Monday, March 21, 2011

Red Rose Ride

Sunday sermon was again taken from the book of Audax and a congregation of almost 60 riders departed the aptly named 'Oddfellows' Rooms in Halifax to seek the light (the light being the Lantern O'er Lune Cafe in Glasson Dock).

Fine weather the day before had tempted several of us onto our best bikes and we were quietly optimistic, setting off in cold but dry conditions although a chance of rain was forecast for the far West, however a headwind slog over Cowling was rewarded with heavy drizzle at Laneshaw Bridge which was to stay with us till the afternoon - the stuff that its not worth cape-ing up for but you slowly get drenched and filthy.

A front group of 10 or so arrived at Whalley Abbey where J Kaye elected to attend matins and a few others took bread. In the Condor style we 'pushed on' with Pete H, Neil, Mick Collins, Pete W and Simon who was suffering the penance of riding a single freewheel.

After a good pace over the Trough we were soon heading across the flats into Glasson where Pete H unwittingly inspired a 'Cafe Charge' but unfortunately the tide was in and being unable to part the waters we had to splash through 10 inches of flooding to add to our discomfort, Neil panicking that it may be salt water, set to attack his beloved Orbea.

Re-charged with chips and beans etc. we headed back discovering that the expected tail wind was now a persistent Southerley, nagging and chilling us, but by Whalley the roads had dried and with the scent of home the pace was lifted, enough to eject Pete H at Read.

Pete W then did some good work on the front which he spoiled at Rose Grove by sprinting through an amber light, despite shouts of protest, and leaving the rest of us waiting on red. Clearly this act could not go unpunished and an angry Neil charged off in pursuit banishing Single Simon to complete the ride alone. Pete W was reeled in as we started the descent to Cliviger and left on the front until he was tired enough to be dropped. Mick C's good pace down to Tod ensured Pete couldn't get back on and with a rejuvinated Neil we clattered down the Calder Valley on a road which must be up for the countrys' worst road award.

Back to the Oddfellows' just after 4.00 to the welcome baking and sandwiches of those CTC ladies, and the ceremonious breaking of the skin on a rather fine home made rice pudding.

Hear endeth Sundays lesson. Praise be to Chris Crossland and his team.

NEXT WEEK Pete H would like to share the delights of Feizor, near Settle with us.
The usual Denholme 9.00/ Keighley 9.30 - but don't forget the clocks change !