Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Solstice

Only a short report about yesterdays Winter Solstice Audax - thats because I didn't get very far. As I drove on the M62 over Windy Hill at 7am I couldnt believe our luck. It was 4 and a half degrees and as morning dawned it promised to be a clear, dry and mild day.  I met Padiham Chris in a car park in Bredbury,   It was his first ever 200k Audax, he was obviously chomping at the bit and the sight of his 55 tooth chainring had me shaking in my Sidi's.
A full field of 75 riders were all excitedly chatting about the prospects of the day, the best weather for weeks. Chris and I were soon into our stride, rolling through the Cheshire lanes with a full head of steam and feeling stronger with every mile that passed beneath our wheels.
24 miles into the days route, now 5 degrees plus, a sunny Sunday and most motorists had gone to worship at the Trafford Centre. We Followed my trusty Satmap to a left turn at Lach Dennis and were bowling along without a care in the world when my wheels suddenly, quickly and unexpectedly slid sideways and I hit the black stuff. I remember thinking as I was sliding down the road that I hadn't bounced very well and when I did come to a stop I had trouble getting to my feet again, the whole width of the road being like a skating rink covered in black ice. Chris, who'd been a few yards behind me had also hit the deck but soon recovered his composure. I didn't, to cut a long story short I ended up at Stockport A & E with a fracture to the pelvis - I don't think its a serious fracture but I guess I'll be off the bike for a few days (or weeks!).
Due to the state of this road there were many retirements among those who had been behind us but Chris showed his metal, completed his debut 200 and promptly paid his subs to join Audax UK for 2013.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Oh dear Pete, As somebody who has done the same thing, I'm afraid it will be weeks.We wish you a speedy recovery and hope there is plenty on TV over xmas.(Maybe you could offer your services planning the gruelling Tour stages in Yorkshire!)

  2. All the best mate
    It was a pleasure to scrape you off the road
    I hope we meet agian on the road but under happier services

  3. Best wishes for Christmas, and a speedy recovery.

    Lindsay and Chris