Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday 18 March 2012 - "Some mothers do 'ave 'em"

We ignored the potential delights of Mothering Sunday and gathered at the appointed early hour in Hebden Bridge - me, Pete H , Neil, Mr Barker & Robin. Starting with a steady climb up over Long Causeway we followed the route of "seasons of mist" out on the ridge road toward Whalley. I thought an early tea stop was in  order but we continued on to do a loop round skirting Waddington and swiftly through Colne to attack Widdop.

Mr Barker has decreed a plan which involves meeting at half-eight in Hebden Bridge.

From there out to the wild west of Whalley, Downham and back over Widdop. If anyone is keen we can start over long causeway. All welcome.