Monday, January 31, 2011

Waddington Report

A very good turn out yesterday, several new faces in the bunch including Holme Valley champion Steve Robinson; a rather fast looking guy with a VS top on, I hadn't met him before but I think he is called Andy (apols if I've got that wrong), and a recent immigrant to Calderdale, Stuart Harper. Not having been out with us previously Stuart had been concerned about whether he was up to the pace but he looked comfortable all morning. We went the planned route to Waddington. Pete Whiteley broke his chain at Broughton so we had a welcome rest whilst he got his hands mucky - I was tempted to potter on a bit by myself at this point but Neil pointed out the error of my ways - I was cursing him half an hour or so later as I was struggling to keep on the back of the bunch up those long, straight, gradual inclines before the descent to Bolton by Bowland - why is it that every time Mel goes to the front my legs and lungs hurt - it wasn't like that 35 years ago -mind you he didn't ride club runs on Ksyrium ES's back then, that must be the reason. Due to having to be home early we said goodbye to Grimpy, Dougie, Chris Brown and VS Andy before lunch.

Once fed and watered I heard a rumour that a return journey via Downham, Pendle and the Herders was being planned, there was no way I was going to keep anywhere near the peloton over those climbs so I made plans of my own - Whalley, Padiham and Tod. Brian, Richard and Kev Brown volunteered to keep me company - things were looking good - but then Ian and the two Pete's (Whiteley & Smith) gatecrashed the party and my plans for a steady potter home were in tatters.
I hope someone blogs a report about the Pendle/Herders route home - I have heard a few snippets which may or may not be correct - one is that Mel had a go at half wheeling Steve Robinson (no surprise there then) but Steve gave as much if not more than he got. Also that our new man, Stuart, was left to fend for himself in unfamiliar surroundings somewhere on the top of the bleak pennine moorlands - in fact I have been given a ticking off by the club treasurer, Mr Gower, for throwing him to the wolves before getting £6 subs off him - hope you found your way home alright and we look forward to seeing you again.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday 30th January

Thats the destination tomorrow, Waddington Cafe. Mel says he has an easy route planned via Bank Newton and Bolton by Bowland. He has also told me that the bunch will not get split up - I guess I will find out tomorrow if he is telling the truth on either issue. As usual Denholmegate 9am or the roundabout at Keighley 9.30.

I understand that Paul Gower is intending leading a smaller but more sociable group to Waddington from somewhere in the Calder Valley.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Worlds masters cyclo cross zilvermeer- mol

A report from the man himself....................................................................................
Finished 4th again, worse still again behind Vic Barnett who was 3rd. On the positive side I felt I wasn't running on empty (I finally managed to train hard for 3 weeks and even race 3 times). 1st was a big dutchman Theo Broere followed by a little belgium Romhan Boelens ( new guys to me)
The course was great a lot different than previous years due I guess to new UCI rules and site alterations, not quite Alton Towers on sand but great fun.
The secret is to accept some sections you just can't ride others you have to hit slow and then push through the sand in a big gear. The rest is hard pack forest land fast (big ring) with great cambers, some hand built wide steps interwound with tarmac and a man made jump. Just got to mind the pine trees?
I again had a poor start, my fault couldn't get my jacket off at the start line over my dam gloves reminds me off some guy with no key for his lock?
Off course a BC official is helping Vic I look at him requesting assistance and he ignored me?
international star?, still I pay my fees?
By the time we get out of first sand section I am 6th, move up to 5th then take half a lap to get past a french guy. I can see the first three but thats it i can't get nearer, no excuses i'm going ok and get better each lap thro the sand passing lots of younger females who started earlier nice views although no takers?

On sunday I went to the world cup meeting at Hoogerhieme in NL
No UK juniors, Helen Wyman was 3rd on the grid finishing 8th.
The elites race was amazing, incidently all the top guys use shimano electronic gears, got to be good to work ok in cross? The course was 3Km, includes starting & finishing on a flyover some serious mud and they were still lapping in around 6mins
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Monday, January 24, 2011

23 Jan - Farne Hill takes no prisoners

Hi Richard. Thanks for the write-up. Glad to hear you had an OK ride in the end.

The right turn from the A629 goes to Farnehill, which was a new route for me, but Andy Marshall assured us that he knew the way. We passed a few pleasant houses then turned up a decidedly unpleasant hill. It was a bit of a shock after the flat stuff and had several people on the ropes immediately. A crest and a right turn let most of us rejoin the troop, but our Condor team-mate wasn't to be seen and was eventually left for dead by the lead riders. I'll not say who gave the deciding shout, but sadly I won't ever be in a position to return the favour and leave him behind.

