Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday 29th

And the photo to go with Ian's account of the day:

Taken at the bottom of Eastby Brow, if you look hard enough you'll see Robin making yet another repair to his rapidly disintegrating chain (replacement on it's way yet Robin?)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Club Dinner

A big thank you to Trevor and Paul for arranging the 62nd annual Condor Road Club Dinner & Prize Presentation. The recently opened Bailiff Bridge Community Centre proved to be an ideal venue with the catering and real ale both being very good.
No one was surprised when the main award winners were announced; Grimpy taking the off road trophy and Brian the road race and time trial cups. A new name was added to the Audax/Sportive trophy, Simon Fortune taking the award with a superb set of rides including two 600's and the 1200k Paris-Brest-Paris.
Trevor was the evenings MC, Paul welcomed our visitors and in the absence of President Lumb, currently cruising Far Eastern waters, founder member Gordon Turner presented the awards. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take my camera so hopefully it will be a similar formula next year so I can record the scenes for posterity.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday 29 Jan 2012 - Kilnsey

steve (yes he is coming out) and i will be at keighley roundabout 9.30am

Ride Report: Two Imps (Sean and Neil) and two Condors (Ian and Pete Whiteley) met at Denholme while I suspect many of our club mates were still in bed with hangovers. Robin, Steve and Melv joined at Keighley. In view of the ice we kept mostly to the main roads and pottered up as far as Kilnsey. Sean took us to a new cafe in Grassington, and both myself and Robin had never been into the cobbled heart of the village before. But it was closed. So we went to Burnall instead.
My iphone has a gadget for recording the ride, which says that I went very slowly for most of the day and then painfully slowly for the remainder. The readout says "must try harder". Very kindly Neil nursed me home, when he could have been well up the road instead. Ian

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday 22nd Jan - report

Where are you all, only 4 out for yesterday's ride, as you can see from the above photo Robin and Sean; the World Champ and me. It was a breezy start over Queensbury and even breezier for Robin over Cock Hill. Grimpy led the way as he half wheeled Sean as far as Crosshills (or was if the other way round) where we took a left and right over to Connonley and the back roads to Gargrave. Grimpy turned right at Hetton to head for home leaving me to cope with Robin and Sean alone. We continued to Cracoe and over to Thorpe where we were delayed for a short time by a fallen tree blocking the road. A welcome break was taken at a quieter than usual Wharfe View Cafe before proceeding at a wind assisted pace through Appletreewick to Cavendish and Bolton Abbey. Sean and Robin were finding the tail wind not to their liking and turned right towards Embsey (Robin had originally been wanting to go over Eastby Brow - who says all Southerners are softies). I knocked 3 or 4 mph off my speed and enjoyed the blue skies and the Wharfedale sunshine on the road down to Otley although inevitably I eventually had to battle the wind again to get home. Lets hope for a calm dry day next week.
Which reminds me there are places left at the dinner - contact Paul or Trevor - see earlier blog for menu and tel. nos. All welcome.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday 21st Jan

Usual time tomorrow, 9am Denholmgate, 9.30 Keighley roundabout, Arncliffe & Malham ? depending on the weather.

Missed off the list of local events but never to be forgotten is John Kaye's HCA Reliability Ride which will be on Sunday 26th of Feb, 8.45am outside Ritz, Brighouse. He hasn't made his final decision about the route but it can't be any harder than last year.

SUBS. our honourable treasurer informs me that only 4 or 5 have paid their subs so far this year and he's having trouble scraping together the deposit for the new clothing order - its still only £6 for the year so please pay asap.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Link from Daily Mail web site 16th Jan

See link below

I guess you're well out of it Pete - no helmet mounted cameras in your day!!!

Grimpy on the top step

Thanks to CyclingNews for the photo.

Grimpy - World Champion 2012

Whilst the rest of us were yesterday pottering over the Pennines enjoying the early spring sunshine John was over the pond in Kentucky exchanging his Condor jersey for that of 2012 World Masters Champion, a magnificent achievement! congratulations.

Sunday 15th January

Sorry I had to turn so early yesterday, I hope you had a good ride. I'm afraid it's just not happening for me yet this year. When you're stuggling to get over humpback bridges it's pointless trying to stay with a group heading over the pennines and back.

I was punished (for my inadequacy) with a five hour ride - Malham, Darnbrook, Arncliffe, Skipton and back. I'll see if my form improves and hope to join you once again when I'm in finer fettle.


