Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunday 28th March

How about the usual meeting place of Denholme 09.00/Keighley on Sunday,Slaidburn via Bowland Knotts.
Dont forget clocks go forward so it will be an early start.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday 21st March

Just three of us at Hebden Bridge this Sunday; Steve, Ian and myself.

I nearly blobbed, but didn't, and was glad I'd made the effort as the route to Whalley Abbey was a revelation, a sharp right out of Hebden past Heptonstall and over the tops somehow managing to miss all major settlements. The fact that the skies cleared and the day warmed as we went served to lift the spirits and reminded me that if spring was not here already it was only just around the corner.

On the way home, fortified with coffee, bacon, eggs and fruit cake, I flattered to deceive, managing to stay with Steve on several of the minor category climbs only for both Ian and Steve to put me firmly in my place (several hundred yards off the back) on the hors category climb of "Hard Jack" before we descended, as a group, back to Hebden.

As I wheeled my bike in to the garage at the end of the day, I noticed that I had a slow puncture; on any other occasion I might have cursed my bad luck but the day had changed my perspective and I was able to congratulate myself on the fact that this puncture could be repaired at home and at leisure rather than on my haunches at the side of the road - sometimes I think my Sunday excursions are all that keep me sane!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

21 March 2010 - Whalley Abbey

Not sure what is on offer this weekend but Steve & I are planning a steady run out to Whalley Abbey starting 09:00 from Hebden Bridge. You are welcome to join us if that suits you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

!st race - 1st win

Brian got his 2010 racing season off to a familiar start last Saturday taking every prime and 1st place in the LVRC Barton-on-Humber Australian Pursuit. From the reports I have heard he went to the front from the start and that's where he stayed until the finish line with just one other rider left still glued to his wheel. Grimpy had been in a similar position until he punctured.
I understand that Sean was also riding with the B's but no one can tell me how far they were away from catching the leading group.

Brian, Grimpy & Sean were joined by Niall for the Sunday run which I'm told was run off at a moderate pace the three of them recovering from the previous days race

Saturday, March 13, 2010

14 Mar 10 mtb run

A mountain bike run has been decreed for this Sunday- 08:30 at Robin's house in Booth. We've talked about going out west, and if at all possible ending up in Heptonsatll at Mrs Barker's fantastic cafe - also known as "Ted's Tearooms" if you've seen that unfunny comedy on BBC3 The Gemma Factor. Nice location, shame about the script ...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday 14th March

I'll be missing again this Sunday; seem to have damaged a muscle or tendon just above knee. Although its now getting better a few more days with the feet up are needed. I've entered the Spring in the Peaks Audax a week tomorrow (20th) so I don't want to aggravate the injury.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Darnbrook (7 March 2010)

A short report:

We rode our bikes. Again.

Longer version:

We followed Pete's suggested route in his honour, with the man himself absent with a sore knee I hear, over Darnbrook from Arncliffe. After a great BSE - that's bacon, snorkers & egg - at the Muddy Boots Cafe (ranked 9/10 - the service was far too slow) we set off to find Brian who had ended up at Airton instead. He had got separated on the descent and then lost us among the thronging hordes of people that had come to park their cars in Malham.
Then we rode home. Very slowly in my case.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Sunday 7th March

Back to normal this Sunday after 2 weeks not racing - 9am Denholmgate.
I suggest we make another attempt at Littondale, Darnbrook, Malham Tarn and down to the cafe at Airton, Lumby's away in the Lakes this weekend so we may be allowed out of Arncliffe. We can decide on the route home over bacon panini's.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Racelight Express

The HCA reliability trial, now the Imps (John Kay) reliability trial is always a bit of a mystery tour; you never know what sadistic route he will come up with. Basically you meet up with other colourful souls on a street corner in Brighouse, queue to meet a man who asks you questions like "long one or short one?"(mileage) and "fast or slow one?"(time), exchange a sovereign for a piece of paper that condemns you to a few hours of self inflicted torture. It must be said at this point that the only answers to these questions for an aspirational Condor are "long" and "fast", even if you've hardly ridden a bike through winter.

It turned out the route was tame by JK's standards; a loop out to Otley, Burnsall, Gargrave and back, no hidden agenda in the form of 1 in 5 back roads, and so off we go to wallow in the delights Bradford ring road has to offer.

Melv and Robin set an admirable tempo from the start, only to be rudely evicted from the front by Pedalsport's Danny who decided more speed was needed, at least it thinned the group out into more traffic manageable portions, though the myriad of traffic lights undid his good work.

Pete Horne had been looking forward to the climb up to Yeadon airport, "Ialways get dropped up there" he complained at the start - and he did - just like he said. The power of positive thinking.

I meanwhile was doing my best to shirk any responsibility for cutting through the nagging north-westerly by hiding at the back studying rear hubs, becoming quite an authority on the design and construction of said items. Pool Bank, Otley, Ilkley, Bolton Abbey all went by in a Condor/VS cycles powered flash and we turned a more southerly direction at Linton.

The road gets lumpier after Hetton and the well regimented peleton got a bit ragged as people started to fade and drift off the back. The climbs out of Gargrave had Robin on the ropes and I was instructed to make his excuses at the finish as he headed straight home. Niall Smith too was shelled out; his Dad (Sean) declaring him "big enough to get back on his own now".

Ingrow saw the big guns firing and a steady pounding of the pedals by John, Chris,
Sean, Danny and Melv had me and Brian hoisting the white flag. I decided to drop off when the hub in front went into soft focus with stars dancing around my eyes; time to go through the one way door into the zen like place where pain diminishes and all is peace (see previous blog ref.north-west passage!)

Meanwhile back in the real world the elite are working each other over up by the tip at the top. Melvin, finding himself wanting, decides the best form of defence is attack and gets dropped for his efforts by Sean, Chris and John who nearly made a very close inspection of the roadworks. The soon to be racing trio finished first and Melv (who should be racing as well) consoled himself by dropping Danny on the last climb; well it would have been rude not to.

All this fun and frivolity and we're back at the Pineberry and its barely half past one. Not much later Paul Gower and John Lumb roll in having completed the more sedate 50/60 mile route (as opposed to our 75/80) looking very fresh.

As Pete would say, especially when he trundles in at five past two having ridden most of it on his own, "it's not meant to be a race you know!"