Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunburn in Slaidburn - 26 May 2013

We intend a steady (very steady) ride there and back, meeting 9am in Hebden Bridge - so far its Seve Barker, Nigel & myself but more wheels would be welcome. Give me a call if you'd like us to expect you at the start. Cheers, Ian

Ride report:

And we did. And it were good.

This photo comes from the top of a quiet lane somewhere in Lancashire. Well, you have to turn off a 'Quiet Lane' onto an even smaller and quieter lane, not far from 'Cow Ark', and suffer a bit of a climb over the ridge. The next bit is great though - a big dipper straight down and straight up again where your speedo can read in excess of 25 mph (or even twice that figure). Best off all, reaching this bit of the 'Roman road' means that you are now only a few miles away from the cafe stop.

We were pleased to be joined by Richard (vicar), and by an old friend Jonathan Noble - welcome back to the Condor. Hills were taken (mostly) at a sensible pace, leaving something in the tank for the way back. Nigel shared his latest recipe for marinaded lamb. We sat outside the cafe in Slaidburn soaking up the rays. We pottered home in time for tea and lashings of lemonade. Let there be more of the same next week.

Monday, May 20, 2013



First a big thanks to everyone who helped with the promotion. We had Condor members, Halifax Imps and lvrc support. When I inspected the course on friday I found a number of diversion signs and an increase in traffic volume. Further examination revealed the main road below the bottom section of the course was closed. I contacted the contractors who informed me it would be closed for a few days and the council had fixed the diversion route. So a decision was reached to use the shorter course to reduce the section on the diversion route.
The weather before the event start was normal for 2013, heavy rain and cold (around 8C). However as the BBC would say light rain prevailed throughout the event.
Whilst the weather reduced the starter’s I was concerned that the increased traffic volume would create problems. I took the decision to follow race 3 and from this vantage point I was able to see how effective experienced marshaling techniques can be. Result, even with relatively heavy traffic, riders were able to pass through the junctions safely. I also noted that as recommended in lvrc race rules a following vehicle does provide increased safety. The dilemma we organizers have his finding enough support to implement this ruling? 
Finally I cannot emphasize enough the help and support from everyone who turned up to ensure the event ran smoothly. We just Managed - Many Thanks 
Whether you are riding sportives, road races or whatever someone as to organise them or they don't happen?  

The full Result can be shortly found on the LVRC web site 
Congratulations go to Condor & Imps riders:

Sean Smith Halifax Imp Won Race 1 

Melvin Hartley Was 3rd in Race 2

and Paul Priestley Finished 2nd in cat G in Race 3 
Cheers JG 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few more updates

Chris climbs away from Ullswater
Congratulations to Padiham Chris who on Sunday, in wet and windy conditions, recorded 7hr 35min in his début Fred Whitton Challenge.
A good turn out for Mondays off road ride. Despite several of us having tired legs we went down to Sunny Vale and up Walter Clough Lane to Southowram, down Ashday Lane, along the top of Elland Park Wood then down through the bluebell carpeted woods to Elland.
From Elland it was up Hollins Hey Road to Old Lindley and on Turley Cote Lane, down through the deer park and up to Stainland. We then took a right off Beestonley Lane through Stubbing Wood and Black Brook to West Vale and Elland before jumping on the canal towpath which led us to Brookfoot and the Rooster.
More of the same next week - 6.30pm, Hipperholme Crossroads (I'll have to give my apol's though - away in Scotland).

Monday, May 13, 2013

My First 300

WIGGY 300, 11 May 2013 - Reflections from Everest Phil

Having completed a small number of 200km audax rides it was suggested I might like to consider a 300km one. Well I was more than a little apprehensive but was informed that the Wiggy 300 on 11 May 2013 is relatively flat and that we would be going very steady.

