Thursday, December 01, 2011

2012 club clothing

If you havn't already done so could you let me know what new kit you want me to order - take a look at custom clothing on and you may see something you haven't tried before, for example arm warmers or a pro road jersey rather than the standard jersey. Last year we ordered the Pro Bibshorts which were said to be made of a superior material called Fieldsensor - at the last minute they informed me that the Pro bibshorts were only available in black for the main body area - several members would have preferred blue so if you have a preference let me know 'cos I'm thinking of going back to the cheaper bibshorts in blue - if you would prefer the better quality pads in a blue bibshort that can be arranged but you will be paying the pro bibshort price. I will be ordering some stock items in addition to what people specifically request...........
I'm also including in the order a limited edition retro kit similar to to one being modelled (in 1959) below by Grimpy. It will be black with three white chest bands (perhaps a bit narrower than the original) and somewhere in discreet olde worlde writing will be the club name. There will also be an all black bibshort with vertical writing at the lower leg to go with the retro jerseys. I won't be keeping stock of the retro kit so if you want some please let me know.

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