Monday, November 11, 2013

Peter'd Out in the Flatlands

See the map. 108 miles in November, even flat ones, not the norm (unless you are Chris Smith).
It was a stunning clear day although a bit dodgy with the early heavy frost as Peter was leading us from Odsal and down his favourite 'Greenway'. Grimpy, Simon, Oakworth Steve, Damian, Paul Daly & VS Dom. I was impressed that we could arrive in Ossett almost car-free. A short puncture delay for Damian at the Calder bridge allowed me to savour the splendid atmosphere of early morning Dewsbury.
Back on the road it was follow Peter across main roads, down no-entries and through industrial estates to get around Wakefield, through Castleford and out onto the pleasant lanes beyond Fairburn.
I could only remember that Wetherby was on the itinerary but as we carried on heading east breakfast seemed a long way off.  Nearing mid-day and Selby was now the chosen breakfast stop but as we rolled into town a local tabby cat used its nine lives (8 of us & its own) by crossing the road 3 times as we approached causing  heavy breaking, swerving & shouting but somehow we all stayed upright.    
We stumbled on what turned out to be a very good cafe. The 'Dockers Butty' of bacon & black pudding in 3 slices of bread for just £2.95 proved popular.
Time was moving on and Dom, who had promised to spend Christmas with his family, decided to head straight home. We headed for Riccall and more lovely cycle lanes, passed Naburn and around York to head towards Wetherby via Wighill. Even now Peter's knowledge was still leading us down cycle lanes to take us under the A1 and drop us into the back of Wetherby.
I was now in familiar country and as the roads got a bit lumpier through Sicklinghall & Castley some legs were getting sore. After the hill at Farnley we arrived in Otley a bit fragmented. I understood Simon was ringing home for support. The rest of us headed right passed my house where I turned off, grateful I didn't have to face Bradford and the traffic. But probably Peter had some clever route in mind for them ?