Thursday, April 30, 2015


Imps road race, big thank you to the great condor support. We had PG, Alan, myself and Sandy at Barkisland plus John Lumb and his mate is it Mr White? Simon + son elsewhere on the course. Hope I haven't missed anyone? Its strange but when Sandy indicates STOP motorists obey whilst in my case they can elect to run me down.
Organiser Martin Gargett has also expressed his gratitude for our fine marshalling.
Race wise unfortunately i had a doggy knee so i had to withdraw but Brian and Mel in the inclement
conditions put in solid performances. Brian finished first in the O70's whilst Mel completed the event with John Galway who finished 3rd in the O55 cat which age group Mel will join in time for our Buckstone event in July. Thanks again.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

26 Apr - Slaidburn

I hope the racing lads had a good time today. For the club run this week I'm proposing Hebden Bridge 9am heading out to Slaidburn.

Write Up: Searching for images of the Riverside cafe in Slaidburn brings up several entries for this blog in the top ten. Lots of other riders go there, though it seems that they manage not to feel the need to put it on the web. This time we found local rider Seb Ramsey enjoying a toasted teacake, fresh back from competing in the first round of the Enduro World Series in NZ:

For the ride itself I can very nearly recycle a previous trip report: This time it was Oakworth Steve, Builder Steve and myself, with kind help from Dougie and Martin of VS Cycles for the first miles to Padiham into the cooling northwesterly. After that we enjoyed the quiet lanes of the Trough, though the road surface down from Brownsholme Heights is now shocking. Lunch in the Sun was taken as expected, with the return route via Paythorne Moor, Bank Newton, Elslack and Cowling Pinnacle adding plenty of climbing meters.

Friday, April 24, 2015

General Splather

Its been great MTBing weather out there for the last 2 Thursdays although several who have expressed enthusiasm have failed to make the startline. Don't be shy, join us next Thurs, 6pm Brighouse.

I've just been looking at the startsheet for the Imps RR on Saturday (see Imps blog). Brian, Mel & Grimpy are there representing the Condor plus many other familiar names. Report to Martin Gargett at Greetland Community Centre by 9.15am Sat for marshalling duties.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Few Reminders etc

A very enjoyable day out on last Sundays club run up to Wensleydale, Chris and I were joined by Richard, Ian, Oakworth Steve, Robin and Mel. Although there was a nip in the air in the morning its always a bonus when it stays dry. Giving respect to the north easterly wind we did the clockwise circuit from Buckden enjoying a helping breeze up Langstrothdale and sheltered from the worst of the head winds by the bulk of Fleet Moss although once over the summit the wind did prevent us from travelling at the usual silly speeds down towards Hawes.
We gave Hawes a miss, turning right at Gayle to take lunch in the excellent café at Bainbridge before heading to Aysgarth via the back road through Thornton Rust. Our route choice paid dividends as we enjoyed the rare pleasure of being blown up Bishopdale and over Kidstones.  From Kettlewell we took the back roads down to Grassington and Burnsall. At Bolton Bridge, being keen to avoid Ingrow Chris and I kept Mel company on the back road down to Ilkley and Menston whilst the others took the Cringles option. A great day out conducted at a very respectable pace.
Today the Wednesday Vets Ride took us over Buckstones and down to Saddleworth before Paul Gower lead us into new territories round Castleshaw Reservoirs and Bleak Hey Nook to return to Yorkshire over Standedge.  and down to Marsden from where we sought out even more cols over to Meltham and then to Holmfirth for lunch via Upperthong.

Once refreshed we returned to our home roads through Netherthong and Blackmoorfoot, dropping down to Slaithwaite and in homage to the forthcoming Tour de Yorkshire attacking the Col de Scapegoat Hill before taking a look at Grimpy's LVRC road race route over Scammonden. Shorts and short sleeves - may there be many more similar days !
Hoppy, Brian & Grimpy lead the way on the Pennine Bridleway
Thursday evening MTB ride is on again tomorrow - 6pm Brighouse.

