Monday, January 29, 2018

HDR Reliability - Womersley

This year's series of 'ride to the sun' events got off to a good start on Sunday. Condors in attendance included JL2, Melv, Andy 'Maverick Velo' and 'Oakworth Steve' who'd all done the decent thing by riding out to the start. Plus the Wainstalls Wimps in a car, but which was very handy later to squeeze in a third bike and give Steve a boost back toward home with tired legs. John Ginley was present and going well, but hiding his Condor colours under a plain top.

My suggestion was to have another PACT (Pete's Annual Condor Treaty). Or at least a TRUCE (Trundle Round United Condor Expedition). However, in the absence of our illustrious leader to police the ride, it didn't last. The start was flat out from the moment we left the cricket club. (Trundle Round - Unless Condors Excited). Eventually we managed to let the fast lads go, perhaps encouraged by the number passed at the side of the road with various problems.  When it did settle down, we'd then find that Condor riders were littered all over the peleton, and I suspect that the fast start caused a few aching legs later on. (Thrash Round Until Condors Expire).

A sharp bend in Kirk Smeaton seems to have done for several people, including John Lumb II who went down hard with no warning. Bars askew and bent gear hanger then added insult to bodily injury. Refuelling and regrouping in Womersley hopefully helped him recover, while the athletes carried straight on. The second half of the ride could then be taken steadily and the headwind kept enthusiasms in check until the final couple of hills back up to the giddy heights of Liversedge: I was very glad not to be dragging back up to home at 1000ft and could drive instead.

It is Drighlington next week, and all welcome to join in. Please don't be put off by the write-up. I'm sure that some of us took pleasure from some small parts of it. Remember: a cycle ride is to be endured, not enjoyed.

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