Friday, November 09, 2012

Sunday 11th November

Good turn out last Sunday, Grimpy, Pete Smith, Robin, Ian, Mel, Richard, Padiham Chris and a guy from Oakworth. We took a left in Silsden and followed the back roads over Draughton Moor but were greeted by icy surfices down the other side. We then took the scenic route over to Barden via Embsey and Eastby Brow, again being greeted by ice over the summit - far too early in the winter for ice and salt - some are still riding their best bikes - or is that a new winter bike Richard?
On through Appletreewick to Burnsall only to  find that the cafe was already bursting at the seams. Deciding against queuing for a table to become vacant we made our way via Thorpe to Cracoe where there was ample room in the farm shop cafe. Once refreshed we headed for home through Gargrave, Elslack, Cowling and Oakworth saying goodbye to the majority of the peloton at various road junctions as members sought out speedier (and flatter) routes home.

This Sunday myself and Simon, plus possibly Pete Smith and Mel (although they may have changed their minds due to missing the closing date) are riding the 'Eureka' audax from Cheadle out to the Wirral, south across the Dee and round the back of Chester and Wrexham returning through the Cheshire plains.

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