Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday 28th June

Meeting Trudders & Kev Brown at 8.30am at Flappit Pub for potter up round the Buckden triangle and back early afternoon if anyone is looking for a few steady miles tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday 21st June

Wasn't sure whether anyone would turn up so wasn't sure whether to drag myself out of bed at such an early hour. Now we seem to have a ride I think I will see you tomorrow.

Richard (Vicar)

Sunday 21 June 2009

I'm planning on joining Pete Horne for the run out to York Rally. See you tomorrow at Shelf roundabout Pete.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures from the Red Rose

Thanks for Criss Crossland, David Dodwell and helpers for running another great ride last Sunday with the Red Rose Audax out to Glasson Dock.
The sky threatened showers but carrying a cape in my pocket all day made sure that it stayed dry (which is a small price to pay). The 55 or so riders who set off from Coleridge Street quickly strung out through Halifax town centre as we made our way up past the new B&Q and out onto Keighley Road. The route then includes a lovely little hill as a detour at the back of Keighley which, if ridden slowly, I'd go back and do again. Through Barrowford we then took a climb onto and along the ridge, where these shots were taken on Croft Top Lane. As you can see, the Condors made an effort to split up here so that we could each get separate photos - rather than coming through as one big flock!

I was half considering packing at Whalley but carelessly arrived while the front group were still there and so was encouraged to carry on. A quick shot of coffee got me back on my bike and out to Mitton and Whitewell. The Trough of Bowland is a great road, but steep enough to split us up again. We saw lots of riders coming the other way - there must have been another event/sportive going on. Still, the Lantern o'er the Lune cafe was a welcome sight and we were all ready for a big plate of lunch (except Bob Johnson of VC167 who made do with a scone and a ham sandwich - I think you can tell who the fit ones are).
The run back through Garstang and Ingelwhite soon had me gasping for breath so I settled into my own rythm and enjoyed the scenery alone for the most part, occasionally bumping into the front group at stops in Longridge and Whalley. Then there was the satisfaction of arriving back to complete the ride - and have a cup of tea!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anyone fancy a ride out to York this Sunday to visit the York Rally at Knavesmere? 8am at Shelf Xroads, ride out via Wetherby, have a look around the exibition then back home.

Friday, June 12, 2009

old cycling friends 002

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The enclosed photos were taken almost fifty years ago, we were all in the IMPS at that time except the lady (Ive forgotten her name).We all used to go to Blackpool for the September break these photos were taken in the "Huntsman".

old cycling friends 001

From: Allan Simcock

The funeral of Phillip Smithies took place today in France attended by Paul Gower. I knew Phillip fifty years ago when he joined the IMPS of which I was a member and club secretary .Phil was a private person having been raised by his father, his mother died when he was quite young. He was used to looking after himself and enjoyed his own company. the enclosed photo was taken in blackpool roller skating about 1960 (ISH) FROM LEFT Jez Revell, ME, Brian Sunter Phil Smithies Graham (not a cyclist a mate of Brians)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday Night, Sunday Morning

Question "How many people work at Bradford Council?" - Answer, "About half of them" - well, unfortunately, on Wednesday night I was one of that half.

I had planned to ride a 'cross in Huddersfield and then, as time ran out, I thought I might join you, knobly tires an' all, at Whittaker's and then, as more time ran out, I thought I might see you at the pub; finally I decided not to bother and went home for a fish and chip supper and a bottle of Timmy Taylor's.

Never mind, on Sunday, I did get out with the usual suspects and I had a grand old day, even managed to drop Nige and Ian on the last dig up from the Caty - a little scrap to sustain me through the week. (By the way Steve, perhaps out of politeness, we didn’t mark the bacon and egg sandwiches - my score 8.5 out of 10 definitely in the top quartile and well worth another visit)

Finally, really sorry to hear about Philip - didn't know him well and didn't know he was ill so a bit of a shock to me.

