Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few photos from the dinner

My cheap little compact didn't cope too well with the lighting in the Works but I'll blog the photo's anyway although they are rather late due to my internet connection being down.

I ( like others) had been looking forward to seeing a report of last Sundays Silverdale ride - there's not much I can say, I couldn't see myself lasting long with the main bunch so I set off early going through Denholmgate at about twenty to nine and with the help of a tail wind averaging about 16mph to Halton Gill. Just before Halton Gill I caught Lumby and PG who had parked their cars in Keighley. We rode together into the wind and rain over Silverdale to Settle expecting to be caught by the main bunch. Having reached Settle we were happy to retire to the Naked Man for the usual tea & b&e butties. We hadn't been there long before the peloton swept down into town, wet and cold they had decided not to stop. I couldn't have passed the cafe myself but I can understand not wanting to go through the distress of having to get going again after sitting wet though for an hour - it was hard work but it did help me make my mind up that I am going to ride the 80 miler this Saturday rather than the full distance NW Passage so good luck to the hard men doing the full distance -see if you can do that without a stop as well.

ps I have heard a rumour that Robin was struggling last Sunday - is this true?

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A few more photos

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