Good grief Richard it would have been easier staying with us, we certainly didn't go that far
or do so much climbing. Once you left, Mel and Sean set an uncomfortable pace all the way over Reedshaw Moss but then we just steadily pottered on to Barrowford where we stopped at the Heritage Centre Cafe. Once refreshed we went on the back road to Fence and on the ridge to Padiham Heights, this bit of road was treacherous with ice so we took a left down through Padiham and on to the Burnley by-pass where Ian, Damian and myself formed an autobus watching the peloton ahead steadily shed riders one by one. Unfortunately for us they were waiting for us at Walk Mill so instead of sauntering down to Tod an along the Valley we had to go over the Long Causeway to Heptonstall (although Pete W. had slipped through the net and made a lone dash for Tod), however this turned out to be a good move as it was several degrees warmer than the valley.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Same again on Sunday (15 Jan)

Thanks for the recent reports Peter and well done (again) Grimpy even with only one leg. I see the plaster is still in place.

After the good turn out last week the suggestion is for a repeat 9am at Denholme for 9:30 at Keighley.

Interestingly, a quick Internet search revealed this description of our favourite bird:

The Condor (Vultur gryphus calderdaleus) is a species of the vulture family Cathartidae and is the only member of the genus Vultur. Found roaming wild over large parts of the Yorkshire Dales most Sundays and occasionally in adjacent Lancashire, it has the largest half-wheel (at 3.2m or 10.5ft) of any known species of rider. Condors are primarily scavengers with a predilection for feeding on the carcass of any large carrion they encounter, including (especially) fellow flock members.

Maybe we could be a bit nicer this week and try to keep the gang together at least until the cafe stop? Speaking of which, any preferences for where we go?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Local Audax's/Sportiv's 2012

Dates for your diary
Sat 18th Feb. North West Passage -the eary season classic - 200k from Rochdale - always well supported by the Condor.
Sun 15th April Spring into the Dales - hilly 110k from Hebden Bridge.Another permanent on the Condor callender.
Sun 29th April Red Rose Ride - Halifax to the west coast - via Cullingworth.
Sun 13th May Butty's Brid Trip - 300k from Huddersfield to Brid & back.
Sun 20th May Etape du Dales - Entries now open.
Sun 17th June White Rose Classic - Entries now open.
Sun 15th July Yorkshire Mixture 200k Audax - from Otley.
Sun 22nd July Brimham Rocks 200k Audax -
Sat 29th July 3 Coasts 600k Audax - another Chris Crossland classic - Mytholmroyd.
Sun 2nd Sept Rydale Rumble Sportive - a classic route in the North Yorks Moors.
Sun 7th Oct Season of Mists - Hebden Bridge.
Sun 14th Oct Hebden Bridge Star - a welcome return of this challenging Audax.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

National 'Cross Champs

John is seen above in the silver medal position of the podium at the 2012 Mational Cyclo-Cross Championships held at Ipswich last weekend. Gold went to Vic Barnet and bronze to Mick Ives.
Below is a short report from John -

Hi Peter, Race details lap 3.75 km conditions good bright sunlight around 8C, ground hard, fast conditions, some tricky sections for sliding, normally would suit me?
Had a good grid start being in the 4th row with Vic Barnet & Peter Mooney. Started steady maybe just in top half of field then on 2nd lap blew a gasket.
Couldn't stay with the group and dropped into no mans land for a lap heavy breathing eventually caugth by 6 riders including Mick Ives & Miller both in my age group.The group disintegrated with Miller dropped, I stayed on the front for most of last lap, wily Ives, who road well, attacked me with 1 km to go up a drag. I pulled him back but couldn't get past him through the pits and down an S bend to a 200deg turn up to the finish.
He switch me twice but I just got him on the line by 1/2 a wheel.

Just need to be able to get some speed work in this week so I can make a better show in Louisville next weekend.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Ride report, Kettlewell 8th Jan 2012

