Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday 19th January - Ride Report

Condor Provides a "Fearsome Visage"

Today's Riders
  • Ian
  • Damian
  • Nigel
  • Richard
  • Chris
  • Neil ( IMPS )
A sensible and well disciplined ride today. The poor start in the weather didn't put off the keenest of Calderdales cyclists, with a large number of groups assembling at Keighley Roundabout.
We thought it would be useful to check that Ye Olde Naked Man was still open and fully operational, as this is a control point for The North West Passage ride, held in a few weeks time.
After being kindly towed on main roads out of Keighley we threw a left to Cononley via Vietnam Bridge. Back lanes gave a safe route filled with wildlife to Gargrave. Airton flashed by with the whizzing of wheels. The road over Attamire was strewn with occupying Highland cattle, with horns to skewer an unsuspecting cyclist given the opportunity.
Damian was keen to achieve KOM status, so of course I had to give a little challenge in the name of sportsmanship. Neil was off the back here for a short while as the dreaded BONK set in for him. Im sure he'll be back to normal fitness given a few more 'Training Rides'.
Limestone showed its rugged beauty as we had a technical decent past Scalebor to Settles market place. Of course Ye Olde Naked Man, dating back to 1663 has had plenty of years to perfect bacon butties and beans on toast.
We briefly refueled and chose flatish back roads via Rathmell and Wigglesworth to rejoin the main road to turn up to Bank Newton, which this time last week resembled a glacier. We churned our way up past Acecroft Holsteins (excuse the pun) towards Parrot Brow.
A speedy pace kept up as we approached Keighley with all riders climbing Ingrow ( even Ian who had showed true training grit, to pass his 4x4 to prove to himself he still had enough left in his legs ).
Here we split to ride home in the bright winter afternoons sunshine. Thanks for a great ride guys!

       Chris Smith