Sunday, February 01, 2009

2 Feb 09 - Splitting in Settle

The boys in red - Melv, Sean, Niall & Vicar - pressed on ahead while Damien & I mounted a rear-guard action up the climb to Settle from Airton by Scalebar Falls. The front group had already ordered by the time we reached the Naked Man. Still, the snow was holding off and we'd had a relatively easy time in the cold easterly wind so far.

Vicar then took a chance and asked us to hang on for "5 minutes" while he ran a quick errand in Settle. However, it was a tad cold standing outside the cafe and we couldn't hang about for long. As soon as one wheel "pottered on" up the road the rest had to follow, trying desperately to warm up. Even stopping to put a jacket on didn't allow Vicar to catch up, and sadly we then split up and, I suspect, each took of us different routes. Sean had stayed with me but I had to let him go up the road and hopefully meet with his lad in Gargrave. I had a slow & steady ride back alone - and I've rarely been so glad to see Keighley!

Comment from Vicar:

Ian, I was back in less than five minutes but you were gone. I did chase but can only assume I followed a different route because I didn't see any of you guys for the rest of the day. I took the direct route down the A65 then right at Broughton to Gargrave then through Carleton and Cross Hills.

I was surprised to see your car at Keighley but even more surprised, as I was loading my bike in to my car, to see Sean (without his lad) come past me heading towards Halifax. Sean was a good 2mph faster than me out of Airton to Settle so he should have arrived at Denholme, I would guess, 20 mins to half an hour before me- there must be a story there.

I seemed to come back pretty fresh all things considered but that may be more perception rather than reality (nobody half wheeling me, able to go at my own pace etc etc). It may also have something to do with my eating strategy; lots of energy bars, gels, a bacon sandwich and cake. Hope to see you next SundayRichard
2:12 PM

Johnny Perry said...
Sounds good, I see Vicar's been up to his dissapearing tricks again! My bike's now been rebuilt with shiny shim sham parts (thanks Ian!) so i should be out riding again as soon as this snow stops!
5:23 PM

Club Dinner 31 Jan 09

The Condors were a bit thin on the ground at the club dinner but many visiting friends from the Imps, West Pennine, VS cycles and the CTC ensured we had a good do. Thanks again to Paul Gower for organising and he deservedly took home "Club Person of the Year" trophy. I'll do a full report and maybe even some minutes of the AGM soon.