Wednesday, April 04, 2012

From the Broom Wagon - Ronde Update

Pete asked for my report - well pretty uneventful, realised I had no chance of staying with the group as we hit the climb from Colne Bridge to Bradley Bar so I dropped back and linked up with the last group on the road, David and Trevor,

We made slow but steady progress and managed to ride all the climbs until the Shibden Wall; David made it up, Trevor and I didn't. The stop and the refreshments at Ploughcroft provided a natural break and the opportunity for me to turn and make my way back to Roberttown.

All in all an enjoyable day, more enjoyable, for sure, than my first Fell Race yesterday, the "Bunny Run" at Howarth - that's another story entirely and probably not for this blog....

Cavell - I'm looking for you!

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