Monday, November 19, 2012

Condors with The Falcon

It seems the mention of a pint attracts a good turnout.

Mick Collins, Mark and a friend from the 3RT club joined Pete H, Pete S, Everest Phil, Padiham Chris and Simon- a late arrival due to Pete H sabotaging his new bike the previous night. (After helpfully replacing Simon's  compact chainset for a standard 39/53 Pete left the front changer in the same position to ensure it ground away on the chainwheel and kept Simon's enthusiasm in check.)

After roadside repairs and 2 punctures we had a leisurely breakfast at Airton. With the late Autumn sun shining on the limestone landscape we didn't feel a need to rush.

A pint of Timothy Taylors finest at The Falcon Inn at Arncliffe was the reward for the lung-rasping climb over the Cove and Darnbrook. Settled by the fire Pete H was transported back to the seventies, the last time he visited, and little has changed except, as Pete reminded me, I am old enough to drink legally.

We dragged ourselves away after 3 pints as some people were a long way from home (Mirfield and Padiham !) and so we engaged a more 'urgent' pace down the main road to Skipton causing some stretching of the elastic on the numerous undulations. Padiham Chris finally lost permanent contact leaving Skipton and texted Peter later to apologise for this shocking display of weakness for which he was duly forgiven. (only because he has to leave home soon after 7.00AM to join our rides).

A grand day out.

NEXT SUNDAY - I could consult my 'Good Beer Guide' or suggest a route bringing us back via the Herders and The Old Silent at Stanbury which is always agreeable at this time of year.

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