Saturday, August 27, 2011

change of plan ... heptonstall weaver's square for 7.30am ...sounds early I know ... otherwise there is a very very pacey mtb ride from nigel's house at 9am ... over the hill for a bacon and egg bun and back again i believe

We did. It (the ride) and they (the bacon & egg buns) were excellent. Looking forward to more of both. - Ian

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cross Bike for sale

Columbus Cyclo-Cross bike for sale £250. 56cm frame, 8sp STI with new chain & new 12/32 casette, new chainset 34/48, new rear changer, SPD pedals. Call me on 07549 821349 or e-mail .


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ryedale Rumbled

Thanks to Peter - As the pictures show it was a hard day (for some of us) and if you go back through the pictures a couple of shots you can see Roger and Stefan, a friend from Ilkley, who joined us for the ride. (Not to mention the nice lady who was between us at this point !)

We all started together (not the lady) but they weren't accepting entries on the day so Robin and Stefan weren't timed. I was glad of a few more wheels to share the work on a dry but windy day. The pictures are on Blakey Ridge, the first of 3 hor categories, the second was a pig called Caper Hill and the third Rosedale Chimney, all with parts at 1 in3 - with plenty of lumps in between.

Unfortunately a late cassette/chain replacement left me with a 39x25 bottom gear which I just couldn't grind up Rosedale and forced me to walk the steepest bit. (I'm back on a 28 sprocket now !)

It was great to be on different roads and in some stunning scenery. It was Robins first time in the area and he seemed to enjoy it, so much in fact that he dropped off over Wheeldale Moor so he could properly appreciate it.

We finished with 6 hrs 12 mins for 111 miles at 18+ mph.
I am not around for the next two weekends, but its about time I blew the the dust off my mountain bike !

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Latest News

A couple of reports from last weekend -

Melvin looks like he had a great ride in last Sundays Ryedale Rumble, finishing the 111 mountainous miles (Blakey Bank, Rosedale Chimney to name just 2 of the climbs). He finished 2nd fastest out of the 100+ finishers (I know its not a race - but most of those taking part don't), 18 seconds slower than his friend Roger Palfreyman whom I assume he rode round with, these two were a long way ahead of the rest of the field - the web site I gleaned this information from had a link to on which I viewed some really good pics of our hero doing his Tommy Voeckler impressions climbing what looks like the road up to Blakey Ridge and gurning on Mel's wheel appears to be Robin although I can't find him on the result sheet ?

The weather certainly looked better over the NY Moors than round the MT Loop. Just 4 turned up for this classic mountain bike route, Steve Cavell, Paul Daly, Paul's mate Mark and myself. We set off from Callis Bridge up to Blackshaw Head in slight drizzle; to cut the story short it just got heavier. Steve, as he'd always intended, headed off down the road to Tod from the Holme Chapel road crossing. The rest of us got about 3 quarters of the way round by which time we were soaked to the skin and frozen so we headed home on the road - it took me a good hour to stop shivering once I got home - think we'll have to try it in Feb or March when we're more likely to have good weather.

Brian and Grimpy were riding the latest event in the Percy Stallard Vets Road Racing Series, the Alford Wheelers event down in Lincolnshire. Grimpy, who was defending his lead in the series finished 5th, with Brian 2nd to Richard Booth.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sun 7th August

Reminder - Mary Townley Loop backwards, tomorrow, 8am Callis Bridge - there will be at least 3 there - Steve Cavell, Paul Daly and myself.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Other Other Fleet Moss

I arrived at the Oddfellows Hall with more than a degree of uncertainty; seven hours in the saddle always seems excessive. I had a plan to split at Kilnsey and head alone up Littondale over Darnbrook or possibly Silverdale and back via Malham. For some reason I failed to make the turn, you know how I love to follow a wheel, and found myself in a group heading up Wharfedale to Kettlewell, Buckden and the climb of Fleet Moss.

I nearly didn’t make this group at all having been comprehensively dropped by all and sundry on the climb out of Halifax,I was however lucky to be caught by Simon who’d been delayed by chain problems who then paced me back to the second group comprising Pete H, Big Phil, JK from the Imps and Paul a fell running mate of Pete’s.

Simon Pete and JK dropped off up Fleet Moss leaving myself Phil and Paul to make our way to Hawes past Helwith Bridge (start finish of the Three Peaks – less than two months now) to Settle where our no stop strategy allowed us to pass the first group who were enjoying their bacon butty repast in Ye Olde Naked Man making us, for a while at least, leaders on the road!

This situation only lasted until Mitton where we were caught and passed and the natural order was reinstated. The pack reshuffled at this point resulting in me dropping off the pace, losing my erstwhile comrades but linking up with Dougie. We made our way back to Halifax together just in time to see Melvyn depart for home.

Pete and Simon appeared about 20 mins later Pete declaring that it hadn’t been his best day and that he was heading off for his bed; better day for me, no really bad patches and my second 200k of the summer.


Monday, August 01, 2011

The Other Fleet Moss Audax

No steady saunter round the Dales & Lancashire lanes for some of us - Messrs Thompson & Doherty of our V.S. friends had other ideas.
Off from the gun up the hills out of Halifax just left Dougie, Damian & myself with the V.S. duo and there was no breather until a re-group and re-fuel in Hawes, Pete H and others were arriving as we left.
After another hard & fast leg down Ribblesdale I was grateful that sense prevailed and we enjoyed a welcome sit down in the Naked Man Cafe in Settle.
The next leg through the lanes to Whalley was taken at a more reasonable pace and we caught Richard and a few others at Mitton, who were doing a good job 'pushing on' at the 'tete'.
By now some friction was appearing in the group as Damian refused to take the front, a situation amplified by the fact that we could regularly hear the loud freewheel on his lovely new Zipp wheels, a constant reminder of the easier ride he was having.
Dwarty's patience ran out at Read and the pace went up enough to lose everyone but Chris, myself and the indomitable Damian. It took the slopes of the Burnley by-pass to finally dislodge him with Chris and myself glued to Dwarty's wheel and pulling Voeckler-esque faces with the pain, in any case Damian re-joined us again at the next traffic lights.
A fast bash down the Calder Valley and this being a hot and humid day our old enemy 'The Cramp' was preparing a visit, first for Damian at Ludd. Foot and then Chris at Friendly. In true clubmate style Dwarty and I pushed on for first to the buffet.
7 hours 30 mins. (6 hrs 30 riding time) Fastest 58mph on Fleet Moss.

Richard came in not long afterwards - undecided whether he had enjoyed the day or not - I know the feeling.

Mary Towneley Loop - 7 August 2011

Pete Horne asked me to blog this up:

"I've arranged a MTB ride next Sunday around Mary Towneley Loop (backwards) meeting 08:00 prompt at Callis Bridge"

My helpful comments:
1. Is Pete any good at riding backwards? Maybe he is. At least riding backwards it's more difficult to fall on your face.
2. Oh I see. Riding the route backwards. Not his bike.
3. Callis Bridge is the car park on the right about 1 mile out of Hebden Bridge on the A646 toward Tod.
4. C'mon Nigel you know how you love this route. Maybe its lovely when its not tipping down with torrential rain like last time.
5. Very sadly, I can't make this ride.