On a much better day than the previous few years I met Damian, Richard. Sean and Pete Whiteley at Denholmgate at 9am. I'd ridden up there with Pete Smith but he chose not to stop. We hung round for 10 minutes expecting Ian (and possibly Nigel & Neil) but no one else arrived so we made our way towards Keighley collecting Paul Hickey at Manywells, Robin near Flappit and Mel as we approached Keighley. In Keighley centre we were joined by Bingley's Joel Davison, busy getting the miles in before returning to Belgium early February for a 3rd racing season abroad.
I was happy to see Ian at Keighley roundabout, I was beginning to think he had gone down with the Wainstalls Virus. Former leading British Professional and Olympian (Montreal 1976, Road & TT), Dudley Hayton also joined the growing peloton and a brisk pace was maintained through to Skipton where Paul turned off on the Gargrave road.
I had been a little worried about whether I would survive the drag out of Skipton up to the Craven Heifer roundabout but in the event Robin and Joel set a good pace without putting the hammer down. Unfortunately Richard has obviously been doing too much celebrating over the festive season and although he was sliding back through the bunch rather foolishly in my opinion, rejected an offer of a push from Dudley and said he would see us at the cafe.
A good pace was maintained to Kettlewell, Dudley turned at Kilnsey and we crossed Pete Smith coming out of Kettlewell as we approached. I was relieved to see that Madame Zarina's fine establishment was open, we were given a warm welcome by the ladies who were soon busy preparing food and steaming pots of tea. Richard arrived some minutes later and busied himself trying to decide whether it is his age or the bike which had caused his detachment. Another 5 minutes or so later and we welcomed Daniel from Pedalsport who had been late to the start.
I was just ordering a sweet course and Dan was just starting his baked beans when Robin started prattling on about setting off back. We had a lively exchange of opinion but unfortunately others followed his bad example by donning helmets and paying bills so no time for a visit to the gents and we were off again.
The pace was again brisk, I think we probably lost Richard somewhere up that short steep climb out of Threshfield; he was nowhere to be seen when I looked back at Cracoe. Pete Whiteley and Mel appeared to be having a personal battle at the front and I was relieved when a more sensible pace was maintained by Damian and Joel on the Skipton Road. Sean and Ian put in a good turn from the level crossing with Damian and myself taking the peloton through Keighley.
I'd already decided that I was going to be dropped up Ingrow and I was right, but the hammer didn't really go down and at the top Damian and I were only 40 or so yards off although the distance expanded on the flat. I put in an effort as they stopped at the lights by the Flappit pub, Damian came off my wheel and bridged the gap but I remained at 20 yards and try as I might that gap wasn't coming down with Sean and Pete driving away at the front, so I gave up and said goodbye.
I did have a quiet chuckle to myself when I saw the glazed expressionless look on Pete's face when I passed him up Church Bank coming out of Denholme -I hope he got home alright.
My computer showed 73.2 miles at an average of 17.3mph but more importantly we had a good day in the Dales - here's to next Sunday!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Sean and not heard (for a while)

Hi Sean
Thanks for the post. Yes, 9am at Denholme sounds like a good idea and 9:30 in Keighley as usual. "Training" on the other hand might be more than I can manage. Maybe "getting back on the bike for the first time in ages" would be more like the place to start. I guess we can always split into "A" and "B" groups so you fast lads can get on and keep warm.
Kettlewell is the traditional destination for the first run of the year for leisurely tea & butties at Madame Zarina's (or just a glass of water if you'd prefer, being an athlete and all that, but maybe you could stretch to a couple of crumbs from a bakewell tart?).

I'll be happy to keep you company in the 'B' group if you'll wait for me.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012 Training Season

Soon comes around doesn't it?

Everyone up for training rides in the usual format this year? I think we've made it 9am from Denholme Gate in previous years, route to be decided in advance via this forum. Does that sound OK?

Tod Cross - a video

Makes it look so much fun. Like the brass band soundtrack, and the fellow riding in classic clobber at 2:42!

Todcross from Benjamin Haworth on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Get on your disco feet - Club Dinner is 28 Jan 2012

A message from Trevor Lever, who has kindly organised our annual dinner again this year:

"Trust you’re in good cycling fettle and we hope to see you during in January sampling the delights of Bailiff Bridge Community Centre. The Centre was only finished and opened at the beginning of 2011. It’s fitted out to a high standard including dance floor, bar and  a “top dollar” commercial kitchen with an excellent catering manager – it is no ordinary community centre. This year, by request from some of our hyper active members Messrs. Ginley Sunter and “Peeps” there is a disco.  Complimentary wine will again be on the table all for £22 – how can anyone resist."

Unfortunately Trevor didn't provide a map, so I still don't know the whereabouts of Bailiff Bridge, but he did provide a menu:

Victoria Road, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse, HD6 4DX
Meet at 6.30 for 7.00pm
Homemade leek & potato soup
Duck and orange pate, toasted brioche, chutney
Garlic mushrooms cooked in brandy & cream, crusty bread
Traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
Lamb Henry slow braised in minted gravy
Salmon fillet served on a bed of chive mash with hollandaise sauce
(V) Mushroom, leek and gruyere cheese in filo pastry tart
Apple & blackberry crumble with custard or ice cream
Chocolate and hazelnut roulade
Cheese & biscuits
Coffee & mints
COST : £ 22.00 per person   (complimentary wine included)
Please contact either Paul or Trevor with numbers and choices by 15 January 2012  - Thank you
Paul Gower : 01422 201533
Trevor Lever : 01274 874789

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

The rain was absolutely bouncing down when Brian rang me at 9.15 to say he was giving the New Years Day ride a miss, I told him that I would go down to Brighouse but didn't expect anyone else to turn up. After once again looking at the heavy rain I decided that it would be stupid to get wet through just to go to Brighouse and back but having been the person who had publicised the ride via the blog I felt that I ought to be there in the unlikely event that some lonely soul did turn up, so I went down in the car. With the windscreen wipers on extra fast I drove towards Brighouse and was rather perplexed to find that it was only a slight drizzle by the time I got there. I was even more surprised when 6 hardy cyclists did turn up and subjected me to such verbal abuse that I had not heard since retiring from the constabulary.
I hope they had an enjoyable ride and I am happy to see that as I write this some hour and a half later the rain appears to be getting heavier again.