Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday 25th cont.

Thanks Richard, its always a relief when it isn't me doing the yo-yoing. It was great to be on the Coverdale & Upper Nidderdale lanes, shame more did'nt make the run. The highlights (in addition to the great route) were definitely the all-day breakfast at How Stean (thanks both for the loan) and Mel puncturing going up the steepest bit of Park Rash (I did consider pottering on whilst he changed inner tubes but decided he would only make me regret it later).

I'm riding a 300k Audax on Saturday (Vale of York & Wolds if anyone else fancies it) so I'll be taking a day off on Sunday. The following Saturday, 8th May, I've entered the Swaledale Outdoor Club's 160k 'Daves Dales Tour' from Richmond. I think Mel said he is going to join me, its only £4 or £5 to enter and is equal to any Sportive (and good training for those of you who have entered the following weeks Dales Etape). The following Tuesday (11th) a group of us are having a steady potter around the Fred Whitton route, starting and finishing Staveley rather than Coniston (to save on the driving). Its an 8am start and there's an open invitation for you to join us.

Sunday 25th April

Just a short word of thanks to Melvyn and Pete for getting me round yesterday's Kettlewell Coverdale Nidderdale run - especially the last third of the ride where I was yo yo-ing off the back on all the hills. Not sure what it is; the legs the cardio or the resolve that gives up after 60 miles - probably all three - a full systems collapse!

Hope to see you for more of the same next Sunday


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday 25th April

0830hrs Denholmgate for Kettlewell and Coverdale. Mel will be at Keighley roundabout.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring into the Dales

A fine day on Sunday and a good attendance from the Condor - some highs and some lows

First the lows

Being passed going up over the Herders by a Huddersfield Star Wheeler rider, of Clydsdale proportions, dropping him on the descent only to be passed by him once again on the following climb - gravity sucks but it would seem it sucks more for some than for others!

Catching Ian and Steve at the top of Cock Hill, losing them on the Herders, catching them once again in Burnsall, but completely failing to make contact; I understand that just as I entered the village they entered the Wharf View Café to endorse their brevet cards with an unofficial bacon and egg sandwich, – sharp practice of the most despicable kind!

And now the highs

Dropping my friend from the Huddersfield Star Wheelers on the road in to Burnsall and never seeing him again all day - he who laughs last laughs longest - ha ha ha!

Catching John G and Pete Whitley just before Bolton Abbey and staying with them all the way to Keighley where John, who did not like the look of the queue at Rossi’s café, slipped away on his own

Leading a group of five up Ingrow; and riding three off my wheel. Yes, yes - I know this was hardly the leading group, but you must understand how sweet this felt having suffered for many years watching the elastic stretch and ultimately brake on this benighted hill.

Hope to see a few of you this Sunday - Denholme Gate at 9?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday 18th April

Big weekend coming up - Spring into the Dales - 0900hrs Hebden Bridge - already committed are Brian, Grimpy, Paul G, Paul P, Everard -be there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shelley calling - anyone out there .......

After a week in North Wales nursing a heavy cold I was looking forward to a good sociable run last Sunday,(11th) but the blog was silent when I checked late Saturday night so I had to make do with a unaccompanied run in to the Peak District.

I'll be at Ludd Foot ready to take a good beating tomorrow night - hope to see someone then


Monday, April 05, 2010

A peak performance - Sun 4 April 2010

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Nigel's tour of the peak lead us over four consecutive crossings of the Pennines. At times it felt like we were going round in circles - see the map for details! Starting from Lud Foot we had a welcome visit from Pete Whiteley who, feeling sprightly and full of the joys of spring, led the pace up Cragg Vale to within sight of the top, but it was hard work for me all the way. We managed to split up on the descent but regrouped at Hollingworth Lake after only a few minutes faffing about. Next up came the "alpine climb" that apparently was a Condor favourite on the summer route in times past - "Buckstones Road" out of New Hey. I liked this one so much that I might be willing to go up it again some pleasant summer evening.
An early pit stop in Greenfield meant we were well fuelled for Isle of Sky - with a tailwind - over Wessenden Head. Skirting Slathwaite we headed back up the old main road of the A62 which now had a rather stiff breeze to contend with as we crossed back to the other side and saw the delights of Delph for a second time. That just left two big hills between here and home - first over Buckstones (with wind assist again), then up from Sowerby Bridge to Wainstalls.
As you can see I've found a "Link" option in Google maps. You can, if you were so inclined and didn't have anything better to do, follow the whole route round on StreetView - or you'd be welcome to join us on yer bike next time to see the fun for real. Well, I enjoyed it ...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter sunday

09,oo hrs bst on sunday at Luddenden foot for a road bike loop south taking in Isle of Skye for a change, hopefully at a more moderate speed than last week!