Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Last Post

So long, fare well ... it looks like other social media options have overtaken the blog. Thanks for visiting and we enjoyed the ride.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sunday Sojourn - 29 April

For our club run this week the suggestion is that we meet Keighley 9am for a dabble with Darnbrook and cafe at Airton.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Red Rose Ride

We have to thank Steve T for the club ride this week. He's put forward the notion of a gallop to Glasson Dock with the Red Rose Ride. That'll be the 2nd Audax in as many weeks!

route at

See you there?

Friday, April 06, 2018

Spring into the Dales

At last it's officially spring and we can ride into the dales on best bikes in shorts & short sleeves*.

See you in Mytholmroyd in time to enter, chat, drink tea and leave at 9am.



* yeah, right.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sunday in Settle

Meet 09:30 at Keighley roundabout.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sunday 25 March - BB or DD?

John Lumb II might be getting a bit over-enthusiastic but has suggested doing the Batley Bash this Sunday and I'm tempted to tag along (but let the main bunch go!).

Anonther option, which Pete Horne is apparently 'interested' in, is the Delightful Dales 200k Audax starting from Clithero at 8am BST (yep, clocks go forward) and going up Park Rash and the Coal Road. Yeah, I won't bother giving you the link for that one ...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2018 Road Races - your help needed please!

Imps RR 2018 on Saturday 21st April

The Imps race has moved to Bodington Cycle Circuit, Brownlee Centre University Of Leeds LS16 8NA off the Otley Road. It’s a 1 mile circuit  with 3 separate events O40’s at 10.00, O55 at 11.15 and O65’s at 12.30. Each 1 hour plus 2 laps. As you are aware without the imps support we wouldn’t be able to run our event so if a few Condor members can help I’m sure it will be reciprocated in July. Many thanks. 

Condor Road Race 2018 on Sunday 1st July 

We are again using the Scammonden circuit. To ensure its success we need your kind support for marshalling and judging from 9.00 am, race start time 10.00 at Barkisland. Sign on and rolling start at Greetland sports and community centre HX4 8JG.   

Thank you                                                        
John Ginley

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Garage Clearout

You help is needed please to create some space in the garage!

I'm happy to get rid of these wheels in return for a couple of pints, suitable for anyone on rim brakes and running 9 or 10 speed Shimano. Give me a shout on the next ride or usual social media thingys. Either pop round to collect or perhaps arrange a swap at the club dinner on 3rd March.

SRAM S30AL Sprint wheelset (There is a review HERE).

Reynolds Stratus Pro Wheelset:

Kysrium ES rear wheel (For some reason I've got two of these - but no front wheels to match).

Kysrium front wheel (with a black hub)

Friday, February 02, 2018

Club Luncheon & Presentation

Robin Hood, Cragg Vale booked for 1pm Saturday 3rd March. Roast beef followed by apple crumble. £14.50. Organiser is Phil Sanderson. All welcome (you don't have to be a Condor).
please book your place by letting Phil or Pete Horne know or via CRC Facebook page.

Monday, January 29, 2018

HDR Reliability - Womersley

This year's series of 'ride to the sun' events got off to a good start on Sunday. Condors in attendance included JL2, Melv, Andy 'Maverick Velo' and 'Oakworth Steve' who'd all done the decent thing by riding out to the start. Plus the Wainstalls Wimps in a car, but which was very handy later to squeeze in a third bike and give Steve a boost back toward home with tired legs. John Ginley was present and going well, but hiding his Condor colours under a plain top.

My suggestion was to have another PACT (Pete's Annual Condor Treaty). Or at least a TRUCE (Trundle Round United Condor Expedition). However, in the absence of our illustrious leader to police the ride, it didn't last. The start was flat out from the moment we left the cricket club. (Trundle Round - Unless Condors Excited). Eventually we managed to let the fast lads go, perhaps encouraged by the number passed at the side of the road with various problems.  When it did settle down, we'd then find that Condor riders were littered all over the peleton, and I suspect that the fast start caused a few aching legs later on. (Thrash Round Until Condors Expire).

