Thursday, October 19, 2017

1964 Hill Climb Champs

The last few first names please for the 1964 Hillclimb Championship
I copied the above from the Legends of the RTTC Facebook account. I was asking Peeps yesterday to confirm that the D Smith, Condor R. C. (coming one place behind Keith Lightfoot of HSW) was in fact Derek Smith (better remembered as Club Velo Cruz and of course Sean's dad).
 I'm sure that many years ago Derek told me a tale about briefly joining the Condor to make up a team to challenge for the National Hill Climb Team Champs with Slim Sullivan and the pocket rocket himself, Paul Priestley ( Peeps) but he ended up being the only one who entered.
 Peeps cannot recall Derek ever being in the Condor but could not offer any alternative. Can anyone confirm

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