Thursday, November 22, 2007

November OGM - Minutes

As a special treat, here are the minutes of the ordinary club meeting on Wednesday 21 Nov 07.
Present: Robin, Ian, Paul, John, Martyn, Gordon

Thanks again to everyone who helped out.
New timesheets and lap sheets have been done ready for next year.
Gordon to buy some more tape (or ask Peter for some saying POLICE LINE: DO NOT CROSS).
Paul & John to sort new shoulder numbers for riders.

Club dinner
Saturday 26 Jan at Lightcliffe golf club. 6.30pm for 7. There will be prizes and a raffle!

Currently in Martyn's loft. Need engraving. To sort with Ian.

Wednesday 16 Jan in the Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge at 9pm. Minutes to follow.

Runs Sheets
yes, I really will get the runs sheets sorted soon for the rest of this year. Imps havn't sorted 2008 yet but I dare say that it won't be much different from usual...


You're being a bit sarcastic about my Imps runs sheet aren't you Ian. Well I'll have you know it does look a bit different this time cos I've re-designed it slightly! Janice (Imps)
5:51 PM
Ian Robinson said...
Hi Janice No. Well not intentionally!I meant that I hadn't seen the 2008 list yet, but that we would probably go to the same sort of places and the do the same sort of rides in 2008 as we did in 2007 because that is what works best. The new version has a lovely layout, thanks for sending it round. Ian
4:53 PM