Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fun in the sun - Slaidburn via Bowland Knotts

And what a good day it was! Just three of us met at Denholme (Nigel, Ian, Neil) and were joined by a fourth (Robin) on the way. Where is everyone? Can it be that this warm sunshine is keeping you all indoors?

Keeping to the usual back roads we made our way north skirting Setttle and entering Eldroth then left from Keasden over Bowland Knotts. One of the Orbea riders engaged the lowest available gear and kept to a paced which (allegedly) engendered no pain or heavy breathing while the other Orbea soared away lightly. My new frame, while very pretty to look at, still has the same old transmission which chattered noisily and spoiled the ride somewhat. I assume that no-one else wanted to hear this clamer and hence I was left to climb alone. We regrouped at the top and even spent a second to look at the view, before plunging down toward The Riverbank Tearooms for butties in the baking heat of early April.

Robin had flown the nest (he went straight home missing out the cafe stop), which left the three of us making our way back by the flatest route known to Nigel and conserving energy at every opportunity. Coming over the old road to home feeling "rather tired" we found 98 miles or so on the clock and a still-decent average speed. I had neglected the sun cream and now have a cyclists sunburn to show for my day out, though it may have faded by the time we next ride in 20-odd degree heat.

(I've borrowed the image from - thanks!)
Meet Denholme 9am as usual, 9:30 at Keighley for one last desperate attempt to get fit before the Spring classic next weekend. That's S into the Dales of course

The route this week is up for grabs. Preferably somewhere we have heard of though and/or know how to get to. With a good cafe of course.