Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring into the Dales


       Pronunciation:  /sprɪŋ/
Forms:  OE– spring, ME–16 springe; OEen.15 spryng(e, ME sprung,  sprenge, 15 spreng.
a. A flow of water rising or issuing naturally out of the earth; a similar flow obtained by boring or other artificial means.
 b. A flow of water possessing special properties, esp. of a medicinal or curative nature. Usually with various distinguishing adjs., as chalybeate, hot, mineral, thermal, warm, etc.
 c.  pl. A place or locality having such springs to which invalids or pleasure-seekers resort.

As regards a) we can testify that springs also arise unnaturally out of the earth, notably atop Cock Hill where our boring away into a biblical headwind let loose uphill travelling flows

As regards b) we can testify that the special properties of said flow were far from curative, unless a full scale, heavenly enema into every orifice is on some list of medicinal properties

As regards c) we can testify that for the small minority of testers whose closest, life-long companion is their stem there might just have been some pleasure to be found up there, but the rest of came down thoroughly invalided

Up until Cock Hill though we had a grand day ... a mannered climb out of Hebden for a change, blown round to Stanbury where John and I found Ian doing a Pete Horne 'pottering on'  - having started his own route at his own time - so we gathered him up and persuaded him to stick with us in a small front bunch, which lasted until Thorpe, where we let a few crack on as we held back a little, ever wary of worsening weather. Cringles gave us notice of what was to come, the gels were consumed if only to have something other than road water in one's mouth (mine after my flippantly having told Ian I was not going to need them), then the calm of old Keighley road before the storm .... and then of course there was the rice pudding (skin still in tact by the time I got back this year ... yeah) and a knackered heater around which a gathering of clothing and cyclists grew damply. Soon after getting home the bloody sun came out. The Pennines heh. 

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