It must have been a while since Andy was last up here, but we followed his lead onto a super-smooth back road. The tarmac was enticingly perfect, but the road was a dead end. Maybe the top brass in the Aire valley road repair dept lives here? So after struggling up we freewheeled back down and then followed signposts to Draughton, getting us back to the familiar route across the Cringles. Then to Halton East and, staying on the back roads, through Appletreewick to Burnsall (cafe too busy; Andy turned here) and over Thorpe.

We were a long time in Cracoe cafe (as Robin predicted - he set off straight home), but I was glad of my "cyclists special" when it eventually came. By the way, searching for "Jacksons of Cracoe" provided this image of a full breakfast - recorded by some Japanese traveller. And we think their food is strange ... what would you make of this if your main diet until then had been rice, sushi, veg and healthy noodles!

That just left a familiar route home and, surprisingly, I was still in contact in Keighley. Some temporary lights on Ingrow must've upset Nige and he launched a stinging (but inevitably short-lived) attack along the pavement. That encouraged a split, with me now tapping out a steady rhythm in a rearguard posse along with Neil and ChrisT (not sure why he was back here, something about a dodgy knee I think).

Well Waddington has been mentioned again for next week. Usual starting point - 9am Denholme and 9:30 in Keighley.

Club meeting this week Jan 26th - let me know if you want pie & peas ordering.

Works dinner - menu choices to Paul G as soon as you can please.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday 23rd January 2011

After cleaning the Jackson Pollock from my right jacket sleeve (palette of greens and yellows with a splash of white), right sleeve? - Westerly out Easterly home, I am now able to consider today’s ride and put the day into perspective.

After a couple of weeks off the bike; ear infection throat infection general kak at work I suppose today was always going to be challenging – and so it proved. I briefly made contact with the ride in Keighley; the early signs were not promising, -they rode past me, the good ol’ boys from VS were tapping out a brisk rhythm, Pete W looked like he’d lost a couple more pounds, Brian had resorted to his summer bike and Melvyn had a steely, take no prisoners, look in his eye - I tucked in nevertheless.

Someone had whispered ‘Cringles’ so when we flew past the turn to Addingham, my spirits lifted and I began to entertain hopes that we might be heading on towards Cracoe and Grassington and that, subject to me hanging on out of Skipton, I might have a wheel to suck for at least a part of the day.

It was not to be, the VS were aware of an alternative route over Cringles that involved a sharp right at the left to Cononeley. As the road ramped up I slipped away, not, unfortunately, in to death’s sweet embrace but in to a sort of purgatory that lasted until I accepted that there was no point in chasing, at which point I settled in to my own rhythm and began to enjoy the day.

By the way I did briefly make contact with the run again. I’d made my way to Cracoe CafĂ© (second best sausages in Yorkshire) and as I was about to leave in they trooped; Burnsall apparently was too busy. I resisted the temptation to hang around and made my own way back, once bitten twice shy.

PS In case you were wondering Tesco Value Range Chipolatas
PPS If you want a run report I suggest you ask someone who was on it

Saturday, January 22, 2011

23 Jan

Its 9am at Denholme again this week going through Keighley for 9:30. Route to be discussed. Bolton-by-bowland and Waddington have been mentioned but lets see. If El Presedente or others would like to join in en route maybe give me a ring just after nine & maybe by then we will have decided where we're off to!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

16 Jan - Airton - with report

Quick report -

It was "rather damp". Increasing to "wet" by midday. But getting a bit better later on.

We had a full turnout of a dozen or more riders. How many more would come on a sunnier day I don't know. So there we are in jackets at the start and we met with a few more in Keighley. Out along the back road through Connonley and Carleton, then gathered pace towards Gargrave. I'd had my money's worth out of my back tyre and it went "phut" loudly. A couple of kindly souls stayed with me (sorry about the broken tyre lever Nigel), but it was not the weather to hang about. The racing lads set off over Darnbrook without a break. Repaired, our smaller group went on to Gargrave (closed) then Airton, arriving damp and leaving very cold. John Lumb came in as we were making to go, so he took advantage of our wheels for the way back. It took me until Broughton to start coming round again and lift the spirits. Another puncture on Ingrow (sorry - again) delayed us enough for the fast boys to appear in ones and twos, so obviously the "A" ride had blown apart in the end. I wasn't the only one nursing a poorly bike - Chris T had a broken spoke to contend with. Still, it got me home and I've made sure to put a new tyre on right away. Ian