A sharp bend in Kirk Smeaton seems to have done for several people, including John Lumb II who went down hard with no warning. Bars askew and bent gear hanger then added insult to bodily injury. Refuelling and regrouping in Womersley hopefully helped him recover, while the athletes carried straight on. The second half of the ride could then be taken steadily and the headwind kept enthusiasms in check until the final couple of hills back up to the giddy heights of Liversedge: I was very glad not to be dragging back up to home at 1000ft and could drive instead.

It is Drighlington next week, and all welcome to join in. Please don't be put off by the write-up. I'm sure that some of us took pleasure from some small parts of it. Remember: a cycle ride is to be endured, not enjoyed.

Friday, January 26, 2018

AGM Minutes

Monday 22nd January 2018

Members Present (18) - Gordon Turner, Peter Horne, Melvin Hartley, Steve Thewlis, Andy Myers, Nigel Hartley, Ian Robinson, J.D. Smith, Paul Gower, Paul Priestley, Kevin Brown, Ian Wellock, Brian Sunter, John Ginley, Phil Haigh, John Lumb (2nd), Neil King, Phil Sanderson.
Apologies for Absence  - Nil
Minutes of AGM 10/10/16 - Accepted unanimously as a true record.

General Secretary - Confirmed 2018 BC and CTT affiliations had been paid. Nothing else to report.
Tresurer - Up to date accounts were presented by Paul Gower and accepted as correct.
Racing Secretary - J.D. Smith reported on the clubs racing successes during 2017 :-
John Ginley:
1st UCI World Masters CycloCross (Zilvermeer MOL Belgium Dec 2017) 075
2nd UCI World Grand Fonda Road Race 100km (Albi France Aug2017) 075
UK               1st  LVRC 065 series in 070 Cat.
                     2nd LVRC Nat Crit Champs 075 Cat
                     2nd LVRC Stallard Series 070 Cat
                     2nd TLI Nat RR 070 Cat

Brian Sunter:
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   15 mile  3rd                                                     
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   25 mile  2nd
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   30 mile  2ND
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   50 mile  1st

British Age Records:  10mile   21.08,    15mile   34.56,      25mile   55.12.
National VTTA Short Distance BAR   3rd            
Yorkshire Short Distance BAR  1st
Melvin Hartley:
2nd Imps RR,     2nd  Clifton RR,       1st Condor RR.

Election of Officials - All re-elected unopposed -
President, Brian Sunter
Treasurer, Paul Gower
Racing Secretary, JD Smith
Secretary, Peter Horne

Annual Dinner & Presentation - It was agreed to once again hold the Dinner & Presentation at the Robin Hood, Cragg Vale. As all the Sunday dates considered clashed with cycling commitments  Phil Sanderson is to explore the possibility of holding the event on Saturday 3rd February.

Any Other Business -
John Ginley confirmed that the LVRC Condor Road Race would be held on Sunday 1st of July.
Paul Gower proposed that long standing members Eric Walker and Phil Tempest should be awarded life membership. The proposal was seconded unanimously.

Neil King proposed that the club become involved in the organisation of new fund raising sportive for Overgate Hospice to be held on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September. There was general agreement.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

AGM Monday 22nd January @ The Travellers, Hipperholme. 8pm

AGM Monday 22nd January 2018. 8pm at The Travellers, Hipperholme.
A bit later than normal (I blame my exile in Queensbury). Please try and attend and let me know if you have anything for the agenda.
JD is hoping to be updated with 2017 results so we can work out who's won the silverware. I think Road Race, TT and Off Road may be easy to sort but we need total distances for the Audax/Sportive/Reliability Trophy (total distance ridden in 2017 in organised non races, ie Audax's, Sportives and Reliability Rides).
Please mention the AGM to any Condors you may come across in cafe's, pubs or hospitals.

