Monday, May 20, 2013



First a big thanks to everyone who helped with the promotion. We had Condor members, Halifax Imps and lvrc support. When I inspected the course on friday I found a number of diversion signs and an increase in traffic volume. Further examination revealed the main road below the bottom section of the course was closed. I contacted the contractors who informed me it would be closed for a few days and the council had fixed the diversion route. So a decision was reached to use the shorter course to reduce the section on the diversion route.
The weather before the event start was normal for 2013, heavy rain and cold (around 8C). However as the BBC would say light rain prevailed throughout the event.
Whilst the weather reduced the starter’s I was concerned that the increased traffic volume would create problems. I took the decision to follow race 3 and from this vantage point I was able to see how effective experienced marshaling techniques can be. Result, even with relatively heavy traffic, riders were able to pass through the junctions safely. I also noted that as recommended in lvrc race rules a following vehicle does provide increased safety. The dilemma we organizers have his finding enough support to implement this ruling? 
Finally I cannot emphasize enough the help and support from everyone who turned up to ensure the event ran smoothly. We just Managed - Many Thanks 
Whether you are riding sportives, road races or whatever someone as to organise them or they don't happen?  

The full Result can be shortly found on the LVRC web site 
Congratulations go to Condor & Imps riders:

Sean Smith Halifax Imp Won Race 1 

Melvin Hartley Was 3rd in Race 2

and Paul Priestley Finished 2nd in cat G in Race 3 
Cheers JG