Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday 15th January

Sorry I had to turn so early yesterday, I hope you had a good ride. I'm afraid it's just not happening for me yet this year. When you're stuggling to get over humpback bridges it's pointless trying to stay with a group heading over the pennines and back.

I was punished (for my inadequacy) with a five hour ride - Malham, Darnbrook, Arncliffe, Skipton and back. I'll see if my form improves and hope to join you once again when I'm in finer fettle.


Good grief Richard it would have been easier staying with us, we certainly didn't go that far
or do so much climbing. Once you left, Mel and Sean set an uncomfortable pace all the way over Reedshaw Moss but then we just steadily pottered on to Barrowford where we stopped at the Heritage Centre Cafe. Once refreshed we went on the back road to Fence and on the ridge to Padiham Heights, this bit of road was treacherous with ice so we took a left down through Padiham and on to the Burnley by-pass where Ian, Damian and myself formed an autobus watching the peloton ahead steadily shed riders one by one. Unfortunately for us they were waiting for us at Walk Mill so instead of sauntering down to Tod an along the Valley we had to go over the Long Causeway to Heptonstall (although Pete W. had slipped through the net and made a lone dash for Tod), however this turned out to be a good move as it was several degrees warmer than the valley.

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