Reminder - Saturday 25th - Imps Road Race, Norland, as usual Condor's required to help with marshalling - be at Greetland Community Centre 9 to 9.15 , more details on sidebar.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunday 19th - Wensleydale

I've arranged to meet Chris at Keighley roundabout at 8.30am for a wander up to Wharfedale and Wensleydale. All welcome.

From Ian:
As usual the full tale of the day will already have been relaid via Strava. I used up the maximum waiting time at the start but luckily the Condor sextet were still in sight as I arrived and were soon chased down. A strong and nagging nor'easterly kept the pace steady. It's worth noting that Richard kindly lead the way out of Skipton and hopefully that extra effort wasn't the cause of him trailing off later in the day.

With Nigel absent on holiday I had to pass some remarks on his behalf. These being '8:30! For a club run!' and 'Wensleydale in April!' Yep, far too early and far too ambitious mileage wise. But it worked, we had a great day, so I'll stand corrected.

Not having been over these roads since 'The other Fleet Moss Randonee' this was something of a rare treat. We had a nice bit of Wensleydale (Gromit) in this lovely valley, with the cafe stop at Bainbridge where bacon and egg baguettes were the order of the day. Then, at last, we turned for home and picked up the tail wind over Kidstones (first time for me over there). Well, we'd earned it by then, and took advantage all the way home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mountain Biking

I'm meeting Simon & Adam in Brighouse on Thursday for a couple of hours mountain biking. Meeting bottom on Hudds Rd outside Websters at 6pm - hoping to make it a regular ride - meeting time will move to 6.30 when daylight lengthens. This will be a social ride rather than a training session. All welcome.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring into / Circuit of the Dales

Well done to Chris who rode his new time trial bike in anger for the 1st time yesterday in the Circuit of the Dales 50 mile event taking 11th place overall in this classic event. I understand that the weather was pretty grim with strong winds, rain and hail ( all of which I suspect added to Chris' enjoyment of the event ). I look forward to hearing the full grizzly details from the man himself.

Whilst Chris was enjoying himself time trialling many other Condors were battling the elements in the Spring into the Dales Audax. For once I'd taken notice of the forecast and put away my best bike choosing instead full guards and saddlebag containing spare winter hat and gloves along with food and overshoes. Riding out to the start at Mytholmroyd I was joined by Robin who was dressed ready for what a Spring day ought to be like and riding his new X bike with 11 speed Di2 and hydraulic discs - ah well he wasn't planning to be on the road as long as me.
Despite the weather forecast we had a reasonable turnout, Adrian Lord, Paul G, Lumby, Mick White, Oakworth Steve, Vicar & Phil Haigh joining Robin and myself toeing the start line, a notable absentee being Mel, who along with Cancellara and Boonan has been absent from the recent 'monuments'. After spending several months chasing NZ Paul and Padiham Chris on similar endeavours my plan was to have a less urgent ride, which with Phil for company is what I did. We enjoyed lunch at Burnsall's Wharfe View Cafe  before battling blustery head winds and icy rain for the final 30 mile stretch. A memorable day out - just ask Phil.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring into the Dales


       Pronunciation:  /sprɪŋ/
Forms:  OE– spring, ME–16 springe; OEen.15 spryng(e, ME sprung,  sprenge, 15 spreng.
a. A flow of water rising or issuing naturally out of the earth; a similar flow obtained by boring or other artificial means.
 b. A flow of water possessing special properties, esp. of a medicinal or curative nature. Usually with various distinguishing adjs., as chalybeate, hot, mineral, thermal, warm, etc.
 c.  pl. A place or locality having such springs to which invalids or pleasure-seekers resort.