For those not aware the Condor Road Club Facebook page has more or less taken over from the Condor Blog. Access it here   or just go on Facebook and search for Condor Road Club.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lost Sheep on Isle of Skye

In the absence of our good shepherd Peter, the rest of us lost sheep will have to make our own way. The suggestion is Isle of Skye meeting in Hebden Bridge at 9:30. Cafe to be decided but probably Holmfirth.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Silverdale Sunday

Several members have entered a strangely named Audax in York this weekend: and for everyone else we can offer a regular club run from Keighley 9:30am up to Silverdale and Settle.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sunday 24 December - Christmas Eve Ride

Peter has proposed meeting 09:00 in Denholme (09:30 Keighley) and heading to the cafe at Airton.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Friday, December 01, 2017

Grimpy Retains Worlds Title and Paul's Triumph in New Zealand

News is filtering through from Belgium that our very own Grimpy (aka John Ginley) has today retained his UCI World Masters Cyclo Cross title on the demanding purpose built course at Mol.
Congratulation from all your team mates John, perhaps now you can give us an easier ride next Wednesday.

Whilst John has been conquering all before him, our Southern Hemisphere team has been riding high in the antipides. Here's Pauls report of his recent MTB win.

85km Huka Challenge

Firstly congratulations to all the Pyskil Team for outstanding performances and the many PB's that are just reward for all the training and commitment in the build up.

Being from the "Dark Side" I fancied the Huka this year and entered with the normal intention of having a few training/recce' rides to get a feel for the course. Unfortunately I only managed a very limited couple of rides when assisting NZ Fire Service run their National Champs there last month, however I did ensure I climbed the "Grinder" that would be included twice in the race to assess one of the biggest climbs.

On Friday for a leg loosener and a bit more familiarisation I took Lynda for a spin out on the first 30kms of the course along the very scenic river past Huka Falls and on to the Aratiatia Dam and back. Whilst helping her with one of the little climbs she fell off and the air was blue!! I let her calm down and eventually really enjoy the ride 

I entered Group 2 with the predicted time of 5 hours that seemed about right having checked last years performances. Whilst lining up I noticed in Group 1 a NZ Fire Sevice rider who had come second in the Champs and had won the over 60's Huka category last year  (just over 5hrs) and who was only slightly younger than me! I purposely kept quite and hoped to see him later in the race?

We started and the pace was reasonable with two riders one in NZ Army kit and the other an under 18 from Kerikeri who were clearly working hard passing other enthusiastic Group 2 riders, I latched onto them and by the time we passed the Bungy Jump off Spa Rd we were leading the Group. We started to reel in Group 1 riders and after approx 6kms I saw the Fire Service rider heading a group of 5 riders, we quickly (and quietly) passed .them at a good pace that we maintained until we entered the woods (approx 25kms) leading somewhere into the Craters Park.

The trails were riding well and again we caught and passed several riders until we latched onto a very good group led by 2 Ladies who were controlling the pace and riding beautifully and were especially talented on the interesting twisting terrain and descents! 

We finally reached the first ascent of the Grinder and rode it very steadily and I resisted the urge to push on, over the top we held out our arms for an Hawian style bangle to be placed over and kept proving we had climbed it during the second ascent. The descent was very fast and part way down I shipped my chain causing me to stop and quickly sort out before chasing back on. Once out into the open the terrain changed to barron, dry, loose and twisty stuff that if you forced too hard would have you sliding over the edge! I was right on the Girls wheels with 4 guys on mine when without warning the ground gave way causing my front wheel to slide out throwing me and the bike tumbling down the embankment that was covered in sharp brambles. The guys asked if I were okay and I told them to crack on, with difficulty I untangled myself and the bike and scrambled back up to the track checked the bike, my arm was bleeding from a few deep scratches I removed some obvious prickles, checked that my half eaten banana and gels were ok and set off!

Plenty of adrenaline flowing now and after a couple of kms I latched back onto the Group and settled down for a few kms. I suddenly felt something was missing and reached for my pump, it was missing and had come out in the the tumble. This was worrying but no way of changing things so fingers crossed and a bit more stress! I recognised we were approaching the Grinder again and this time I couldn't wait  and pushed on hard quickly getting clear and catching another rider who I rode with almost to the end.

I ate the remainder of the banana a second gel, had a drink from my bottle that was getting down and might run out. I had passed two stations and knew there was another somewhere and would/should take on fluid there.

