Monday, December 02, 2013

Yesterdays Ride

I know how Robin felt a couple of weeks ago as I waited at Denholmegate all alone yesterday morning waiting in vain as no one came. However Mel, Chris, Steve and Richard were at Keighley so it was game on. As planned we breakfasted at Malham having made our way there via the duck pond and Winterburn. It was fine and dry and by way of a change, after breakfast, we took the road up the right side of the Cove and round the Tarn to Darnbrook and Arncliffe.
We were in the Falcon 2 minutes before our predicted time of 12.30 and enjoyed a couple of pints of gravity bitter thinking we may be joined by others but this was not to be. With about 40 miles to ride home (add another 30 on for Chris) we didn't loiter too long having a flat fast ride down through Skipton and Keighley before adding a little sting-in-the-tail by taking a left turn by the Worth View and sampling the cobbles up Hainsworth Lane. Mel missed this delight having turned for home earlier and Richard flatly refused, even though I explained to him that there are hand rails at the side of the road should anyone require them.
Chris was in his element up through Hainsworth whilst Steve and I took a more cautious approach, once at the top Steve took a right down past the 3 Acres to Crossroads whilst Chris stayed with me down to Cullingworth from where we ambled through to Queensbury on the Great Northern Trail.
A flat ride has been mooted for next Sunday, Chris is keen to have a look at the Vale of York having missed our recent forays to the east so it should be a 9am meet at Odsal unless someone comes up with a better suggestion.