Monday, May 21, 2007

20 May - Etape du Dales

A lovely day to enjoy the great scenery of the dales. We had quiet roads, no hassle from cars and good weather. In fact it was so sunny I've got sunburnt knees. And oh yes, it nearly slipped my mind, and there was seven hours of suffering in the saddle too ...

Despite the various hardships I think all will be pleased with their ride on the day.

Robin flew round hard on the wheel of his mate Jamie Newall for the fastest Condor time yet. Melvyn followed close behind and posted a very respectable overall time.

Many thanks to Neil and Martin (Hx Imps) who joined me just for company and ended up working tirelessly all day on the front. I'd have been really grovelling in the latter stages without these two for support.

2007 Results:

Greg Ketteringham 6:02:21
(Greg was first back - just so we know what to aim for next year)

Robin Holt 6:29:12
Melvin Hartley 6:42:18
Ian Robinson 7:29:38
Richard Burnham 7:36:56
Nigel Hartley 7:58:06
Peter Round ???? - no result available

2006 Results

Andrew Wrigley 06:10:34 (first back)
Greg Ketteringham 06:20:20 (improved to 2007 winner)

Ian Robinson 6:57:18
Robin Holt 6:59:08
Nigel Hartley 7:04:38
Peter Round 7:17:57
Peter Horne 7:25:25

For full results see

Pictures will follow on

Friday, May 18, 2007


  1. Integrated Cinelli 'Angel' Tri-Bars, complete with Shimano brake levers and bar end (very slick) changers. Super fast time trialling capability.
  2. Rondelli padded, bike bag. One lady owner (Paulette).
  3. Hard shell bike box complete with straps and internal foam padding. Virtually baggage handler proof.

Contact Philip on 01422 300254 (home) or 01274 433167 (work).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Traing run map on

I recently discovered this natty little tool for creating and sharing routes/training runs etc. As a test I have tapped in the Wednesday night training run. I thought it may be useful, especially for anyone new, who gets stranded in Lancashire after getting dropped out of Milnrow!
Please let me know of any mistakes, I had to make up the last bit down to Puzzle Hall having never made it myself! You can also view the elevation profile if you go to the 'Show' tab then select 'Elevation Profile'. Cheers, Daniel

Saturday, May 12, 2007

13 May - 08.00 Denholme

This Sunday there is a suggestion we meet 08.00 at Denholme and then plan a run from there. Pateley Bridge and Masham have been mentioned. See you there - or 08.30 in Keighley. I'll be bringing a rain jacket ... Ian

Thursday, May 03, 2007

6 May - Bank Holiday Weekend

Nmbers are down this weekend with several people away. Despite the poor weather forecast, Ian & Nigel are meeting at Luddenden Foot for 08:00 on Sunday for a run out west. Let one of us know if you are coming.