Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grimpys Cross & Sunday 1st November

Grimpy's Cyclo-Cross took place today at Bradley Woods and was once again a success with over 70 riders taking part in the main event of the day, the seniors and vets combined race. The weather was spot-on for this ideal location which had also attracted large fields for the schoolkids races.

Tomorrow we are meeting 0900hrs at Keighley roundabout for a road run up to Buckden, round the triangle and down to either Kettlewell or Burnsall cafe.

Next Sunday 8th Nov I've entered the Eureka 200k Audax, a pleasent meander through the lanes of Cheshire and the Wirrel. Mick Collins and a few of his mates from Brighouse are also entered. Note that it is pre-entry only however you can enter on-line, or try 'phoning the organiser.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday 25th October

If anyone fancy's a 60 mile or so road ride tomorrow I'm meeting Brian at 0930hrs (GMT), Shelf roundabout for Otley and perhaps Norwood Edge, Bland Hill, Greenhow and home - route subject to weather conditions.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Club Meeting - 21 Oct 09 in caty

John and Peter

Yes you are both right. In the July newsletter we said that there is a club meeting on THIS WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2009 - 9pm at the caty in Wainstalls.
I expect to be there for the cross to help out and will put the word round.



Hi Everyone,
CONDOR  CROSS  Saturday 31st October venue as before at  Bradley Woods Scout Camp, Brighouse HG6 3TU
Events and times are:
Youth 11:00 £4.00 (£4.00)  duration approx 30mins
Under 12 11:45 £1.00 (£1.00) duration approx. 15 mins ( maybe 2 off depends on number) 
S/J/V/W 13:00 £10.00 (£10.00) duration approx, 50 mins
We need your help to make it a success again, all assistance kindly appreaciated
I will be on site from 8.30 am complete with tape and marker posts parked hopefully (as normal) in the area just before the
gate entry to the course which is just before the site bungalows.   
We need 2 groups to prepare the course, one for the top section and another for the bottom section.
Plus marshalls, judges, signing on officials etc.
Trevor to my knowledge is ok for the signing on steward with maybe help from Peter?
Ian to help Gordan & Father judging please, i am hoping Norra & Phil will also assist. 
Please bring a knife, hammer & work gloves.
I will be getting some new poles and tape. 
Please kindly Email me a full set of individual Email addresses so i can also send individual reminders.
Kindly inform me when the next meeting is please
Thanks - look forward to seeing everyone available to help
John Ginley

Condor off-road club?

Last weekend was another trip out on the mtbs - this time around Stoodley Pike and out into the badlands of Lancashire. This was mostly a new route for me, which seemed to be mostly uphill and mostly into a light headwind. If there were any downhill section then they passed in a blur of rocks and dropoffs. some sections were fantastic, and the views were splendid any time I lifted my head away from the front wheel.
The lads seemed intent on giving me a hard time and succeeded throughout. Steve seems to be recovering his legs after a few weeks away from the bike. I think the only time we stayed together was on the canal towpath back from Littleborough to the climb up London Road - and that was only because I wouldn't let either of them past.
The bacon & egg report rated only a fairly poor 4 out of 10 at the cafe in Hollingworth Lake - the egg was alright I suppose but the bacon was below par and the service never made it at all. Not a patch on the Towngate Tearooms run by Mrs Barker in Heptonstall which gets an 11 every time (but then I might be biased).
There have been mumblings about having a night ride one Wednesday - but I'll let Robin organise that if it is going to happen. There have even been mutinous remarks about *not* going to the Caty afterwards and going to the Robin Hood in Pecket Well or the Hare & Hounds at Lane Ends. Well, go on then if there is beer ...
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Whats happened? the blogs gone very quiet, has everyone retired for the year. I seem to recall that Club Meeting is due to take place in October, the Caty' was mentioned as a venue, is this still on, if so can the date be confirmed.

Please keep your diaries free for Grimpy's Cyclo-Cross at Bradley Woods SATURDAY 31st October. If your'e not riding please make every effort to be available to help on the day.

Good to hear from Johnny, sounds like he is in training for Rileys Treat.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cycling in Manchester...

It's been a while so I thought I'd give a bit of a status update!
I've joined the university cycling club here, UMCC, a nice sociable bunch of about 25 roadies, and far too many mountain bikers. We've got three rides a week, two lengthy days out and a fast interval training session on a Saturday, and of course a "social" evening on Tuesday with copious amounts of beer to complete ruin any training you did during the previous 7 days.

Had a few good sessions on the track over the last few weeks. Thanks for the loan of the (yet another) bike Ian! All the accreditation sessions for October were booked up so it looks like I'll have to wait till November to get stuck into any kind of racing!

As for commuting and riding round the city, it's pretty interesting. The roads are a lot worse than Halifax and littered with glass, potholes, students, recumbant cycles etc...

Hoping to return to blustery heights of up Wainstalls soon for a good meal and a Sunday ride!

All the best,

Johnny (not yet Johnny "50" here in Manchester...)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

'Season of Mists'

Surprisingly few Condors turned out for this local favourite, just myself, Brian, Mel & Clive Williamson taking the longer option with the Pauls Gower & Priestley opting for the shorter version. Chris Crossland had once again organised good weather for the event which had a good entry with many familiar faces in the peloton.

Not surprisingly the peloton split a hundred metres or so after the start, that ride up to Heptonstall doesn't get any easier. Unfortunately for me last weeks Munro bagging hadn't done my cycling legs much good and I waved goodbye to Melvyn and Brian before the cobbles; even more unfortunately for me I found that Brian had stopped to wait for me at the top of the village whilst Mel had pottered on with Daniel from Pedalsport. I think Brian had intended that we do bit and bit into the headwind, he explained to me how much easier it would be if we caught Melvyns group and then sat in. So Brian took the 1st turn on the front and stayed there till we caught Mel at the cafe at Waddington, in my defence I can say that my navigation was spot on, although Brian's done the event a few times previously he couldn't recall it going up Nick o' Pendle so its a good job I was there.

Mel and Dan left us again over Newton Fell but we teamed up again at Slaidburn only to be left again going over to Grindleton (Brian again waiting for me at the top of the climb). We met up with them again at Coldwell leaving the tearooms together but losing contact over the Widdop climb.

Mel, Dan and a 3rd guy were first back to the rice pudding with myself and Brian 4 or 5 mins later.

Thanks once again to Chris and his team.

I'm riding the Hebden Bridge Star audax next Sunday, Mick Collins and his Ritz boys are coming over for what is possibly going to be more of a social event (booze-up) as a hard ride.