Friday, August 30, 2013

Sunday 1st Sept and a few other things

Big Phil and I are having a bit of a change this Sunday, we're having a day mountain biking in the Dales. Parking at Horton we're heading over Cam High Road to the top of Fleet Moss then down the old Roman road to Bainbridge for a cafe stop. Then its south past Semerwater, over the Stake Pass and down to Cray where a swift pint may be taken at the White Lion.
Its then up Langstrothdale to Yockenthwaite, over the Horse Head Pass and down to Halton Gill where we will be turning right to Foxup and back to Horton to the north of Pen-y-Ghent over Foxup Moor.

A lovely circuit, not too demanding technically and only about 40 miles so it will feel like a rest day.
If anyone fancy's joining us we're leaving home at 7.30 so should be up and running at Horton just before 9, I intend parking on the old bit of road to the left just as you're getting to Horton.

Whilst on the subject of mountain biking our Monday evening rides are still on the go, 6.30pm at Hipperholme Xroads, we needed lights for the last half hour or so last week.

Have a look at the following links for details of cycling events from Shibden Park in a couple of weeks time and

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