There was about 20kms to go I felt good when we came out into the open and the last drinks station I stopped and downed 3 cups of electrolyte and the helpers commented on the blood and I smiled and said I was getting too old for this .

I recognised the tracks near to the Craters car park that twisted you around the Ferret and Tourist trap. I was on my own at this stage and the Ferret seemed to go for ever making me think was I doing it twice when without warning I hit something hard that stopped me dead and threw me off, my right leg (hammy) cramped badly and I feared I might have punctured my front wheel! Thankfully no damage just a fright and reconcentration!

We caught several of the short course riders including one very talented young man who I followed through tight single track for a couple of kms before passing and congratulating him, one for the future.

We were approaching the woods before the lookout over Taupo and I thought we must be doing another loop as I had about 73kms clocked? I recognised the track and mentioned it to another rider who said no its straight to the finish, I didn't need any more encouragement and accelerated across the field up the incline across the temporary bridge  down across the field up Ferry Rd where we were camped and merged into the finishing straight rubbing shoulders with a startled roadie, keeping the hammer down until I crossed the timing mat "no repeat of last years balls up"!!

I had no idea of time throughout the ride and at times whilst climbing in a group felt to be losing time. I am happy with the 4hrs 35mins thinking it might have been longer. I finished 19th overall (230 riders) winning  my category with plenty in the tank recording 78kms and expecting another few kms, I will know for next time and as always its about preparation. Definitely Group 1 next time.

Fantastic event extremely well marshalled by cheery people (thank you all) and very well route marked.  Come on you Roadies consider some proper riding next year?  Lynda's still removing prickles.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bonus Condor Jerseys

I've been sent a couple of extra club jerseys by mistake by Force GB . Both are size 'medium' but that is too small for me. I'm looking for a club member that they would fit to give them a good home. That means up to 38" chest and someone who looks more like a racing snake than a frequenter of public houses.
If you are interested then let me know and we can arrange a handover.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

12 November - 9am Keighley

With Peter committed to the Eureka Audax, Uncle Nigel suggests meeting 9am in Keighley headed for Burnsall on what hopefully will be a dry and sunny day out.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sunday 29 Oct - West Marton

The suggestion this week is 9am Keighley (put your clock back and get an extra hour in bed) for a roaming route to West Marton.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

1964 Hill Climb Champs

The last few first names please for the 1964 Hillclimb Championship
I copied the above from the Legends of the RTTC Facebook account. I was asking Peeps yesterday to confirm that the D Smith, Condor R. C. (coming one place behind Keith Lightfoot of HSW) was in fact Derek Smith (better remembered as Club Velo Cruz and of course Sean's dad).
 I'm sure that many years ago Derek told me a tale about briefly joining the Condor to make up a team to challenge for the National Hill Climb Team Champs with Slim Sullivan and the pocket rocket himself, Paul Priestley ( Peeps) but he ended up being the only one who entered.
 Peeps cannot recall Derek ever being in the Condor but could not offer any alternative. Can anyone confirm
This is Paul Daly's Fire Fighters World Champs report from last month. As most know Paul has now returned to New Zealand (so you can can now come out of hiding). An excellent report just spoilt by the fact I can't work out how to copy the photo's from the Word document.

20th Championnat Du Monde de VTT – Des Sapeur Pompiers

8 – 9 September 2017

Montignargues – Nimes – France

When considering my UK holiday dates I included sufficient time to attend the World Championships if several logistics worked out. Having been plagued with persistent hamstring problems particularly in the lead up to and competing in the Masters Games in April would it flare up again or could I achieve the necessary training required to be in condition to defend my title from Switzerland 2015, there not being an event in 2016.

It was great meeting the old Vets Wednesday Gang and revisiting old routes, cafes and exchanging the usual banter! Pete my former partner in crime and principle architect in finding “interesting challenges” did not disappoint and we were soon riding the Yorkshire Dales in all its glory. The Tan Hill 200km (132mls) with 13000ft of climbing being a stand out day at the office but most importantly the severest test of the legs that would also indicate general all round condition. Thankfully it was a dream day perfect weather, fantastic scenery and very good

Yorkshire Three Peaks in the background.

