. Likewise he always attended the club a.g.m. and organised the agenda and the subsequent report in his own amicable style.

We live in a world of politics, false promises and excuses galore however every so often someone transends this crap and stands out- yes you can do it and keep promises. That for me was Trevor who will sadly be missed by everyone he touched. Like Peter said our hearts go out to Doreen, Michael and the Family.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Condor Road Club members will be all too aware of the sudden and tragic death last Thursday night of our long standing member, friend and former president, Trevor Lever.
Trevor at last years Wednesday Club Christmas 'Do'
After his usual Thursday evening ride with the Imps/Condor Social run Trevor was with a small group riding down Godley Lane on his way home when he lost control and fell from his machine, losing conciousness when hitting the ground. He was taken to hospital but staff were unable to save his life.
I have spoken to many Condors since this terrible incident and our hearts go out to Doreen, Michael and all the family.

The funeral service will be held on Wednesday 12th December at 12.45pm at Park Wood, Elland, HX5 9HZ