Richard (Vicar)

Philip Smithies

I'm sorry to say that Philip Smithies died yesterday (3 June) in France after his long illness.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

photo of "Grimpy"

Alan Simcock emailed this into the blog:

The photo of "GRIMPY" brought back memories of other "Condor" members I have not seen in many years. The guy with the beard is the late Alasdair Cammeron.Other condor road club members in the photo are from the left, Dave Holmes, Lou Hesp, Jimmy Cotton, the guy with the beard is the late Alasdair Cammeron. - Alan

Grimpy is of course the cheeky chappie in the centre holding his bike.


Monday, June 01, 2009

10 June - Brian's Hilly Time Trial

Brian has asked if anyone fancies riding in the club hilly TT next week 10 June.
And if you don't then please come along to support the event by helping to marshall from about 6pm at the Greetland Sports & Social club to get your orders.

3 June - Skipton & back

Report on the Skipton & back - for times see below

Well, my excuse is that I was late. Nothing new there then. Fortunately Robin Holt was late as well and caught me at Five Flags. We could then team up and do bit & bit to try to catch the bunch. This involved Robin doing a bit of work on the front and me doing a bit to hang on to his back wheel for as long as possible.
We started to catch CTC members in Keighley and despite our shouted encourangements none of them fancied joining on the back of our little train. Then past Crosshills some yellow jerseys and blue jerseys hove into view as we got sight of clubmates from Imps and Condor, including Jancice and Paul Gower. Just before Skipton we waved at the peleton as they set off "back". They were strung out with plenty of VS jerseys at the front. Then came a precession of riders in varying states of weariness who had been blown out or decided to ride at their own pace. I took a (preplanned) opportunity to drop in with John Lumb and let Robin chase on at full gas, with thanks for the great help he gave me on the way out.

John & I could then chat and cruise along (well, we did try a little harder than that to start with, but only until everyone else was safely out of sight in front of us). I went the wrong way at the roundabout and mistakenly lead John over the level crossing, otherwise of course he'd have followed the fully authorised route. Andy Mann had been held up at the lights and was delighted that we'd caught him up by taking this short cut. He was 'delighted' again as our clean run through Keighley undid all of his hard work and we caught him for a second time at some more lights. I couldn't resisit then following Andy up Ingrow, leaving John to suffer alone. However, the Condors regrouped in Denholme so we could finish together, where we learnt the story of what had been happening up at the sharp end of the ride:

1.22.39 John Doherty - VS Cycles

1.22.41 Sean Smith - Imps

1.22.45 Martin Cleminson - Imps

1.22.50 Melvyn "the Condor" Hartley - Condor

1.22.50 Neil "the dying swan" Dyson - Imps (a great ride!)

1.23.15 Johnny "the bonk" Perry - Condor

1.23.24 Chris Thompson - VS

1.24.19 Martin Croft - Imps

1.24.50 Dan Shaw - Imps

1.26.21 A. Hunt - VC Bradford

Then a little later we have:

1.26.50 Robin Holt (but remember he set of 5 mins late and rode alone - so a great elapsed time)

1.27.33 Steve "Basher" Barker

1.32.07 Phil "Trudders" Trudgill - a brand new Condor member who, in true Condor style, halfwheeled Pete Horne all the way across the line

1.32.07 (and a bit) Pete "I'm not bringing you again" Horne

1.39.31 John "el Presedente" Lumb

1.39.31 Ian Robinson

Finally, thanks to the Imps & the CTC for organising the ride - including particularly Paul Hickey & Chris Crossland. The food in the Pineberry was appreciated by those who waited around - it must have good because it was all gone in seconds!

[old post]
This Wednesday is the new Skipton & back which combines the old Imps and CTC rides into one event. Be there early from 6.45pm to sign in. If I'm late by 10 minutes as usual then hopefully you will all have started without me & I can go steady instead.
The start is in Denholme at Whitakers joinery factory - where we usually meet on a Sunday. The flag drops at 7pm prompt.
Turn second roundabout going into Skipton [I think this means the little mini-roundabaout rather than going all the way up to the castle]. Both ways via Crosshills to avoid level crossings. Finish at the farm shop above Thornton Road crossroads. Food afterwards at the Pineberry.