Saturday, April 30, 2011

mtb heaven

With apologies to Pete, we've been having a great time on the mountain bikes recently. We'd better stay off any footpaths though.
The western section took to the knobbly tyres on Wednesday for an evening run. Setting off in sunshine and finishing well after sunset. Actually we sat waiting and watching the setting sun from the trig point on High Brown Knoll while Robin whizzed back and forth looking for the rest of our small group (we'd sneaked a shortcut while he had bombed ahead like an excitable spaniel). Then down Limer's Gate, Grain Water Bridge, Poo Barn, Walshaw, Gibson Mill, Sandy Gate and back to Old Town as night approached. That just left Midgley Moor in the deep gloom and Catherine House descent by less than candlelight. I'll have to get some decent lights ...