Thursday, November 01, 2012

Condo Cross

Many thanks to the great response and support from the condor and imps, I hope I can recall everyone, Trevor, Pete H, Adrian, Brian, Simon, Sandy, Peeps, Pete S, PG, Steve, John, Kevin, John P, JD and Gordan, along with Imps stars, Hoppy, Richard and Texan hatman Dave.
No major incidents, weather well some rain, ground soft/muddy just minor tumbles no reported injuries, considering many stars were at the rapha event our entries were similar to last year’s with 68 U12’s and 88 Vets. Everyone got stuck in erecting/dismantling the course, marshalling and signing on. Plus we were able to witness when time allowed amazing signing on tent erecting scenes (yes its goes this way, no it doesn’t and so on-I propose back to the scout camp venue?)

Plus the kind assistance from YCCA members, Phil Thackary, Norra , Fred Rothwell & Clare. The only negative aspect was complaints to me from the parks dept. concern dogs getting muddy in the main field due to the ground being cut up? I explained that normally the ground returns to its normal state soon? staying cool - you can't win them all. 
Anyway Well Done
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