My lifelong friend John and co-founder of the British Fire Service Mountain Bike Section as always was keen to attend the Championships and had researched entries, sponsorship, travel and accommodation arrangements. We completed the numerous administration hurdles, authority approval, licences, insurance, medical, entry fees etc. Now only one problem I needed a bike, problem soon solved Damien my sons mate lent me his eight years old Scott Spark 26er (more later).

I fettled the bike with new tyres, tubes, chain, brake pads and tightened the headset and soon all was good. Whilst not as nice (smooth or fast) as my 29er hung in the shed at home, several familiarisation rides later we were old friends. I also appear to be known for the condition of my shoes so I purchased a new pair of Diadora X Vortex Comp!

In the planning stage I noted that the race venue was fairly close to Mont Ventoux (Giant of Provence) and an iconic 23km Tour de France climb where the legendary Tommy Simpson sadly collapsed and died just 2kms from the summit. I asked John if he minded that we detour on route home to climb the mountain and cross off a bucket list item. Bless him at 74 years young he enthusiastically agreed.

Part of my preparation always involved arriving at the venue days before race day to allow total familiarisation with the course practicing lines, identifying hazards, assessing the climbs, checking out opposition and thinking strategy.

We packed Johns car with everything apart from the kitchen sink (somehow) and set off on the 300 mile journey to Dover to catch the ferry to Calais making very good time catching an early ship gaining an hour ahead of schedule. We pressed on for a further 100mls before checking into the motel to end a good day
We decided to use the toll roads on the journey down and after a long second day we checked into the motel leaving ourselves only 80 miles to the venue. Being from Yorkshire and cost conscious we had regular stops where we brewed our own and enjoyed fresh baguette, cheese and ham at minimal expense,

Arriving in Montignargues it was a hill top village with no sign of any motel/hotel accommodation, I asked John where were we staying and it quickly became apparent the school field set aside for camper vans was to be our home for the next three nights. We pitched the tent (including the toilet tent) near to a cold water tap (luxury) and we were set, including not showering for three days, does Froome operate like this!?

I was keen to explore the village and ride the course we registered met many old friends and rivals, prepared the bikes and set off to ride the course where it quickly became apparent it was very technical, rocky, serious drop-offs, narrow wooded tracks and loose rocky climbs. I rode ahead and waited for John at intervals to ensure he was okay. About half way around I became worried that he had not appeared so I started walking back to eventually find him walking toward me with a blooded nose deep grazes to his arms and legs and a punctured front wheel. He had pinch punctured and clipped a tree in the narrow woods that catapulted him over the bars. We walked back and the first class organisers attended to his wounds, thankfully none more than cuts, grazes and bruises. I left him and set off to complete the course.

I caught a couple of riders one I recognised as a French rival so I put an effort in and rode away from them (psychological advantage to me), just past where John had crashed I pinch punctured and crashed resulting in a few bruises!! The French lads came by and asked if I were okay (advantage lost). I walked back with serious concern regarding the puncture risk!

John had been patched up, we repaired the bikes and pumped the tyres hard.

The opening ceremony and pasta party was enjoyable but I needed to sleep as the race start time was 8am. The normal routine followed nervous anxiety, little sleep and up with the larks, breakfast, final bike check and repeat toilet visits.


The start of the race included a loop through the village streets a short country loop bringing you under the start/finish banner onto the main course. Being defending Champion I was seeded 1 and on the front row of six riders. I had warmed up well knowing I needed to be near the front going into the narrow woods.  The gun went off and but for a short period I was never headed I hit the first climb flat out and maintained it over the top where the drop off was loose and technical, as I turned the bottom corner I looked for the chasers and initially none were close I raced through the finish area and out into the streets where I could hear my Italian friends cheering and telling me to slow down.