I know the code. The Audax is a cycling sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances in a pre-defined time limit and it is non competitive. The sport originated in Italy and audax is derived from the word “Audacious”. The word means extremely bold daring and reckless – everything follows a pattern and I started thinking I should I do this. The potential certificate the Brevet d’Audax was also a consideration. However, my final decision was based upon the reassurance of the other riders that this would not be a eyeballs out ride! We would be looking at a very steady ride! Well I took this at face value

Well the weather forecast for the 11 May was not good. As the weather forecast was not good I decided I would take my winter bike.  I read up on Wiggy ride and it said much of the ride is in the sticks so make sure you take all you need for the ride! Well I think I took everything except the kitchen sink.  I think all the other riders were more than a little surprised by the weight of the seat stem pack. I had to get out of my warm bed not much after 2:30 in the morning in preparation for a 5 am start in Wigginton near York. The weather initially was dry, a little windy and the sky was blue.

We made a good start and initially the riders kept together for the first 50 plus miles. This was very enjoyable. We saw deer, rabbits, ducks etc and I must say that not only was the scenery beautiful but the pace enabled you to take it all in. Then for no apparent reason (perhaps a little hill) or more likely a need to prove one self, the pace picked up and we continued to do 20 plus miles an hour, irrespective of the terrain. Well by the time we were approaching Ripon I was starting to struggle a little and was just dropping of the back of the group – we had about 90 miles in. I eventually got to Ripon and headed for the center of the city to re-group– my first mistake. I could not find the other riders so I then decided to sit by the cathedral and have a snack. I thought should I drop out and take in a few pubs and take a leisurely ride back to Wigginton. This might have been the decision of a sane and sensible person but I am not one of those but I did give it some very serious thought. I read the instructions and made my way to the rendezvous in the park. I found the group as they were preparing to leave the café – so no hot meal or sit down. They gave me a little pep talk and made it very clear I should continue and forget about the pubs and an easy ride back to Wigginton.  I had not left Ripon when the seat stem pack holding bracket collapsed. There I was with a heavy cycle pack and no way to secure this to the bike! Well it was like the scrap heap challenge and with tie wraps and bits of leather it was made good! I was starting to think that my luck might change but then I noticed that rain was becoming more and more likely

The ride continued at a fairly fast pace and at this point I was feeling a little tired and hungry but was advised I would be able to get a drink at Richmond but there would be no opportunity to have a sit down in a café until Stokesley.  Well I dropped of the back again and thought I would do my ride. Unfortunately, this did not happen! Peter Horne wanted to ensure I completed so he generously decided to cycle with me. Well what does not kill you makes you stronger. Peter has hopefully made me stronger but it might be a few days before I see if this is the case!
When we arrived at Stokesley we had completed 150 miles and we went into an Italian restaurant and had a spaghetti Bolognese. It was fantastic! This enabled me to muster the energy for the final but harder 40 miles.
The last 40 miles went surprisingly well. I think the body might have closed down a little and got used to the pain. It was probably a simple as not long to go and the finish looked on. When we did get back to the community center  - it was heaven. I could sit down, drink tea and eat lovely cakes.
I joked with the young lady who organised the Audax.  Well she did look younger than Pete and her cakes where very nice. The lady was apparently a very keen rider and has been on TV and has completed more Audax’s than Pete. However, the best bit was she promised me aWiggy 300 Audax certificate. I will have to think were I put it – any suggestions!

Phil Purdy

Pete Horne says, 
You can tell from reading the above he'll be back for more.    Although it was a bit windy we were lucky to miss the rain, although it was apparent from the state of the roads at places that we had only just missed the downpours, in fact I think that Mel, who was 20 or 30 minutes ahead of us on the last section from Stokesley did get caught in a hail storm.  As ever Mel was going well and was the strongest in the event, I was more than happy to drop back when Phil went through a bad patch although when he suddenly found his legs after about 160 miles I was beginning to have regrets. Simon, on his single free was yo-yoing, unable to pedal fast enough on the fast sections but always catching up again. Phil, Simon and I finished together (thanks for waiting for me) having averaged about 17.5mph for the 189 miles, Mel finished half an hour or so ahead but waited at the finish to greet us before heading off home to prepare for his birthday celebrations the following day.