It has been decreed that this Sunday we'll be heading for the cafe at Airton. It has been mentioned, in passing, that some keen lads might get there by going over Darnbrook. Others might be finding more sensible routes. However you do it, I hope that you have a good ride.

ps. There is of course a slight issue, in my opinion, with the cafe at Airton. My views on bacon butties without egg are well-known. It simply won't do. And, furthermore, no decent butty ever came with a limp bit of salad on the side. So I'll be going there under sufferance, but, for good harmony, I'll try not to mention this point again.

pps. Do you know how hard it is to find an image on the web of a good bacon & egg butty? Naked women and people doing stupid things aplenty. Or am I looking in the wrong places? This one has all of the right ingredients, but will you just look at the state of that egg. And are those seeds on the top of the bun? The bacon might be passable. At best it gets an RBE* rating of only 3/10.

RBE* - Robinson's Bacon & Egg rating. Soon to replace Michelin stars as a guide to eateries worth visiting.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Latest News

At Derby on Saturday Grimpy kept the Condor colours to the fore taking the silver medal for his age group in the National Cyclo-Cross Championships. Former professional 'cross rider Vic Barnett snatched gold but judging from the photo John was happy enough with the result after a season interrupted by a knee injury. We all wish him good luck at the World's in a few weeks time.

Sunday Training............. It was a bit blustery but a balmy 2 degrees encouraged a group of 15 to hit the road to Zarina's. Unfortunately Martin Kemp punctured early; it is usual for the group to wait when someone punctures so early into a ride (unless they really really beg to be left) but, perhaps due to the enthusiasm new year always brings, or it may be we were concentrating so hard to keep up to a rejuvenated Pete Whiteley and Brian we hadn't realised he'd punctured; anyway such etiquette was dispensed with and we carried on, fortunately Dougie showed more decency and waited, they caught us at the cafe. The rest of us proceeded at a fast pace (or so it seemed to me) until the next incident where Niall Smith was thrown from his bike after hitting a pothole on that pig of a climb out of Skipton on the Grassington Road. This unfortunate event prompted several other Smith's (his dad Sean and comeback man Pete) to launch an attack. I saw it as a chance to have a breather but once Niall had recovered a little he spent a minute sat behind myself, Brian, Robin and Steve then shot past us intent on catching the peloton. Robin and Steve, not wishing to be tempted by the fruits of Madam Zarina's establishment, turned at Kilnsey the rest of enjoyed the break at Kettlewell.
We returned to Kilnsey then crossed over the Wharfe to Conistone, through Grassington and Linton and back to Cracoe. Brian and myself continued towards Skipton whilst the everyone else chose the harder alternative of Hetton, Gargrave etc. I look forward to hearing how the ride developed.
Brian and I shared the pace until Ingrow where I was unable to do my share on the climb and just sat in, to really cheer us up, as we passed the tip close to the top, a group of three riders in Pennine kit, including a rather good looking blond girl rode straight past us.
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Madam Zarina's

I can confirm that, unlike last year, Zarinas Cafe will be open tomorrow

Stop Press...........Grimpy takes silver at 2011 National Champs. John today lost his National Cross title in the mud at Derby to former cross professional Vic Barnett.

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Sunday 9th Jan

The traditional ride to Kettlewell and back has been discussed this week for the first of the training runs. Meeting at 9am Denholme Gate.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Violence marrs Wednesday Ride

BREAKING NEWS..........Violence today marred the inaugural 2011 Wednesday Ride. High upon the hills above Holmfirth a defenceless Condor was attacked by hungry cyclists.
A full report is expected from our man on the spot, Neil Dyson (now almost recovered from the mental scars left from the Cragg Vale girls on mountain bikes incident)
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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Mild conditions made for a good turn out on the New Years Day ride including a rare appearance from the Brown's who will no doubt be giving us some pain in a few months as long as they keep it going.

Neil was rather annoyed to suffer two rear wheel punctures especially as he had been told that the tyres were puncture proof (when he bought them five years ago). A gentle ride was enjoyed by all and just to make Ian happy I managed to drift off the back going up the Gully towards Buckstones.
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