Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Vote for Chris!

Chris Crossland of CTC Calderdale, the maestro behind the most popular and successful cycling events in Calderdale (Spring into the Dales, Season of Mists, 3 Coasts 600, The Old 240 and many more) is standing for election for the post of Chair of the organisation, at the forthcoming Audax UK AGM.  He has the support of Padiham Chris, Simon and myself who will be having a ride out to the AGM at York on Saturday the 16th. AUK members are urged to to join us.

A message from Chris :-
Please excuse this blatant electioneering.

The AUDAX UK Annual General Meeting will take place on 16th November 2013 starting at 2:00pm at The Holiday Inn Hotel, Tadcaster Road, York YO24 1QF. There are further details, including the agenda, at

This is something of a watershed moment for Audax UK and I would appreciate local cyclists who are members of AUK taking the time to attend this meeting.

I am standing for Chair in a bid to make AUK more focussed, improve governance, and widen participation in policy and decision making, for the benefit of all cyclists who take part in events run under its regulations. Several others with similar views are also standing for other posts or have been proposed for positions for which there are no other candidates.

We are basing our platform on the AUK Events Secretary’s proposed Events Strategy at
and the new AUK General Secretary’s proposed Governance Strategy at
I believe that these strategies, taken together, form a basis on which AUK can build for the future. Other views are available of course, and if you hold them, I’m sure you will also want to attend.

Voting is in person, not by proxy. If you are an AUK member, please come to the meeting. I hope you will vote to elect me as Chair, Pete Lewis as Recorder, and Judith Swallow as International Correspondent.

Thank you,


Another good turn-out for the Wednesday ride, we did lose several of our numbers when it started to drizzle but there were still 14 by the time we got to our lunch spot at Burnsall.  I ended the day far much wealthier than when I started (deposits for Christmas Do).
A nice steady day with JK (helped by tactical riding through Keighley) winning the KOM award at the top of Ingrow.