Monday, February 27, 2012

Halifax Imps Reliability Rides

As can be seen from Zappers video there was a good turn out at the Ritz for yesterdays Imps Reliability Rides. 92 riders including current GB internationals turned up on a dull but mild February morning and paid their £2 for the privilege of riding either the 82 mile or the 62 mile routes.
We were led out of Brighouse towards Bradford by the Condor's World 'X Champ, Grimpy and Condor's VTTA British record holder, Brian. The routes split at Bankfoot, the long route turning left along Bradfords ring road and up Thornton Road eventually fragmenting on the Dog & Gun road from Denholme to Oxenhope. Whilst we did re-group briefly splits occurred again over Penistone Hill and there appeared to be an unspoken understanding amongst most of the Condors that we would stick together as Moto 2.
Melv and Robin had gone on ahead with the lead group (although Robin soon decided that discretion would be the better part of valour and waited for us over the Herders). By Laneshaw Bridge we had a good little group including Brian, Neil, Robin, Pete Smith, Simon (who had made his road racing debut the previous day at the Velo 29 Pursuit Series on the Croft Circuit in North Yorks - and he says he enjoyed it!). Somewhere over the exposed moors we had lost Grimpy and Ian - we took it steady up Emmot Lane but seeing no sign of them we pressed on towards Colne Edge. Knowing the next significant land mark was Fanny Greys we went up to Foulridge and left onto the Fanny Greys road. Moto 1 had taken a more circuitous route - we had in fact taken over a kilometre off their route and were now in front of them, they caught up as we approached the A59 north of Barnoldswick, our comfortable world was shattered and it was back to sprinting up hills and fighting for space as we passed through Horton and north through Nappa towards Hellifield.
I was riding with Robin about 18 or 20 back from the 'tete de la course' who were rather too focused on keeping the speed high and missed the right turn to Hellifield, Robin and I being the first to turn we of course found ourselves leading the peloton so we had a good dig over to Otterburn and Airton. the bunch split again towards Winterburn and Hetton where our gruppetto of mainly Condor's re-formed stopping at Cracoe Cafe for a well earned snack (although Brian and Neil decided to press on without a break).
Whilst at the cafe Ian and Grimpy turned up - Grimpy rode straight past, Ian came in the cafe but decided not to continue with us so it was me, Pete S, Robin, Simon and Brenden from 3RT who continued the route through Linton and Grassington eventually teaming up with John at Hebden.
Appletreewick, Barden, Bolton Bridge and Addingham passed swiftly beneith our wheels. The route then took us over Cringles where we were priveledged to witness Robin having a bad day (sorry Robin - did'nt know you'd gone till well down the other side). On the road to Keighley Simon set a brisk pace but the previous days racing caught up with him as we hit Ingrow. I went to the front to keep the pace steady, Grimpy shouted to me that the group was splitting so I slowed - at which point he charged past me so Pete an I sat on him till he blew.
Our remaining trio pottered on towards the finish at the Pinebury catching several Condors nearing the end of the shorter route, Doreen valiantly pushing Trevor from the rear of their tandem and Paul G sprinting out of the saddle up the Keelam climb the smell of Black Sheep bitter already fortifying him.
An enjoyable hour or so re-hydrating and chatting ended a great day out - many thanks to the Imps John Kaye and Janice Saleem for organising the ride.
ps I heard a rumour that Melvin blew - is this true?

Mel says -
It is true !! I blew big time after spending most of the day outside my comfort zone and, as Uncle Neil keeps reminding me, not eating enough. My first cereal bar went under the following pack when I dropped it and the second bar had no effect on me, neither did a gel consumed at Addingham. I had been shot out on the drag from Winterburn - got back at Cracoe then out again from Hebden! Moto 1 then went the back way via the Cavendish so I got back to them at Bolton Bridge - only to decide on the Cringles that I didn't want to be there and dropped off again! By now I was light headed and needed to stop at the Co-op in Denholme for a sugar fix - and I wasn't alone! A much harder day than it should have been, but then this ride usually is !By Mel on Halifax Imps Reliability Rides on 28/02/12