Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bike Bums roadside repairs no.2 / Sunday 2nd December

(Bike Bums roadside repairs 1)
A massive turn-out of 18 were on hand this Wednesday to offer advice to John, when he was the less than proud owner of the 3rd split rim in recent weeks - the common thread appears to be that you have to be a member or former member of the Halifax Imperial Wheelers and the split must occur when at the furthest point from home. 
All three split rims have been successfully bodged up using zip ties and the unlucky riders have managed to ride home - the morel of the story being, always put some zip ties in your saddle bag (or check your rims).

Sunday 2nd December   May I suggest another attempt at last weeks aborted route over to Barrowford for breakfast and back via The Old Silent.    9am Denholmgate or 9.30 Skipton Road roundabout, Keighley. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Cycling With GPS Data


Grimpy's trip down to Warwickshire last Saturday was rewarded with another jersey to add to his collection of National and World Champions garments, that of the LVRC over 70's National Cyclo Cross Champion. I understand that it was not easy conditions. Much of the course was in deep mud, with a 100yds steep run up each lap — the descents were really tricky, with riders sliding all over the place, but with out any form of accident, such was the skill shown by some of the most experienced riders in the sport.
John took the title from former multi national and world champion Mick Ives. A great confidence booster as January approaches, when he will be crossing the Atlantic to defend his World Championship title in the USA.

As John was basking in glory in the Midlands a small group of us were battling the winds and squally showers nearer to home. The planned route over Sutton Moor was cancelled and a lower level alternative was chosen. We were joined by Paul Milnes and Des Fretwell up the Aire Valley and over to  Cracoe where we turned right towards Thorpe with the intention of visiting Burnsall Cafe. However Des informed us that the Burnsall staff are taking their winter break so we did a left at Thorpe and made our way to Hebden via Grassington.
An excellent alternative choice, we were warmly received and fed with as good a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich as you are likely to get anywhere. I cannot deny that it was a wrench to leave the establishment but the weather was taking a turn for the better as we made our way down Wharfedale through Appletreewick to Bolton Abbey where, with the temperature rising and the sun attempting to push its way through the clouds we stopped to remove outer shells. It was straight home from there, over Cringles and down to Silsden where Mel took a left to practice his hill climbing on the Robin Hood. With Mel gone some of us may thought that we were going to have a nice steady ride back through Keighley but Chris had other ideas as he came to the front talking lovingly about his new 55 tooth chainwheel - how good it must feel to be young.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunday 25th November

Same again - 9am Denholmgate/9.30 Keighley - back via Herders and Old Silent as suggested by Mel - can I suggest a loop round Keighley Tarn, Sutton Moor with a cafe stop at the Heritage Centre, Barrowford.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Condors with The Falcon

It seems the mention of a pint attracts a good turnout.

Mick Collins, Mark and a friend from the 3RT club joined Pete H, Pete S, Everest Phil, Padiham Chris and Simon- a late arrival due to Pete H sabotaging his new bike the previous night. (After helpfully replacing Simon's  compact chainset for a standard 39/53 Pete left the front changer in the same position to ensure it ground away on the chainwheel and kept Simon's enthusiasm in check.)

After roadside repairs and 2 punctures we had a leisurely breakfast at Airton. With the late Autumn sun shining on the limestone landscape we didn't feel a need to rush.

A pint of Timothy Taylors finest at The Falcon Inn at Arncliffe was the reward for the lung-rasping climb over the Cove and Darnbrook. Settled by the fire Pete H was transported back to the seventies, the last time he visited, and little has changed except, as Pete reminded me, I am old enough to drink legally.

We dragged ourselves away after 3 pints as some people were a long way from home (Mirfield and Padiham !) and so we engaged a more 'urgent' pace down the main road to Skipton causing some stretching of the elastic on the numerous undulations. Padiham Chris finally lost permanent contact leaving Skipton and texted Peter later to apologise for this shocking display of weakness for which he was duly forgiven. (only because he has to leave home soon after 7.00AM to join our rides).

A grand day out.

NEXT SUNDAY - I could consult my 'Good Beer Guide' or suggest a route bringing us back via the Herders and The Old Silent at Stanbury which is always agreeable at this time of year.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunday 18th November

Simon and I were very lucky with the weather at the 'Eureka' audax last Sunday, just 20 mins drizzle in the early morning and blue skies for the rest of the day for our 133.8 miles circuit of Greater Manchester, the Wirral, North Wales and Cheshire.
May I suggest a shorter ride this Sunday; meeting 9am Denholmgate/9.30 Keighley for Airton cafe (I've heard a rumor that if you get there before 11am you're now allowed to have an egg in your bacon buttie). It's  a good forecast so I thought we could return via Malham and Darnbrook and perhaps sample a pint of gravity delivered draught at the Falcon at Arncliffe - yes, I think that sounds like a good idea!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Sunday 11th November

Good turn out last Sunday, Grimpy, Pete Smith, Robin, Ian, Mel, Richard, Padiham Chris and a guy from Oakworth. We took a left in Silsden and followed the back roads over Draughton Moor but were greeted by icy surfices down the other side. We then took the scenic route over to Barden via Embsey and Eastby Brow, again being greeted by ice over the summit - far too early in the winter for ice and salt - some are still riding their best bikes - or is that a new winter bike Richard?
On through Appletreewick to Burnsall only to  find that the cafe was already bursting at the seams. Deciding against queuing for a table to become vacant we made our way via Thorpe to Cracoe where there was ample room in the farm shop cafe. Once refreshed we headed for home through Gargrave, Elslack, Cowling and Oakworth saying goodbye to the majority of the peloton at various road junctions as members sought out speedier (and flatter) routes home.

This Sunday myself and Simon, plus possibly Pete Smith and Mel (although they may have changed their minds due to missing the closing date) are riding the 'Eureka' audax from Cheadle out to the Wirral, south across the Dee and round the back of Chester and Wrexham returning through the Cheshire plains.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Sunday 4th November

Meet Denholmgate 9am or Keighley roundabout 9.30 for Burnsall cafe via Silsdon, Draughton and Eastby Brow.   Return Thorpe, Gargrave, Elslack, Cowling and Slippery Ford.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Condo Cross

Many thanks to the great response and support from the condor and imps, I hope I can recall everyone, Trevor, Pete H, Adrian, Brian, Simon, Sandy, Peeps, Pete S, PG, Steve, John, Kevin, John P, JD and Gordan, along with Imps stars, Hoppy, Richard and Texan hatman Dave.
No major incidents, weather well some rain, ground soft/muddy just minor tumbles no reported injuries, considering many stars were at the rapha event our entries were similar to last year’s with 68 U12’s and 88 Vets. Everyone got stuck in erecting/dismantling the course, marshalling and signing on. Plus we were able to witness when time allowed amazing signing on tent erecting scenes (yes its goes this way, no it doesn’t and so on-I propose back to the scout camp venue?)

Plus the kind assistance from YCCA members, Phil Thackary, Norra , Fred Rothwell & Clare. The only negative aspect was complaints to me from the parks dept. concern dogs getting muddy in the main field due to the ground being cut up? I explained that normally the ground returns to its normal state soon? staying cool - you can't win them all. 
Anyway Well Done
Posted by Grimpy