Friday, December 07, 2012

Trevor Lever

I think I have been in denial after Paul advised me about the accident last Friday, indeed I had to ring him again on Saturday to enquire if he was sure it was true? Normally we fall off and survive unfortunately Trevor didn’t.
It was an honour to know Trevor, a guy who never said a wrong word about anyone, who worked tirelessly for his community, club and his company. I met him through his son Michael on those early Monday mountain bike runs and later on the Thursday social runs. He then disappeared for a while due as I recall with back trouble. However over the last few years, as he’s been gradually winding down from his Avocet business he became fitter and more active. Indeed this summer you will recall he cycled with Doreen on the tandum all the way from southern France to the UK.  

Trevor was a delight to be with having the unusual ability to communicate easily with everyone he met. He was someone who just got stuck in, typical was his outstanding contribution to the Condor Cross events. I recall it was the first event we ran at Rastrick High School, himself and Michael decided that part of the course in particular the start area was overgrown so on the Saturday before the event they arrived with a mobile lawn mower to bring the course to almost cricket pitch standards.
It was this attention to detail that always impressed everyone. For years he handled the cross signing on, he was so precise, for example at the end of the event I got the prize envelopes and the cash account -done. Likewise he always attended the club a.g.m. and organised the agenda and the subsequent report in his own amicable style.

We live in a world of politics, false promises and excuses galore however every so often someone transends this crap and stands out- yes you can do it and keep promises. That for me was Trevor who will sadly be missed by everyone he touched. Like Peter said our hearts go out to Doreen, Michael and the Family.


  1. Here, here. Thanks for message John. I agree - it was great to have Trevor around.

  2. I consider myself privileged to have known Trevor, as a member of the bailiff bridge community I to saw some of the dedication and commitment to good causes that Trevor always showed. He was there at every event, Christmas light switch on, memorial service, community centre events to name just a few. When the girls and I went to help garden in the memorial park last year, who was in charge, of course it was Trevor. He will be greatly missed by everyone he knew.