Monday, January 29, 2018

HDR Reliability - Womersley

This year's series of 'ride to the sun' events got off to a good start on Sunday. Condors in attendance included JL2, Melv, Andy 'Maverick Velo' and 'Oakworth Steve' who'd all done the decent thing by riding out to the start. Plus the Wainstalls Wimps in a car, but which was very handy later to squeeze in a third bike and give Steve a boost back toward home with tired legs. John Ginley was present and going well, but hiding his Condor colours under a plain top.

My suggestion was to have another PACT (Pete's Annual Condor Treaty). Or at least a TRUCE (Trundle Round United Condor Expedition). However, in the absence of our illustrious leader to police the ride, it didn't last. The start was flat out from the moment we left the cricket club. (Trundle Round - Unless Condors Excited). Eventually we managed to let the fast lads go, perhaps encouraged by the number passed at the side of the road with various problems.  When it did settle down, we'd then find that Condor riders were littered all over the peleton, and I suspect that the fast start caused a few aching legs later on. (Thrash Round Until Condors Expire).

A sharp bend in Kirk Smeaton seems to have done for several people, including John Lumb II who went down hard with no warning. Bars askew and bent gear hanger then added insult to bodily injury. Refuelling and regrouping in Womersley hopefully helped him recover, while the athletes carried straight on. The second half of the ride could then be taken steadily and the headwind kept enthusiasms in check until the final couple of hills back up to the giddy heights of Liversedge: I was very glad not to be dragging back up to home at 1000ft and could drive instead.

It is Drighlington next week, and all welcome to join in. Please don't be put off by the write-up. I'm sure that some of us took pleasure from some small parts of it. Remember: a cycle ride is to be endured, not enjoyed.

Friday, January 26, 2018

AGM Minutes

Monday 22nd January 2018

Members Present (18) - Gordon Turner, Peter Horne, Melvin Hartley, Steve Thewlis, Andy Myers, Nigel Hartley, Ian Robinson, J.D. Smith, Paul Gower, Paul Priestley, Kevin Brown, Ian Wellock, Brian Sunter, John Ginley, Phil Haigh, John Lumb (2nd), Neil King, Phil Sanderson.
Apologies for Absence  - Nil
Minutes of AGM 10/10/16 - Accepted unanimously as a true record.

General Secretary - Confirmed 2018 BC and CTT affiliations had been paid. Nothing else to report.
Tresurer - Up to date accounts were presented by Paul Gower and accepted as correct.
Racing Secretary - J.D. Smith reported on the clubs racing successes during 2017 :-
John Ginley:
1st UCI World Masters CycloCross (Zilvermeer MOL Belgium Dec 2017) 075
2nd UCI World Grand Fonda Road Race 100km (Albi France Aug2017) 075
UK               1st  LVRC 065 series in 070 Cat.
                     2nd LVRC Nat Crit Champs 075 Cat
                     2nd LVRC Stallard Series 070 Cat
                     2nd TLI Nat RR 070 Cat

Brian Sunter:
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   15 mile  3rd                                                     
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   25 mile  2nd
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   30 mile  2ND
2017  VTTA  National  Champs   50 mile  1st

British Age Records:  10mile   21.08,    15mile   34.56,      25mile   55.12.
National VTTA Short Distance BAR   3rd            
Yorkshire Short Distance BAR  1st
Melvin Hartley:
2nd Imps RR,     2nd  Clifton RR,       1st Condor RR.

Election of Officials - All re-elected unopposed -
President, Brian Sunter
Treasurer, Paul Gower
Racing Secretary, JD Smith
Secretary, Peter Horne

Annual Dinner & Presentation - It was agreed to once again hold the Dinner & Presentation at the Robin Hood, Cragg Vale. As all the Sunday dates considered clashed with cycling commitments  Phil Sanderson is to explore the possibility of holding the event on Saturday 3rd February.

Any Other Business -
John Ginley confirmed that the LVRC Condor Road Race would be held on Sunday 1st of July.
Paul Gower proposed that long standing members Eric Walker and Phil Tempest should be awarded life membership. The proposal was seconded unanimously.

Neil King proposed that the club become involved in the organisation of new fund raising sportive for Overgate Hospice to be held on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September. There was general agreement.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

AGM Monday 22nd January @ The Travellers, Hipperholme. 8pm

AGM Monday 22nd January 2018. 8pm at The Travellers, Hipperholme.
A bit later than normal (I blame my exile in Queensbury). Please try and attend and let me know if you have anything for the agenda.
JD is hoping to be updated with 2017 results so we can work out who's won the silverware. I think Road Race, TT and Off Road may be easy to sort but we need total distances for the Audax/Sportive/Reliability Trophy (total distance ridden in 2017 in organised non races, ie Audax's, Sportives and Reliability Rides).
Please mention the AGM to any Condors you may come across in cafe's, pubs or hospitals.

For those not aware the Condor Road Club Facebook page has more or less taken over from the Condor Blog. Access it here   or just go on Facebook and search for Condor Road Club.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lost Sheep on Isle of Skye

In the absence of our good shepherd Peter, the rest of us lost sheep will have to make our own way. The suggestion is Isle of Skye meeting in Hebden Bridge at 9:30. Cafe to be decided but probably Holmfirth.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Silverdale Sunday

Several members have entered a strangely named Audax in York this weekend: and for everyone else we can offer a regular club run from Keighley 9:30am up to Silverdale and Settle.