Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunday 19th - Wensleydale

I've arranged to meet Chris at Keighley roundabout at 8.30am for a wander up to Wharfedale and Wensleydale. All welcome.

From Ian:
As usual the full tale of the day will already have been relaid via Strava. I used up the maximum waiting time at the start but luckily the Condor sextet were still in sight as I arrived and were soon chased down. A strong and nagging nor'easterly kept the pace steady. It's worth noting that Richard kindly lead the way out of Skipton and hopefully that extra effort wasn't the cause of him trailing off later in the day.

With Nigel absent on holiday I had to pass some remarks on his behalf. These being '8:30! For a club run!' and 'Wensleydale in April!' Yep, far too early and far too ambitious mileage wise. But it worked, we had a great day, so I'll stand corrected.

Not having been over these roads since 'The other Fleet Moss Randonee' this was something of a rare treat. We had a nice bit of Wensleydale (Gromit) in this lovely valley, with the cafe stop at Bainbridge where bacon and egg baguettes were the order of the day. Then, at last, we turned for home and picked up the tail wind over Kidstones (first time for me over there). Well, we'd earned it by then, and took advantage all the way home.

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