I was on maximum concentration scrutinising the course looking for good lines (what there were) and keeping everything crossed. The big climb I had ridden in practice was faster to run cyclo-cross style and gained me more time. I had several offs slipping on loose chippings and dust and headbutted a low branch that failed to knock any sense in! The suspension control lever was badly positioned for me and sliced my hand on one of the offs but nothing to worry about.


Once I had climbed the last hill I could start to relax knowing if necessary I could ride any flat or run to the finish. As I approached the line I spotted John and caught and clipped him on the helmet before I crossed the line saving him another lap and it was over.


The ceremony was pretty emotional I never get over receiving the rainbow jersey, the national flag being lofted and the national anthem being played, all over in a flash really and the thought of never being there again always makes it more special to try and savour the moment.


Sharing the podium with two French riders Joel whispered that’s three times he has have been second to me so I promised him next year I won’t attend (hmm)?
Once again in Lynda’s absence I gifted my flowers too Chantel our very long time French friends and who we dined with that night along with Alain and Jo in their camper van. (I mention above more later), Gerard and Alain started telling us how one of the other riders in my category parked nearby had been dismissive of my borrowed bike as he was riding a new Specialised “S” Works etc. He promptly opened the window shouting at the rider that he could now swop bikes if he wanted, the French and a Suisse rider came into the van looking a little humbled and worse for alcohol giving me a cuddle and was very affectionate, I have raced them both several times before.


Sadly we said our au-revoir’s broke camp and headed for Ventoux.


In Bedoin we parked in the local Fire Station pulled out and assembled the road bikes (including my handbag). Looking across the valley we could see Ventoux where the top was covered by cloud, we set off riding through Bedoin at the start of the 23km climb.


We climbed steadily and the mountain was very busy with cyclists, motorcycles and classic cars having their own journey and after a magnificent effort by John we made it too Tommy Simpson’s 

Memorial where we paused for piccies and thoughts. Then onto the summit 1904m for more pics and taking in the breath-taking views of area with a now beautiful clear blue sky.


We donned layers of clothing for the cold descent and were soon back at the car and thinking of where we might stay that evening?


I have climbed several big mountains and Ventoux did’nt disappoint and should be on any riders “bucket list” fantastic!!

 Thanks for the report Paul, hopefully when you come over in 2018 I will be back home and have more time to arrange some real challenges - I do have a few things in mind. 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sunday 15th - Airton

As advertised on Strava we had a pleasant run out to Airton via Cowling Hill with Steve T joining in and hopefully not suffering too much afterwards. The chap who kindly stopped to take this photo for us said 'back up a bit' and Nigel has only just got to his feet after a sudden slide toward the wet bit - that lane is more slippery than it looks!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Season of Mists - 8 Oct 2017
Sets off from Mytholmroyd community center at 9am prompt.
Be early to sign in - you don't want to be chasing up Heptonstall Hill trying to get back on.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sunday 24th - 3 Peaks

Meet 09:00 in Keighley for a ramble to Horton-in-Ribblesdale cafe and Helwith Bridge to watch to finish.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

MTB Sunday 17th Sept

Meet Salterhebble Locks 9am for Stoodley Pike, Blackstone Edge, Hollingworth Lake Windy Hill, Buckstones etc.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sunday 27th August, Club Run


Club Run for Sunday 27th August, meet Shelf roundabout at 9am - thinking about heading up to Ripon then west to the head of Nidderdale.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thank's from Gordon

Condor Road Club founder Gordon Turner (aka The Ancient Britain) passes on his thanks and best wishes to all those members and friends who attended his 90th birthday bash or sent him congratulatory messages for reaching this momentous milestone in such fine fettle.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Sunday Club Run & Monday evening social

This Sunday 20th August, meet Denholme Gate 8.30 or Keighley 9am, destination to be democratically decided on the day, all welcome.

Monday evening social, an informal club meeting is to take place at The Travellers, Hipperholme at 8.30pm On Monday 21st August. All welcome,

Saturday, August 12, 2017

13/8 - Darnbrook Doddle

If you haven't entered the Tan Hill 200 already then it is now too late and there is no EoL.

So instead we can offer you 9am KEIGHLEY for Airton via Darnbrook.