Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Three Peaks Cyclo Cross

Entry form for this year's event went on the Three Peaks web site at 12pm last night and was withdrawn by midday today as demand was "excessive".

I managed to download, complete and post my entry form but I'm not sure whether other Condor regulars, (John,Ian,and Robin) will have been so lucky (I still don't know that my entry will be accepted).

In the past preference may have been given to long standing entrants and those from local clubs, but the whole event has become a lot slicker recently and more organised so I'm not sure whether there will be latitude for the organisers to make decisions on grounds such as these. This said I'm sure Rob Jebb will get a ride whenever he puts his application in!

If you're a disappointed Condor it may be worth a quiet word with the organiser John Rawnsley if you know how to contact him - he may have gone to ground however - I guess he'll be getting a lot of calls at the moment.

The Vicar