Well done Phil - glad you came around & sort of enjoyed it! The weather contributed to a great day although I understand Phil prefers more 'extreme' conditions. Highlight was the spag. bol. & then a glorious ride over Chop Gate to Helmsley. The wind made it a hard run-in it but could have been a lot worse. Pete has declared 300k is his limit, however I quite fancy the 'Old 240' 400k in August !?

Condor Road race & Wiggo

Wiggo-no hes not riding our event? but i found someone whose slower than me on descents or has the chimp taken over we will see tomorrow on the first mountain top finish guess he needs a rant from shane sutton - its not looking good?  
Anyway reason for post anyone who wants a pdf of the race details just Email me 

CONDOR ROAD RACE saturday 18th May

A polite reminder to those who haven't responded so far, we need everyone to support the event, latest position is: 
Start sheet/programme done and we have 3 lead cars assigned, 2 judges alocated,need at least another.
Have a number of marshalls more needed? we have again the kind support of Ross Smith for signing on and with a bit of luck Richard Booth will be assisting - although in his case if he's late (travelling from teeside) another volunteer is required? 
Need a volunteer to support Martin Cleminson who will be posting all the major warning signs on the course to be at Greetland Community HQ for 8.30?
I will be at the HQ from around 8.15 on saturday meanwhile you can contact me visa Email on or mob 07973 328995.
Hopefully if i can do it and blogging allows i will attach both the rider list and race programme to assist everyone. 
Meanwhile i would like to thank everyone for there kind support. 
Finally club members riding are Damien, Melvin and young Peeps also Sean Smith from the imps.  
Sorry i can't attach a pdf but i have managed to use a feature on my PC which takes a pic of screen and gives you rider list & programme notes hope they are useful? see you saturday 


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Whats been happening

As far as I know it was a quiet weekend on the racing front and with both road races and time trials being cancelled  on a regular basis I have to wonder if we are witnessing the death of cycle racing on open roads in this country.
Melvin and myself left the clear blue skies of West Yorkshire to ride the re-arranged Wheelbase Classic Sportive which started outside the Wheelbase shop at Staveley, just the other side of Kendal. We were amazed at the numbers who turned up for this ride, over 200 for the long route and almost 400 on the shorter ride. We were setting off in groups of 20 or 30 at three or four minute  intervals. You could choose your start time, for the long course, between 8.30 and 9.30. I chose 9am hoping that Mel would start a bit later and settle into a reasonable pace before he caught me - alas, this was not to be and he joined me on the timing mat along with domestiques of the stature of former Olympian Des Fretwell. Fortunately we got separated on narrow lanes cramped with cyclists shortly after the start.
The route took us on quiet lanes to the north and east of Kendal before a timed climb of Barbondale over to Dent then the climb over Kingsdale, into strong winds and persistent rain to the feed station at Ingleton Community Centre. To cut the story short it started raining just after the start and just got heavier, I was soaked to the skin. I couldn't stop shivering at the feed and probably loitered there too long hoping that sweet tea and buns would warm me up. The route then took us up to Ribblehead and back to Dent, then north from Sedbergh on singletrack roads before crossing the M6 and meandering back to Staveley. During the ride I had teamed up with Phil Rawnsley of Bradford RCC and we worked well together keeping each other going and eventually finishing together with about 30th fastest times of 5hrs 27min. Mel was up there in the top ten with 4.46 (photos on the Sportsunday website show Mel taking pace behind a mountain bike - must be a story there) but Paul Daly, lacking team mates to ride with slumped to 5.35.
A very hard day weather-wise but a good, challenging route.
Just four out for the bank holiday evening MTB ride, Damian, Simon, Dom Turner and myself. We enjoyed tracks up through Chelsea Valley to Coley, Norwood Green, Judy Woods, Shibden Valley, Beacon Hill and Sunny Vale.  Good social riding - just what was needed after a hard Sunday - same time, same place next Monday - Hipperholme Cross Roads, 6.30pm.
Hope its a steady ride next week as Mel, Big Phil, Single Simon and myself have a 190miler, the Wiggy 300, on Saturday.
Good luck to Padiham Chris next Sunday making his debut at the Fred Whitton.