Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sunday's ride : Silverdale

Looking like an 80s indie band mistakenly diverted onto a cycle outing (fronted by Oakworth Steve aka Mr Kool Glasses), here is a snap of the happy group taken at the top of Silverdale.

Whilst Grimpy was pursuing a misspent youth watching YouTube (see previous blog) the rest of us were busy preparing for the North West Passage (less than 2 weeks to go) by following our traditional warm-up route round Silverdale.

And what a great days ride it was, with temperatures soaring up to 6 degrees and a fresh south westerly breeze we (thats Nige, Ian, Damien, Chris, Steve and myself) decided to attack Silverdale from the Stainforth end.  Occasionally a plan works and today was one of those rare occasions, for not only did we enjoy a helping breeze over Silverdale but to my surprise the wind also blew us down Littondale with Nigel and Damien making the most of the fast conditions establishing a gap on the descent down to Halton Gill and consolidating their advantage down the dale to Arncliffe where someone, who asked to remain nameless made the lighthearted observation that although Nige takes a larger waist fitting he shares his jeans (sic) with Mel.
Nigel waited for us at Arncliffe but Damien was now on a mission to get to Cracoe Cafe as soon as possible and rode off alone to take the direct route whilst the rest of us had a potter round Grass Woods, Grassington and Linton (looking at todays Strava ascents for the Grass Woods climb there's a Simon Fortune on the board - could this be the same Simon Fortune, also affectionately known as 'Single Simon' who once upon a time rode with us - and who was supposed to be coming out with us today?).
After a long, long, rest at Cracoe Cafe we headed straight home via Skipton and Keighley with Chris doing a magnificent job, resisting his natural urges and setting a comfortable pace for us up the Ingrow climb.
More of the same next week!

Whilst we have been enjoying the mildest winter in Yorkshire for many years Paul Daly has been having to endure day after day of  hot, sunny weather out in New Zealand.  The above photo shows Paul flying the Condor colours at the end of last weekends 90mile Taranaki Challenge where he finished as 1st vet60. Oh-dear, I was hoping he would be taking it easy and come back a couple of stones overweight.


I was hoping to make the sunday run this week, but did a shorter ride so i could be back to see the battle between Svn & Stybar in the Elite Cyclo Cross world champs.
The speed and skill plus the quality of live streaming, remember when it used to freeze and if you switched to full screen it was all hasy now its better than live TV. On the main point of my blog.  
Ive been asked on a number of occasions to describe the course for our new challenging road race.
Hopefully the following details will clarify the route.

Complete 8.25 mile circuit is highlighted in red on map below 

The section through scammonden reservoir including the concrete wall climb is shown in more detail below. 

The circuit finish is approximately 300metres along lower scammonden road reached after exiting the climb through the yorkshire water top gate.

Complete circuit description:
Start on lower scammonden road, riders will then turn left on short road to the tee junction with saddleworth road (B6114), left with care for approx. 3 miles to buckstone moss tee junction. Turn left with care onto new hey road (A640) continuing for approx. 3 miles to turn sharp left down hey lane proceeding to cross junction with pinfold lane to turn under motorway and then left onto YW service road. Through YW access gate (open for event)
along unsurfaced track (keeping on LHS) to meet intersect with concrete embankment up steep concrete climb (scammonden wall 100m long @ 20%+)  to exit YW gate (again open for event) and turn right onto lower scammonden road to finish. 
1 lap = 8.25 miles 
event 1 start time 10.00 (5 laps)  A,B groups O40's
event 2 start time 10.03 (5 laps)  C,D groups O50's 
event 3 start time 10.05 (4 laps)  E,F,G groups O60's

Event headquarters: Greetland community & sports centre HX4 8JG (as norland circuit) 
I have applied for max of 40 riders in each event (total 120)
Again for a successful event we need your kind support and assistance. so please keep Saturday 17th may free to help. I envisaged we will need a similar number of marshal's and support staff as on the norland circuit.
My first volunteer requirement is for signing on? I will be back with more details closer to the event. I am hoping that not only will the event give a sporting challenge but will also provide lots of entertainment. Please spread the word so we get a good field.
To enter riders must join the LVRC (fee £20) which gives access to 250+ events in the event fee £11.00. enters open 8 weeks prior to the event using the rider hq web site. Full details will be found in the LVRC web site found by googling LVRC.
Meanwhile as last season we need your support for the halifax imps RR,so they can as usual reciprocate and assist us on May 17th. This year's imps event uses the norland circuit and is on saturday morning April 26th. In the absence of Sean Smith, the event is being run by Martin Gargett. 

Cheers Grimpy