Thursday, December 01, 2016

Letter from New Zealand

Last Saturday whilst we were enjoying freezing fog in the valleys and icy roads the New Zealand section of the Condor Road Club was competing, together with another 3000 cyclists. in a hundred mile race round Lake Taupo in somewhat warmer conditions. Paul has sent the below report.

I have forwarded the event photo's resplendent in Condor colours, you will see me crossing the "finish" a bloody huge kite! Further up the road you turned off the road into the field where the timing mat was 20-30yds further away. I was that relieved and knackered I got off the bike and leant against saftey railings, 4-5yds short of the bloody mat. Nobody beckoned me forward and another rider I know did the same as me!
Once through the medal distribution area I found a spare piece of grass on which to collapse suffering big style with leg cramps and exhaustion, the last 30kms was tough but I knew I was on a great time with my group (2nd off) having caught group 1 55kms into the race taking 4mins out of them.
I was working hard but okay until 30kms out and could'nt hold the wheel (not like me), a couple of other groups eventually passed me and again no holding them. The group I had been in for ages finished in 4hrs 10mins so I lost a fair bit of time but somehow kept going. Robbie McEwan finished in 4hrs 12mins!!
No prizes for category winners but the lost 3 minutes cost me first place from 350 over 60's competitors and that's the most annoying thing. The lad who runs our group Pyskil is very pissed off apparently another rider has complained about the timing mat debacle' and Matt is following it up. I am chuffed with my time and average speed over the distance I knew I had fairly good legs, I am a bit annoyed with not being able to hang on but we know what it's like when the man with the hammer comes knocking!!
The photo's definitely show a pained expression my race no. 1506 but simply open the email link below.


Unfortunately the pics Paul sent me were too well protected for me to copy them but you can get get a glance below.

Hello Paul, 

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