Sunday, February 09, 2014

Three go to Burnsall

Only three out for today's club run, in fact it was nearly only two; having left home a few minutes later than usual and a blustery wind slowing my progress to Denholmegate I was approaching our 9 o'clock meeting spot when I found Damien sneaking off back home. Fair play though he did look ashamed of himself and without a word turned around to face the battering winds and heavy rain to join me for our Sabbath saunter. It was no surprise to find Chris waiting in lone splendor at the Skipton Road roundabout, freshly greased wheel hubs and a smile upon his face. The forecast of showers with sunny intervals was erring more towards the showers so we decided not to be too ambitious and set our compasses for the Riverside Cafe at Burnsall and the finest bacon and egg butties in the whole world.
The rain was easing as we rode north from Keighley, we turned left at Vietnam Bridge to chance the back lanes to Gargrave, the Aire north of Carleton was just inches below breaking its banks but gave us a dry run up to Broughton and over to Gargrave.  We then put a loop in around Winterburn enjoying a tail wind through the quiet back lanes to Hetton and on to Cracoe and that most wonderful of Dales lanes through Thorpe and onto Burnsall.

Refreshed, we enjoyed a helping wind down through Appletreewick and Storiths Lane to the Cavendish. The sun was now shining, as we approached Beamsley Chris confessed that he had never been to Langbar so we did the decent thing and took him up there, it felt a lot easier than it does at the end of the White Rose Classic!
On then through Otley, up the Chevin and down through Esholt before hitting the busy Shipley to Ilkley main road where the traffic was at a standstill due to a horse in he middle of the road doing an impression of a bucking bronco, a terrified rider unable to control her steed. Fortunately our fearless farrier was at hand to spring from his own (two wheeled) steed and rescue the damsel in distress by grabbing the halter and leading the anxious equine away to a quiet side lane.
Our perfect day was rounded off by a potter up to Thornton and the Great Northern Trail to Queensbury. Hope Chris negotiated Todmorden safely!