As regards a) we can testify that springs also arise unnaturally out of the earth, notably atop Cock Hill where our boring away into a biblical headwind let loose uphill travelling flows

As regards b) we can testify that the special properties of said flow were far from curative, unless a full scale, heavenly enema into every orifice is on some list of medicinal properties

As regards c) we can testify that for the small minority of testers whose closest, life-long companion is their stem there might just have been some pleasure to be found up there, but the rest of came down thoroughly invalided

Up until Cock Hill though we had a grand day ... a mannered climb out of Hebden for a change, blown round to Stanbury where John and I found Ian doing a Pete Horne 'pottering on'  - having started his own route at his own time - so we gathered him up and persuaded him to stick with us in a small front bunch, which lasted until Thorpe, where we let a few crack on as we held back a little, ever wary of worsening weather. Cringles gave us notice of what was to come, the gels were consumed if only to have something other than road water in one's mouth (mine after my flippantly having told Ian I was not going to need them), then the calm of old Keighley road before the storm .... and then of course there was the rice pudding (skin still in tact by the time I got back this year ... yeah) and a knackered heater around which a gathering of clothing and cyclists grew damply. Soon after getting home the bloody sun came out. The Pennines heh. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Ronde Report

The mile munchers amongst us have had a busy few weeks with the Chirk 200 being run off in heavy rain and strong winds the week before it was bliss to have dry roads and sunshine for last Sundays cobbled classic, the Ronde van Calderdale.  This event, the main organiser being our mate Mick Collins on behalf of Kirklees Cycling Academy,  is rightly growing in reputation, the 500 places disappearing quickly before the end of last year. However Mick had the foresight to have saved some places for the local lads and lasses to be able to enter on the day and
 I'm so glad he did.

Thanks to Jon Jolly for the above pics of our guys ascending Shibden Wall (plus Chris' mate Tod Stu who joined us for the day)

On Tuesday evening we said goodbye to Paul & Lynda Daly who today (Thurs) are flying away to start a new life in New Zealand. A few pints were consumed at the Cross Keys where we were joined by our good friends from the Imps. Unfortunately the photos taken on my old iPhone aren't worth posting.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Into The Dales - 12 April 2015

Hopefully the good weather will hold for this coming Sunday 12 April and there'll be a good Condor turnout at the SITD/LITA ride - leaves 9am from Mytholmroyd Community Centre; allow a few minutes to sign in at the start and hand over your £4, and a few more for tea and a chat.

Last week it was just 3 for the Pateley Bridge ride but we enjoyed sunshine and temperatures in the high teens by mid afternoon.  It was very pleasant to stop for a restorative tonic at the Dick Hudsons pub looking at the windmills of home on the horizon, and a nice surprise at how quickly we crossed the valleys to get there. I'm sure Strava has already disclosed the rest of the tale.

Oh, and Oakworth Steve has threatened to conduct a weigh-in of the best bikes. There were some mutterings about UCI minimum weight limits also applying to Condor club rides and CTC events, but I'm sure that bike and rider combined I'm well over 6.8Kg.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ravesthorpe CC - Invitation to 'A night with Brian' - 29 April 2015

Phillip Johnson‎
Dear fellow cyclist, my club ravensthorpe cc are honouring our favourite club member Brian robinson at gomersal park hotel on 29th April...".a night with Brian" 7pm kick off. Want to come? 5 quid a ticket with money going to the Dave Rayner fund which brian is president of. The idea is to heve brian reminiscent of his cycling days and take questions from the floor, im trying to sell tickets to local clubs 120 so far sold . Im quite happy to come over for those who wish some just add to this post.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Round and Ronde

I understand that it is the Ronde van Calderdale this Sunday 5 April.

For those who haven't entered we need to come up with another option. I'd suggest Keighley at 9:30 and a ride to Pateley Bridge.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Bit of a Doooooo

Paul and Lynda Daly will be flying off to start their new lives in New Zealand next Thursday and have invited everyone to come and say goodbye at the Cross Keys, Siddal, next Tuesday from 7.30pm.  Please spread the word (even Imps are welcome).